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People-centred regeneration


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Why we need a new social contract for housing and regeneration - one that starts by valuing people in our poorest communities.

Why we need a new social contract for housing and regeneration - one that starts by valuing people in our poorest communities.

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  • 1. People-centred regeneration (or what adding value really means) Julian Dobson director Urban Pollinators
  • 2.
    • Sheffield: Indices of Multiple Deprivation, 2010
  • 3.
    • Why have decades of regeneration initiatives failed to shift these inequalities - and what should we do?
  • 4.
    • Out with the old
  • 5.
    • Why?
    • because old development assumptions no longer work
    • because public policy has failed those who most need help
    • because shift happens - and is happening now
  • 6.
    • ‘ It is clear that previous regeneration models that relied on debt finance coupled with rising land and property prices have not delivered in recent times and are unlikely to do so for the foreseeable future.’
    • Scottish Government, Building a Sustainable Future , February 2011
  • 7.
    • JFDI regeneration
    • (just have fun and do it)
  • 8.
    • Why?
    • because we can’t wait for the right legislation
    • because enterprise stems from action, not policy
    • because trickle-down has failed and continues to fail
  • 9.
    • Trickle up theory - ‘a city plan made of small, networked interventions’
    • Nabeel Hamdi, The Placemaker’s Guide to Building Community , 2010
  • 10.
    • No more throwaway people
  • 11.
    • The road to resilience
    • economic localisation: wealth that sticks
    • economic participation: from sticks to carrots
    • economic emancipation: shaking off the shackles
  • 12.
    • ‘ We cannot control what will happen if we unleash the potential of real people in real communities, but we have to do it.’
    • Martin Simon, Timebanking UK
  • 13.
    • Relationship-based regeneration
  • 14.
    • A social contract for regeneration, housing and neighbourhoods
    • everyone gives: time, money, energy
    • everyone gains: fulfilment, wealth, respect
    • everyone shares: wellbeing, community, opportunity
  • 15.
    • What does it mean for housing providers?
    • support local economic activity and community building
    • encourage tenant and resident ownership, management and control
    • focus on quality of place, quality of life and sustainability: understand and build local connections
  • 16.
    • ‘ It is not only possible for one human being to make a real and lasting difference to another; it is often, in the most difficult circumstances, the only thing that ever does.’
    • David Robinson, Out of the Ordinary , 2010
  • 17.
    • thank you
    • more from me...
    • my blog: Living with Rats
    • Twitter: @ juliandobson