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European innovation and business culture: What Chinese should know for slide share

European innovation and business culture: What Chinese should know for slide share



Presentation at annual TII conference (Technology Innovation International) on 7th of May 2013 in Beijin by Julia Roelofsen, partner in InnoPraxis International Ltd.

Presentation at annual TII conference (Technology Innovation International) on 7th of May 2013 in Beijin by Julia Roelofsen, partner in InnoPraxis International Ltd.



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    European innovation and business culture: What Chinese should know for slide share European innovation and business culture: What Chinese should know for slide share Presentation Transcript

    • Culture, business andinnovations in EuropeWhat Chinese need to know?
    • Inno|PraxisWhat is Inno|Praxis International: Inno| - Innovation – an exploitedcompetence-based competitiveadvantage. Besides new technology orproduct it can also be new service, newbusiness or management model, or evennew brand. |Praxis – Practicing - an active processof learning from the experience andshared practice, conceptualizing theknowledge and brining into practice toachieve better results. International – Consulted and trainedover 600 experts from 30 countries.Consulted public sector in Poland,Ireland, Russian, Kazakhstan, NewZealand, etc.www.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisInternational Clients: National or regional authorities, responsiblefor innovation policies and strategies inRussia, Poland and Kazakhstan. Over 40 innovation infrastructureorganizations from 20 countries, such asscience and technology parks and businessincubators. Over 20 universities from 11 countries. Private developers and investors, who seefuture in innovations and high-tech fromIreland and Russia. International development organizations, asUNDP, USAID and European Union,supporting country authorities in promotionof entrepreneurship and innovations.www.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisSpeaker Julia Roelofsen From 2009 partner and advisor in InnoPraxis 4 years in largest in Europe, business driven andprofitable technology park network – Technopolis Plc. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Lived/worked inGeorgia, Finland, Germany and Netherlands. Worked/trained/consulted clients from 30 countries,including almost all European countries & with focuson countries with transitional economies.Contact: www.innopraxis.fi, julia@innopraxis.fi
    • BusinessincubatorsBusinessincubatorsRegional or clusterdevelopment programsRegional or clusterdevelopment programsSupport ofgrowing companiesSupport ofgrowing companies1 – Innovation SystemPotential – Analysing1 – Innovation SystemPotential – AnalysingLegislationR&DFunding modelsSTP infrastructure& servicesSTP infrastructure& servicesEducationInnovation System Development2 – Willingness to Utilize& Develop Potential –Joint Vision & Promotion5-8 years 3-5 years ongoingPublicSupportwww.innopraxis.fi
    • InteractionAtmosphereAttitudesRelationshipsBusiness CultureInteractionAtmosphereAttitudesRelationshipsBusiness CultureTechnology parksBusiness incubatorsFunding bodiesTech transfer centersRegional agenciesInstitutionsTechnology parksBusiness incubatorsFunding bodiesTech transfer centersRegional agenciesInstitutionsINNO EnvironmentINNO Infrastructure+INNO SYSTEMwww.innopraxis.fi
    • Factors explaining good Inno Performance1. Historical background2. Natural sciences and engineering wellrepresented in secondary and tertiaryeducation3. Strong industrial traditions4. People have been quick to adopt newtechnologies5. Strong tradition of public-privatepartnership6. Education, science and technology highlyvalued in society7. Common trust in universities and researchcentres8. Openness to reforms and innovations9. Sensitivity to societal changes/ crisis10. Consensus-building traditionSource TEMSource Virtual FinlandSource Virtual Finlandwww.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisInnovation and Business EnvironmentOur Mission is to help the creation of the environmentfavorable for the development of innovations, attraction ofhigh-tech companies and talented people.www.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisSuccessful business communicationwith EuropeansParticularly in the innovationand technology transfer field Is it the rightorganisation/company? Is it the right person in theorganisation? What are the culturedifferences?www.innopraxis.fi
