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Is direct mail dead?
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Is direct mail dead?



Bpost, the Belgian Post Service wanted to know if DM can survive in a digital era. The Farm by Proximity BBDO tackled the issue and Julie Bogaerts & Eveline Smet presented the outcome.

Bpost, the Belgian Post Service wanted to know if DM can survive in a digital era. The Farm by Proximity BBDO tackled the issue and Julie Bogaerts & Eveline Smet presented the outcome.



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Is direct mail dead? Is direct mail dead? Presentation Transcript

  • Is direct mail dead? The Farm
  • Can DM create real,trustful moments ina virtual world?And how? THE The Farm FARM
  • overview1. Introduction2. Digital media to DM3. DM to digital media4. Conclusion The Farm
  • 1. introduction The Farm
  • The decision funnel: then and nowAlthough the decision funnel was never alinear process, it used to be quite simple The Farm
  • The decision funnel: then and nowClassic media channels are ignored and friend recommendations and user generated content have become The Farm
  • Digital Consumer journey Model • read an article on DS online about NFC enabled Category need smartphones Brand • clicked a banner awareness: Brand • Google searched it knowledge Brand attitude • talking about it on TwitterBrand preference • liked it on Facebook Intention to • added to my Amazon list purchase Purchase • payed for with PayPal Satisfaction • bragged to my friends about it on Skype Brand loyalty • following it on Twitter and receiving its newsletters The Farm
  • Strengths of dmDm = medium that incites the most Digital Natives to react67,4% Beta memorization coeffientInformation received through the letterboxis the most convincing The Farm
  • So it’s not dead yet, but howwill it stay alive?Only if direct mail finds aconnection with digitalmedia fast. The Farm
  • Social mediaare now here The Farm
  • If direct mail doesn’tfollow this pace,it WILL die The Farm
  • What are digital media?Mobile Smart Apps phones TabletsInternet and pc’s Digital tv Computer games Websites E-books The Farm
  • What are digital media? The Farm
  • Keep your DMalive and kicking
  • online offlineFrom digital mediato direct mail
  • online offlineHow to use digital mediato create the perfect dm?
  • React to the online information overload The Farm
  • DM’s place in the buying process past now Situate in find out what which state of personalize higherUnorderd DM people are the buying and cater to reaction rate looking for process needs prospects are The Farm
  • timing “Marketers can always figure out what to sell, how to sell, and to whom to sell. What they often cant figure out is when to sell.” Lester WundermanWhat if we can figure out when toaddress our target group? The Farm
  • Dm on demand• Red button (digital tv)• Foursquare (locally targeted)• Give people the chance to ask for a DM The Farm
  • Social media scraping for moments of truth Facebook Information scraping (used to customize the DM) The Farm
  • Scraping / personalization The Farm
  • ‘you don’t have to see Facebook as big brother,see it as big mother givingyou what you need when you need it the most’ Olivier blanchard The Farm
  • optimizationSocial media analysis tools:  Google Insights  Inside Facebook  Trendistic The Farm
  • Search for ambassadors• Search social media for ambassadors• See what they’re saying about your brand The Farm
  • From digital media to DM on demand direct mailpersonalization interactivity scraping Search for timing ambassadors
  • offline onlineFrom direct mail todigital media
  • offline onlineHow to make yourdm interactive?
  • New emerging technologies DR NFC AR QR RFID The Farm
  • QRThe Farm
  • RfidThe Farm
  • Augmented reality: LAYAR + Movie example LAYAR The Farm
  • dm & digital media: adds an extra dimensionProvide extra contentMake it possible to shareEnable interactionsAdd sweepstakes, polls,… The Farm
  • dm & social media can go viralEnable sharing with others  Put social media icons badges on DM  Social media plugins: Tweet this (Twitter), Like button (Facebook)  Provide extra content and let them pay with a tweet / pay with a share The Farm
  • From direct mail to digital media Social media Go viralNew emerging interactivity technologies
  • 3. conclusion The Farm
  • Be on top with digital media The Farm
  • Direct mail should marry digital media! The Farm
  • Let’s discuss!@juliebogaerts@evelinesmet The Farm