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Presentation Question1

  1. 1. GENRE -THRILLERGenre- Thriller is a film genre that follows specific devices to build tensionand excitement. It makes the audience feel engaged as the plot buildstowards a climax.There are sub-genres of Thriller films, including:• Crime thriller• Supernatural Thriller• Psychological Thriller• Revenge ThrillerThese still have the usual characteristics or conventions of a Thriller.
  2. 2. CONVENTIONS OF THRILLER FILM OPENINGSThe conventions of thriller film openings are the way in which the films are produced to attract their target audience.Purpose- the main purpose of thriller films is to ‘thrill’ the audience; to be able to keep them engaged. Tension usually increases when characters are placed in a dangerous situation, it can also be a deadly situation. The shower scene in ‘Psycho’ (right) shows the victim in a dangerous situation or a trap from which they have to escape, this can make the audience feel engaged and want to watch the rest of the film. In our film, ‘Resolved’ we have used these techniques, to be able to keep the audience engaged we tried to increase tension by showing some scenes where the ‘mum’ which after turns into a torturer, hits the murderer of her family; we also showed the murdered trying to get the ‘mum’ when she gets home, after he had killed her family (left) which also builds up tension and encourages audience to watch.
  3. 3. CONVENTIONS OF THRILLER FILM OPENINGSSetting- plots of thriller consist of characters that come into conflict with each other. Thrillers are usually characterized be a creepy atmosphere of sudden violence, such as crime and murder, which is shown in ‘Resolved’ by showing the murdered family and the serial killer which is then going to be tortured in a atmosphere of ‘creepy menace and sudden violence’Mise En Scene- the design of a thriller creates a meaning in the film, what is seen in the film makes it a thriller, including:• Lighting and colour• Costumes and Make up• Settings and props• Body language and facial expressions• Position of charactersWe have also used tools such asa wooden stick which the ‘mum’uses twice to hit themurderer, representing violence This images shows the setting in ‘Saw II’ (left) compared to the setting we have used (right) to film the ‘torture’ scene in ‘Resolved’. This shows that we have chosen a dark atmosphere to contrast the fact that the scene will be of sudden violence, crime and murder.
  4. 4. THE CONVENTIONS OF TITLE SEQUENCESIn the title sequence of a film opening we usually see:• The title of the film• Production company name and logo• Production company ident• Distribution company ident –music associated with these idents• List of credits e.g. directors and casting• Establishing shots• Introduction to main characters• Introduction to the situation or storyline• Tone, mood, sets and genre of film