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Initially used at Thames Valley Investment Network. LAMP's pitch for 500k for it marketing automation, CRM and content marketing product.

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  • This presentation is an overview of LAMP primarily aimed at potential investors.It is a very short high level, overview deck. In addition are links to some supplementary slides and also to some sample screen shots. This presentation was written by Julian Poulter, CEO of “LAMP-360”, trading name of SMDI Ltd and www.lamp-360.comJanuary 2013
  • LAMP standards for Lead automated Marketing Process.80% of prospects deemed “bad leads” by sales go on to buy within 24 months (SiriusDecisions)The LAMP functionality covers all the “standard“ CRM functions With some key unique additions designed for several of our niche marketsContent managementEmail marketingSocial media publishingData acquisition and managementAutomationLAMP undertakes key sales and marketing challenges, through optimised processes , revenue generation,for SMEs.
  • Build up with a customer journey – let me tell you a story…..of a marketing managerLets follow the process of sending an email and related content.“I don’t expect you to follow this slide, it just shows its pretty complicated“
  • Multiple processes, products and platformsfor:CRM + Marketing automationContent management Web site & Landing pagesEmailsPublishing to blog & Social mediaData acquisition and managementLots of expensive people to keep efficient in Sales and marketing and IT. Subscriptions to pay for 5-10 products and services.Multiple training courses, administration tasks, logins and data synchronisation to remember and manageAll of these products are “point” competitors – Salesforce – CRMHootsuite – publishing to Social mediaWordpress – blog Marketo - marketing automation (recently raise $80m IPO) (Eloqua $800m+ to Oracle, Pardot to ExactTarget $95M)Chaos – lamp brings order, unifies – no competition, gives role for social media
  • Wouldn't it be nice if the main process was streamlined, integrated and available in one place, one system one subscription – LAMP, a process and tools to manage the:Cost per acquisition downRevenue up
  • The LAMP functionality covers all the “standard“ CRM functions With some key unique additions designed for several of our niche marketsContent managementEmail marketingSocial media publishingData acquisition and managementAutomationThe LAMP product is functional in version 1 with version 2 and a clear road map underway.
  • Replaces 4-6 tools with 1 integrated tool, that supports key processes
  • The marketing software sector is large and the fastest growing is marketing automation (highlighted by the yellow arrow) and content marketing tools of which LAMP is a part of. These are also seen as subsets of the much larger CRM market. Drivers in the market are Cloud, Social, Marketing & MobileThe market is more mature in the USA but embryonic in UK, EU, BRIC countries, and rest of the world. Why now? The timing is right to make significant sales growth over next 5 years. CRM matureSocial media acceptedMobile mature and developing fastComplex environment, but, Efficiency and ROI paramount
  • The sweet spot for LAMP is SMEs with between 25 and 250 employees. Why? That company will have a marketing head and a sales director with a team of sales people, internal and external, that will be potential LAMP users.There are approximately 167,000 SMEs in the UK, 1,583,000 in the EU and 616,000 in the USA.>50 but <250 employees. (Source SME Performance Review, EU) >20 but <499 employees (USA Census)Targets - any SMETech companies – tend to be more advanced in marketingNiche markets:Marketing agencies – users with multiple clients and revenue stream as partner to provide demand/lead gen services Tele-marketing agencies – provide lead gen for multiple client.These guys use our CRM+ features.Divisional segmentation to work with multiple client.Multiple relationships with the prospects Data audit etcetcRoute to market: direct tele-sales and through partners (marketing agencies) Niche markets marketing agencies and tele-marketing agencies
  • Developed product over 2 years – 5 man years dev.Barriers to entry - time but skill of process, marketing, emerging technologies. Hard to replicate
  • Developed product over 2 years – 5 man years dev.Barriers to entry - time but skill of process, marketing, emerging technologies. Hard to replicateBoot strapped, could do it. Missing massive opportunity to scale.
  • More relevant precise words – experienceMy investmentThe key person at person is the founder Julian Poulter, which much relevant experience in all aspects of company growth, start ups, software, business intelligence and planning as well as sales and marketing. The company has offices near London and key staff on place in key roles, ready to be expanded with revenue and investment.
  • The pricing is set as attractive to SMEs, especially considering the broad functionality in LAMP. We assume 5 users per company which could easily be exceeded. This gives rise to ARPU p.a. of £1680 p.a. With 10 users this is £2364 p.a.
  • We could do this ourselves, bootstrap.Our preferred option, equity investment of £503k; to accelerate product development and expand sales and marketing is for £500k.Accelerated product development (£116k)Detailed technical supportRoadmap: some deeper functionality, some new Expanded support, sales & marketing ( £387k)Develop re-usable assets, IP & contentSales and marketing staffExit options, IPO or more likely trade sale Examples of companies in trade sales. For example: ERP companies like – Infor. Aggressive acquirer of companies.
