Customer Engagement and Retention in a Social Media World


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This presentation was given at the 7th Annual Marketing & Sales Summit by Juliann Grant, Telesian Technology, Katherine Persac, ProSys, and Scott Sommer, Jacobs Engineering. The discussion centered on how much is changing from an end user perspective when it comes to social media and how they purchase products and services. The presentation included results from end-user survey that was conducted in 2012, and compared to previous year's end-user surveys to benchmark changes in behaviors in the automation industry relative to researching and buying products/services.

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Customer Engagement and Retention in a Social Media World

  1. 1. Customer Engagement and Retention in the Social Media World Juliann Grant, Telesian TechnologyStandards Katherine Persac, ProSysCertificationEducation & TrainingPublishing Scott Sommer, Jacobs EngineeringConferences & Exhibits 1
  2. 2. Agenda• The Good: Creating Customers … Is social media deriving value? – Current Business Trends in Social Media – 2009 vs. 2012 User Trends• The Bad: Retaining customers… It’s not all that bad… – Balance between traditional and web 2.0 – Some stuff is working• The Ugly: The Challenge of Creating Loyal Customers – What keeps them coming back? – What the users said 3
  3. 3. Everyone wants to get tweeted, liked, mentioned in a blog, spread by email and watch the numbers go up and and up and up… The thing is, drive by viral traffic doesn’t convert. 50,000 visitors might end up buying just 23 items… Seth Godin 4
  4. 4. Facebook 5
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. 7
  7. 7. What’s Happening with Social MediaMcKinsey Global Institute:July 2012The Social Economy Report 8
  8. 8. McKinsey Global Institute:July 2012The Social Economy Report 9
  9. 9. McKinsey Global Institute:July 2012The Social Economy Report 10
  10. 10. McKinsey Global Institute:July 2012The Social Economy Report 11
  11. 11. Untapped Potential? CPG Financial Services Professional Services Advanced Manufacturing 12
  13. 13. 14
  14. 14. 15
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16. Create an idea virus, an idea that spreads.And then, as its spreads, don’t try to make a sale, merely work to earn the privilege of a follow up, the opportunity to reconnect over time. - Seth Godin 17
  17. 17. END USER SURVEY 18
  18. 18. End User: When you research productinformation, what sources do you look for? 19
  19. 19. What action have you taken in the lastweek? 20
  20. 20. The Bad ….It’s Not That Bad….
  21. 21. Picking Your Message • Will you use Social Media? • If so, how? • What is the message? • How will you deliver it? • Is anyone listening? • Is anyone responding? 22
  22. 22. So Many Choices! • From the survey, LinkedIn, Blogs, Search Engines are tops. • But how do we leverage these? • What will the typical Automation End User respond to? 23
  23. 23. User Trends: In a typical week, how many "marketingpieces" do you estimate you are exposed to? 24
  24. 24. User trends: What percentage do you usually read asignificant portion of (meaning, more than justcasually glance at)? 25
  25. 25. User Trends: What amount of time on do you respond ortake action on? (action = store/save info, make phonecall, send email, mail reply card, etc.) 26
  26. 26. What does this mean? An average buyer digests only about 1 in 10 marketing contacts Of those 1 in 10, only about 1 in 10 lead to a follow-up or significant action….. 1 in 100 marketing contacts results in a buyer taking any further action! Is this acceptable?? 27
  27. 27. Preferred Frequency of Contact 28
  28. 28. What Are We Doing Now? 29
  29. 29. Facebook… 30
  30. 30. The Facebook Challenge
  31. 31. Twitter61 percent indicated “not at all likely” to sign up for Twitter Why? 32
  32. 32. Twitter’s Secret Value: Search 33
  33. 33. Linked In GroupsGlobal Spec: 2012_SocialMediaUseInTheIndustrialSector 34
  34. 34. Linked InGlobal Spec: 2012_SocialMediaUseInTheIndustrialSector 35
  35. 35. LinkedIn – The Downside• Requires regular participation• Groups need moderation• Spam• Recruiters out the wazoo• Job searching vs. technical information 36
  36. 36. Best Blending• Web 2.0 + traditional• Trade shows• Demos• In person meetings• With ongoing FB posts, tweets, etc –• Everyone gets same information 37
  37. 37. Part 3THE UGLYCapturing and Retaining the End User…You Know, the Ones Who Buy Your Stuff! 38
  38. 38. Who We Are Dealing With…End Users (the buyers) are a finicky bunch. Why don’t end users respond more favorably to social media? How can we identify and tickle their sweet spot to increase customer retention? 39
  39. 39. Finicky End Users Meet Tim. Tim is finicky. Tim is not very happy about having to eat his vegetables. Tim may actually like them, but he is not happy about being told what to do. 40
  40. 40. Finicky End Users Meet George, the Engineer. George is also finicky. George is not very happy about having to wade through 5 dozen “We Have Your Solution” emails, phone calls, tweets, texts, blogs and posts and having to enter his contact information 3 dozen times just to get a technical data sheet. George may actually like your products, but he is not happy about the way you communicate with him. 41
  41. 41. What does George want?• Information• Answers• Data• Technical specifications• Quotations• Confirmation• Help• A bailout
