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Trabajo ingles

  1. 1. FINAL WORKSHOP ELEVENTH GRADEFUTUREi)Make sentence in future according to the picture.She will get a gift hell drink todaythe boy will go to study inbus He will open his pigg her son congratulatedher for the mothers day
  2. 2. y They will come out to eat at nightii)Write the sentences into negative:1. She will drink a lot of beer.a).she won’t drink a lot of beer2. Many people will watch the game tonight.a).many peaple won’t watch the game tonigh3. There will be plenty of people in the circus.a).there won’t be plenty of people in the circusWill or Going to? 1. I am very hungry. I think going to eat. 2. Where are you going with that present . I goint to my nice’s birthday party. 3. Do you want me to help you? No thanks, john will help me. 4. Would you like to come to eat here? Yes, I will bring some soda. 5. Do you want wine or soda? I __w___ have some soda please.
  3. 3. 6. I have already decided. I going to study medicine.7. What are your plans for tomorrow? I will go to Bogota on business.8. Why are you wearing your best suit? I will have lunch with my best costumer.9. Do you want to have chicken or beef? I think I will have beef.10. My stomach hurts. Sit down , I will get you a hot tea.11. We need some more milk for the cereals. I going to the freezer to get more.12. Look! There is smoke coming out from the car. Turn it off, I will call the mechanic.13. Could somebody open the door?. Yes, I will open it.14. Did you phone Michael?Im sorry. I completely forgot. I going to do it now. CONDITIONALS Make zero conditionals: For example: (not / rain / the flowers / die) If it doesn’t rain, the flowers die 1. (She/ wakes up late / she / be late for work) IF SHE WAKES UP LATE SHE BE LATE FOR WORK 2. (my husband / cook / he / burn the food) WHEN MY HUSBAND COOK HE BURN THE FOOD 3. (Julie / not wear a hat / she / get sunstroke)
  4. 4. if Julie doesn’t a hat she get sunstroke 4. (children / not eat well / they / not be healthy) If children don’t eat well they won’t be healthy 5. (you / mix water and electricity / you / get a shock) when you mix water and electricity you get a shock 6. (people / eat / too many sweets / they / get fat) If people eat too many sweets they get fat 7. (you / smoke / you / get yellow fingers) if you smoke you get yellow fingers 8. (children / play outside / they / not get overweight) If children play outside thay don’t get overweight 9. (you / heat ice / it / melt) when you heat ice it it melt 10. (I / speak to John / he / get annoyed) when i speak to jonh he get annoyedComplete the sentences using the FIRST conditional.EXAMPLE: I ___won´t go__(not/go) if _______MY BOYFRIEND DON´T COME WITH ME______.
  5. 5. 1) If I go (go) out tonight, I going to drink a lot2) If my son gets (get) back late, I be angry with Him3) If we won’t (not/see) each other tomorrow, we can not do the job4) If my girlfriend gives (give)me a present , I will kiss her a lot5) If we go from () here, we (be) late.6) If we will go (go) on holiday this summer, we’ll have so much fun7) If the weather doesn’t improve (not/improve) , we8) They go (go) to the party if they go there will be many problems9) If I won’t go (not/go) to bed early, I will fell very asleep10) If we eat (eat) all this cake, we can not have a good sleep11) I will stay (stay) in Bello if I hurry12) If my boyfriend doesn`t want (not/want) to go out, I will be very disappointed with him13) I will come (come) early, if you call me before14) I won’t get (not/get) pass the exam if I prepare for the tes15) Ill buy (buy) a new dress if I get some money16) I will cook (cook) dinner if you eat all the food17) We will go (go) on holiday if we saved money19) I will take (take) a taxi if you come back with meComplete the sentences according to the beginnings (usethe second conditional)EXAMPLE: If I were the papa (Francisco I) , ___I would sell the treasures of the Vatican to feed thepoors_________. 1. If I were the president of USA, i could help many poor people 2. If my mom were The queen elizabeth, I would be Princess juliana
  6. 6. 3. If My Dad were Bill Gates, we would be billionaires 4. If I were The English teacher, I would try to show the best of my 5. If I were in the university, I probably would learn a lot of new things 6. If I were rich, I would a lot of fun stuff 7. If my brother were a professional soccer player he would be very happy because his dream fulfilled 8. If I were fidel Castro, I would end with socialist system, and give more freedom to the people in cuba 9. If I were an American soldier in Iran I_would save a lot of people in trouble 10. If I were Julian Assangei don`t know because i don’t know him_Make the third conditional and translate them.EXAMPLE :1) If you ___HADN´T BE__(not/be) late, we __WOULDN´T HAVE MISSED___ (not/miss)the bus. SI NO HUBIERAS LLEGADO TARDE , NOSOTROS NO HABRIAMOS PERDIDO EL BUS.2) If she (study) had studied ,she would has passes (pass) the exam.-si ella hubiera estudiado, ella abria pasado elexamen3) If we (arrive) had arrived earlier, we (see) would have seen John.-si hubieramos llegado mas temprano hubieramos visto a john4) If they (go) had went to bed early, they (not/wake) would’t have awakened up late.-si ellos no se ubieran ido a acostar temprano,no se ubieran despertado tarde5) If he (become) had became a musician, he (record) would has recordered a CD.-si el se ubiera convertido en musico. El habria grabado un cd6) If she (go) had went to art school, she (become) would has become a painter.-si ella ubiera ido a la escuela de artes ella se hubiera convertido en pintora7) If I (be) had been born in a different country, I (learn) would have learned to speak a differentlanguage.Si yo hubiera nacido en un pais diferente, yo hubira aprendido a hablar u lenguaje diferente
