Record label research


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Record label research

  1. 1. Record label research <br />In the music industry, a record label is a brand and a trademark associated with production, manufacture, distribution, marketing and promotion, of music recordings and music videos. <br />There are 4 major record labels known world wide. (The big four)<br />Sony Music Entertainment<br />EMI Group<br />Warner Music Group<br />Universal Music Group<br />Sony Music Entertainment – (SME)<br />SME are the second largest music company out of the big four.<br />Some of the Well known atists from Sony music are :<br />50958751524032766002438401304925243840-47625243840<br />Beyoncé Knowles Bullet for my valentine Ke$ha Michael Jackson<br />Bow Wow , Madonna , Kings of Leon , Sean Kingston , Westlife , Will Smith , the script and many more.<br />EMI GROUP Electric & Musical Industries Ltd.<br />It is the fourth largest record label company.<br />EMI artists :-<br />27908251822454295775239395161925029654519050296545Snoop Dog , Paul McCartney , jay sean , ice <br />G unit. Snoop Dogg Jay Sean Paul McCartney<br />And many more..<br />Warner Music Group<br />This is the third largest record label company.<br />1209675492125Flo Rider Paramore Wiz Khalifa JLS<br />4610100266700295275066675-4762567310<br />And many more…<br />Universal Music Group<br /> the largest group of record labels in the recording industry. It is the largest of the "big four" record companies.<br />Few of the artists signed by universal music group are..<br />-262890342900 Tupac Akon Cheryl Cole Eminem <br />281559078740133921578740571578740<br />The band we are using for our music video called the new conscience come under the genre of Rock music. The songs they make revolve around relationship issues and love. I researched on Rock bands which are similar to the new conscience.<br />Here is a list of few similar bands and the record labels they belong to.<br /><ul><li>The Killers – universal music group
  2. 2. Green day –Warner music group
  3. 3. All American rejects – universal music group
  4. 4. Hoobastank – (island) - universal music group
  5. 5. Nickelback – Warner music group </li></ul>As you can see the majority of Rock bands are signed by universal music group , this lead to further research on these bands.<br />One of the songs which was released by Hoobastank in 2004 became a hit reaching 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, 1 on the US and World Modern Rock charts. The song was also played during the final episode of Friends which was a good way to promote the song. Promotion is very important from the record labels.<br />The Killers have won four NME Awards: "Best International Band" in 2005, 2008 and 2009 and Best Video for "Bones" in 2006. They have also picked up two awards in the first NME Awards USA in 2008 for "Best Band" and "Best Track" for "Tranquilize"<br />All American rejects was awarded awards such as "Best Group Video" at the MTV Music Video Awards for "Move Along", as well as the "Rising Star" award from the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. They won 4 awards and have had 17 nominations.<br />The success of these bands signed by universal music group proves the fact that they are the number one record label group. After doing all the research, if one of the record labels had to sign the new conscience, I believe that universal music group would be the best one as they have signed most of the alternative rock bands which is the same genre as ‘the new conscience’ and they have proven to be the best with all the recognition there bands have received over the years.<br />695325112395<br />