  • LAMP Investment Pitch Deck

    1. 1. Julian PoulterLAMP Investor PresentationTVIN
    2. 2. Lead Automated Marketing ProcessLAMLAMPPCRM “+”Data &AnalyticsContentManagementMarketingAutomationSocial MediaPublishEmail &Tracking
    3. 3. A Marketing Story$30pm$15pm$30pm$1200pm$400pm$30pm$300pm$20pm$3000pm$5025+ pm$ per month
    4. 4. Not a story?Multiple processes & tools (CRM + emerging)Data everywhere out of synchMultiple logins, admins, subscriptionsHe’s under enough pressure to:Lower lead and customer acquisition costAlign sales and marketingDemonstrate clear ROI, £ not just # of leads
    5. 5. Content Contacts Connect Convert CloseLAMP Turns Chaos > Unified Product ProcessMarketing ProblemGenerateleads,managecontent, getcontact data,send to emailaddresses,publish toSocialMedia,convert toleads,managesales, close$$$$30pm$15pm$30pm$1200pm$400pm$30pm$300pm$20pm$3000pmCost per acquisition Value of business
    6. 6. LAMP Functionality & BenefitsSave money1 * subscriptioncost effectiveSave time1 * admin1 * tool1 * training, less peopleImprove results1 * processmore leads
    7. 7. LAMP USPsOne unified productProcess not a toolCost effective: one subscriptionLow risk: Pay Per LeadCRM+ for niche markets
    8. 8. Growing Market Opportunity01000200030004000500060007000800090002012 2013 2014 2015 2016ServiceAutomationGartner 2012$mDrivers:• Cloud• Social• Marketing• Mobile
    9. 9. Market Segmentation & TargetsTarget SMEs: UK 167,000, EU 1,583,000, USA 616,000Tele-marketingagenciesMarketingagencies25-250EmployeesTech CosProf & TechServices1-25EmployeesSelf Serve
    10. 10. Positive Early FeedbackRecent quotes from a customer:“As a small company. Dealing with multiplecampaigns lamp 360 is a must have! It doesthe job of four people and allows me tomove between campaigns with one click“Simon B. Tele-marketing agency
    11. 11. Go to Market HighlightsDirect Sales• Use LAMP !! Efficient• Create content (IP) for demand• Tele-sales process in LAMP• Lead > Demo > 14 day trial• UK > BRIC > USA & InternationalAgencies / Partners• Agency specific content• Partner scheme with margins
    12. 12. LAMP: Early Market Traction• Prototype – 2011• MVP Live – 31/5/136 Prospects2 Proposals2 Trialers2 Cust.
    13. 13. The TeamJulian, CEOComshare, NCR, SAS, GentiaNorkom, Selling PeopleDeepak, CTOCisco, SabreJem, MarketingAmey, PipexJames, FinanceErnst & Young, UnilibriChristian, SalesLAG Lead GenFlint, SupportSnap OnJulian – 28 years sales experience, IPO, UK & USA companies. BSc PhysicsSales in IT software, business intelligence, planning and budgeting, CRM, direct & indirect10 years own business – sales outsourcing, 40 companies start up, lead gen and salesTechy sales guy, built own e-commerce business and solution from scratch
    14. 14. Financial ProjectionsLAMP PricingPer user £28 averageARPU– 5 users: £1680 p.a.– 10 Users: £2364 p.a. 2 Yr 3Revenue (£m)Net Profit (£m)
    15. 15. Investment£503k initially, over 12 monthsAccelerated product development (£116k)– Detailed technical support– Roadmap: some deeper functionality, some newExpanded support, sales & marketing (£387k)– Develop re-usable assets, IP & contentLikely exit: Trade sale 5 years
    16. 16. SummaryRight time in marketBig opportunityGreat product that solves the problemIntegrated, functional and cost effectiveGood team£500k funding for R&D, S&MLet’s get going, now!
    17. 17. Find out more…Call on +44 (0) 7930 397163Website www.lamp-360.comEmail
    18. 18. Supporting Slides
    19. 19. Support 1
    20. 20. Demo screen shots
    21. 21. After login, we have the Divisional / Project / Campaign Selection
    22. 22. Let’s start by creating collateral – upload a whitepaper, create an event or link
    23. 23. The collateral automatically creates a Landing Page
    24. 24. Let’s automate the Campaign with a Stream consisting of a series of Steps
    25. 25. Each step relates to an email template and a piece of collateral
    26. 26. Here we create a simple (or complex) email template
    27. 27. Campaigns grouped in Projects, Target groups and other set up at Project level
    28. 28. Landing pages convert into Contacts (leads) in the system
    29. 29. Contacts > MQLs and internal sales optimised interface
    30. 30. Opportunities allow qualification to full SQLs
    31. 31. Dashboards provide customised overviews and navigation
    32. 32. Find out more…Call on +44 (0) 202 3397 0725Website www.lamp-360.comEmail enquiries@lamp-360.comSubscribe to newsletter