  7. 7. 8) If she (go) had went to university, she (study) would has studied French.-si ella hubiera ido a la universidad ella hubiera estudiado frances9) If we (not/go) hadn’t went to the party, we (not/meet) wouldn`t have met them.-si nosotros no hubieramos ido a la fiesta, nosotros no nos encontrariomos con ellos10) If he (not/take) hadn’t taken the job, he (go) would has went travelling.-SI el no hubiera tomado el trabjo, hubiera podido ir a viajar11) He (be) had been happier if he (stay would has stayed at home.-en hubiera estado mas feliz si se hubiera quedado en casa12) She (pass) had past the exam if she (study) would has studied harder.-ella hubiera pasado el examen si hubiera estudiado mas duro13) We (not/get) hadn’t got married if we (not/go) wouldn’t have went to the same university.-nosotros no nos habriamos casado, si no hubieramos ido a la misma universidad14) They (be) had been late if they (not/take) wouldn’t have taken a taxi.-ellos habrian llegado tarde si no hubieran tomado un taxi15) She (not/meet) hadn’t met him if she (not/come) wouldn’t has came to London.-ella no lo habria conocido si ella no ubiera venido a londres16) He (take) had taken a taxi if he (have) would has had enough money.-el hubiera tomado un taxi si elhubiera tenido dinero suficiente17) I (call) had called you if I (not/forget) wouldn’t_ have forgotten my phone.-te habiera llamado si no se me hubiera olviudado my telefono18) We (come) had came if we (be) would have been invited.-nosotros habriamos venido si hubieramos sido invitados19) She (not/do) had not did it if she (know) would has known you were ill.-ella no lo hubiera echo si hubiera sabido que estabas enfermo20) He (be) had been on time if he (leave) would has left earlier
  8. 8. Finish the sentences with a clause in the correctconditional:1: If it is sunny tomorrow i think i will go out to walk2: If you sit in the sun too long can give you skin cancer3: If I were you I would be more responsible4: If I were the Prime Minister i will help to people in need5: If she had studied harder she would has won the exam6: If I won the lottery i would have many money7: If I hadn’t gone to bed so late i would have _been talking with my girlfrind8: If I hadn’t come to London i wouldn’t have stayed_to live here9: If you mix water and electricity you get a shock10: If she hadn’t stayed at home she would has Danced with us11: If I go out tonight i going to drink beer12: If I were on holiday today i would have to hurry13: If I had listened to my mother i would have learned to cook14: If I hadn’t eaten so much I would drop a lot of weight15: If it rains later i will not have to water the plants16: If I were British i would know speak perfect English17: If I were the opposite sex I would have penis instead of vagina18: If I have enough money Id buy a new shirt19: If you don’t wear a coat in the winter you problably get sunstroke20: If I weren’t studying English i could not meet people from other countries (would can)CONNECTORS
  9. 9. Re-write the sentences using a different connector.EXAMPLE Although she was an expert swimmer, she drowned. _________In spite of being an expert swimmer, she drowned.__________1 The school was closed down due to low inscription.-2 Helen went to the market so that she could buy some vegetables.-3 The match was cancelled because it was raining.-4 Despite having a terrible headache, he went to the office.-5 He loves going to the theatre while his wife prefers to stay at home.-6 I sat by the window in order to see the landscape.-7 As well as being en excellent painter, she writes poems and plays the piano.-8 Although Ann isnt very attractive, she is very popular.-9 Seeing that wed run out of milk, we went to the supermarket.-10 Many sportsmen are disqualified as a consequence of their illegal use of drugs.-
  10. 10. Combine the following pairs of sentences with connectors(however, moreover, consequently, etc.). Be sure to usecorrect punctuation.EXAMPLE: Alice moved to New York. Her mother stayed in Boston.ALICE MOVED TO NEW YORK; HOWEVER, HER MOTHER STAYED IN BOSTON.1) You have disobeyed me. I will not help you again.- You have disobeyed me.sure I will not help you again2 )Harrison is kind. He is generous.- Harrison is kind. besides He is generous3 )Television is entertaining. It is instructive.- Television is entertaining. but also It is instructive4 )I prepared my English lesson. I wrote my French paper.-I prepared my English lesson. and I wrote my French paper.5) I live too far away to visit you often. You are never home.- I live too far away to visit you often.also You are never home.6) The road was wet and slippery. There were many accidents.- The road was wet and slippery.also There were many accidents.7) You must study hard. You will fail.- You must study hard. Unless You will fail.8) The leaders settled their differences. There would have been war.- The leaders settled their differences. so as not There would have been war.9) Mr. Adams was an invalid. He had an active career.- Mr. Adams was an invalid. although He had an active career.