    • Key Stakeholders in the Inno SystemPublic fundingorganisationsBusinessAngels& VCsSTPs and BICsHigh-techCompaniesResearchinstitutesUniversities& other higheducationNationalAcademyInnovationCouncilInventionOrganisationsSTPs and BICsRegionaldevelopmentcentresMunicipalitiesMinistriesKey actorsof theinnovationsystemOrganisationspromoting“in & out”direct investmentNational Patents& RegistrationsBureausEU & otherinternationalfundingSource Blomberg Consulting 2011 & Culminatumwww.innopraxis.fi
    • www.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisInnovation = New knowledge, know-how,technology New product, technical solution,production process New (expert) service New design or brand New business model, value-chain,value-network New organizational, management orworking life model New way of providing a public service Commercially In society In well-beingExploited Competence-BasedCompetitive AdvantageSource TEKELDo we meansame things?www.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisUsed terms Science and Technology Park (IASP) Technology Centre (Technopolis, Finland) University Research Park (USA) Teknologie Park (Germany) Technopark (Russia) Business incubators Industrial parks Special economic zones Technology hub Technology transfer centers Engineering company Innovation centers 30% - Technology Park (most used) 24% - Science Park 13% - STP 18% - Others (e.g. Innovation Hub)Source: IASPwww.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisDo we have time for cooperation?Who is responsible for cooperation?Technopark?Mr/Ms N?BusinessCountry 2AcademiaPublic SectorCountry 1Aalto StartUp CenterAaltoInnovationCenterVTT & VTTVenturesCulminatumClusteringSHOKclusteringwww.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisCulture studies, Geert HofstedeNATIONAL CULTURES DIMENSIONS Power distance Individualism vs Collectivism Masculinity vs Femininity Uncertainty avoidance Long-term orientation Indulgence vs RestrainORGANISATIONAL CULTURE Focus on means (process) or goals (result)? Who cares for employee? (employee vs job oriented) Identify with company or profession? Access & information for outsiders (open vs closed) Loose vs tight control (for insiders) Normative vs pragmatic (for outsiders)Source www.geert-hofstede.comwww.innopraxis.fi
    • What kind of organisation you aredealing with?Decision making process:Director, Board of Directors orexternal (political organization)Business strategy (time-span,planned geography) orproject orientation (national orEU projects, 3-5 years or less)www.innopraxis.fi
    • Does your partnerhas previous workingexperience withChina?What does yourpartner know aboutChina?How culturesensitive,international andopen-minded personyour partner is?www.innopraxis.fi
    • Many faces of same culturewww.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisBuilding trust and personal relationshipsnot so important?TRUSTis very important forlong-term partnershipTRUSTis very important forlong-term partnershipNEEDS TIMEINVESTMENTNEEDS TIMEINVESTMENTtime is moneyFamilyobligations?Several projects?Where is limit?Possible to seeDifferences between countrieswww.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisDifferences between countriesAdvance planning? How long in advance to book meeting?– Which country?– What is level of contact?– Double-check? How tight is timetable? Will there be changes in last moment? What are typical working hours? Situation with traffic? How long is decision making process?– Differences between countries?– HQ or regional officer?– What is decision making?– Is China in strategy?www.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisLanguage and style of communicationHei!Hei Julia!Sehr geerhte Frau Roelofsen!Уважаемая Юлия Викторовна!Dear Mrs Roelofsen!Szanowni Państwo!Beste Julia Roelofsen!www.innopraxis.fi
    • Inno|PraxisCountries with transitional economies Behavioral differences betweengenerations Fast changes in organizations,positions & timetables From science and public sectordriven to market & business driven Business & politics are stronglyinterconnected Relatively low level of outsourcing Different view to applied research Innovations – Technology Fast development – straight tobusiness discussion (small talks -later)www.innopraxis.fi
    • Thank You for Attention!Let’s Collaborate!InnoPraxis International Ltd.www.innopraxis.fiJulia Roelofsen, julia@innopraxis.fiTel. +358 40 559 4070