  42. 42. Where does George go to get whathe wants?Friends? Strangers? Yellow Book? Crystal Ball?No, George is an engineer – he is going to contact theperson or organization that has the highest probability ofgiving him the information, data, or answers he needs withthe minimum amount of inputs: time, effort, & cost.
  43. 43. What do we want George to do?Come to US for the answers! Search for data on OUR website! Call OUR salespeople for assistance! Buy products from OUR inventory!…And NOT go to our competitors!And if George does as we wish, it is probably not becauseof luck……but because of LOYALTY!
  44. 44. What erodes loyalty? Does not provide valuable information Changes in point of contact too frequentlyOffers nothing of value over long Does not erode loyalty periods of time Starts to erode loyalty Do not allow you to selectively opt-out of certain types of Somewhat Erodes loyalty communication Seriously erodes loyalty Send too many promotional Totally erodes loyalty emailsSales person only calls when they want something 0 5 10 15 20 45
  45. 45. What develops loyalty?Periodic Contact• Maintain periodic contact with relevant industry-specific information• Lunch and learns• Face to face team building efforts• Calls to check and see how things are going. – Ive had a few instances where Ive been buried in work/problems. A couple instances a check up call from a vendor has resulted in being able to provide some solutions• Site visit every other month to meet face to face• Being a "live" person via phone or visit or an occasional friendly hello (how are you doing) email. 46
  46. 46. What develops loyalty?Fast, timely responses• Respect the customer by responding to issues in a timely manner.• Provide quick service when we are in need of information and correct any issues in a timely manner• Reply quickly to requests for quote.• Respond promptly, with accurate information that provides sufficient detail to answer question• Make certain that e-mails of sales/support people who leave their company are forwarded and reviewed for no less than 2 years – share a new email address vs. bounce back 47
  47. 47. What develops loyalty?Have the right expertise and information available• Have clear technical information available on vendor website. – Datasheets, application examples, application drawings, ordering info, and contact info.• Understand the requirements and specification for given equipment• Knowledge of his products• Dont try to sell something that will not fit my/my clients requirements• Educate me about something relevant that I did not already know.• Know the product being represented.• Keep me aware of new developments/products 48
  48. 48. What develops loyalty?Good technical support• Tech support• Provide fast and efficient technical support.• Provide support for the product you are selling.• Provide manuals and technical support on their website• Offer training• Put me in touch with the right technical support people when I have a technical question about a product. 49
  49. 49. What develops loyalty?Keep your promises• Give honest delivery times and openly discuss issues• Deliver items when you say you will deliver. Dont give a delivery date you cant meet.• Meet promised delivery schedule. 50
  50. 50. What was the last thing a supplier did thathelped reinforce your loyalty?• Conducted lunch and learn and offered up two training seats on software product. Provided lead on upcoming project for which they were providing products and/or services.• Offered free training• Follow up on a bid (not won) to see what they need to improve on, outside of price.• Account mgr introduced his successor, in person. - Tech support person personally followed up the next day, after extensive online/live chat help sessions)• Confirmed the application and pricing on a specific product even though it was not part of a pre-negotiated product list. 51
  51. 51. What was the last thing a supplier did thathelped reinforce your loyalty?• Dropping off a piece of needed equipment on a weekend without requiring a PO up front.• Sent me an update on a product certification. This is a product I have not purchased, but am likely to purchase soon, and more so because of the update.• Accurate quotation and on time delivery.• Called to see how things turned out; stuck with the issue until it was resolved!• assisted with sizing and selection of instruments even though they will be purchased in another country by a different company and the local rep will not likely get any credit. 52
  52. 52. What was the last thing a supplier did thathelped reinforce your loyalty?• Hand delivered a much needed item after hours.• Suggested an alternate device (less expensive, cut his commission) that saved me/my client significant cost and better fit the device requirements.• Paid for the shipping both ways of a part sent back under warranty.• He specifically will call me every 3 months whether we have work for him or not.• They worked over the weekend to configure a hardware system that I needed for a client installation. On Monday morning I was greeted with complete panel drawings and a full Bill of Materials with pricing. 53
  53. 53. Examples of Effective Web Tools 54
  54. 54. Close the Customer Loop• Get your web site in order• Offer value• Stay in touch• Be visible• Share technical information 55
  55. 55. Questions?Contacts:• Juliann Grant –• Katherine Persac –• Scott Sommer – 56
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