  11. 11. 10) I will study medicine for six years. I will be a doctor.- I will study medicine for six years.because I will be a doctor.Rewrite the following paragraph. Fill in the blanks betweensentences with conjunctions and connectors selected fromthe following listand, or, nor, but, for, so, yet, either . . . or, neither . . . nor, both … and, not only … but also,however, therefore, moreover, furthermore, also, besides, consequently, else, otherwise,nevertheless, hence, then, accordingly, likewiseMy Uncle Harry was an unusual man. He was always kind, , also at the same time he was alsotemperamental. He loved children, yet he disliked their noisy ways. He could not stand loud,unnecessary noise neither could he bear the discordant sounds of some modern music. Helikewise watched television and allowed his children to watch it. He not only disapproved oftelevision both of movies. His idea of fun was to read the encyclopedia to his children for theybecame very wise at early ages. His goal was to read everything that had been written; but, he didnot succeed. He felt that he had to read; besides he would always be half educated. He wanted tobuy books; moreover , he believed in thrift. In his old age he became ill; and, consequently ,his eyesgrew weak. The doctor told him not to read; so, Uncle Harry lost interest in life. He began to watchotherwise, television furthermore films. This was bad for his eyes; then, he said the doctor onlytold him not to read.Uncle Harry was an unusual man; however we loved him.Read the following text and answer the questions Nervous About Third GradeSummer had come and gone so quickly that Robbie couldn’t believe he had to get ready to go backto school. “We need to go to the store and get your school supplies,” said mom. There was just
  12. 12. one problem, Robbie was going to be the new kid in the class this year and didn’t know anyone.He was not looking forward to third grade. What if no one wants to play with me at recess or sitwith me at lunch, Robbie thought to himself. The night before the first day of school Robbie wasnervous and went to talk with his mother. Robbie told her he was scared about starting thirdgrade in a new school. Mom said he was worrying about nothing. “The boys will see how nice youare and will ask you to play at recess,” said mom. “Just be yourself.” Mom told Robbie that it wasgetting late, and he needed to get to bed so he will be ready for the first day of school. Robbietossed and turned that night.The next morning, mom wished Robbie good luck as she dropped him off at school. “Do you wantme to come in with you to find your classroom?” asked mom. “I’m not a baby,” said Robbie. “I canfind it by myself.” Robbie found his room, 3A, and went in and saw his name on his desk. Histeacher, Miss Jenkins, said hello and welcomed him to Madison Elementary School. He sat downand soon some other kids came in. One boy said, “Hi, my name is Roy.”“Are you new here?”Robbie said, “Yes, I moved here in July.” “Do you like baseball or football?” asked Roy. Robbie said,“I love football.” “Maybe at recess we can throw my football,” said Roy.Later that day, mom picked Robbie up from school and asked him how his first day went. “It wasgreat!” said Robbie. “ I made friends with a boy named Roy, and we threw his football at recess.We also ate lunch together and his friend Joe sat with me too.” “Sounds like you had a good firstday,” said mom. “I sure did!” Even my teacher is nice,” said Robbie. Mom smiled, and said she wasglad his first day had been a good one. “I can’t wait for tomorrow,”said Robbie. “My new school isthe best! 1. Why Robbie was nervous? Robbie was going to be the new kid in the class this year and didn’t know anyone 2. What did her mother tell him the night before the first day of school? Mom said he was worrying about nothing. “The boys will see how nice you are and will ask you to play at recess,” said mom. “Just be yourself.” 3. Which was the classroom of Robbie? His teacher, Miss Jenkins, and other kids. 4 What happened when when he sat dawn in his desk? other kids came to greet him.
  13. 13. 4. What did Robbie do at the recess? they threw his football at recess