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LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach
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LAMP Inbound Marketing Approach


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Here we explore the many benefits of developing an inbound marketing strategy as part of a wider marketing plan to create a well-balanced marketing mix. …

Here we explore the many benefits of developing an inbound marketing strategy as part of a wider marketing plan to create a well-balanced marketing mix.

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  • This presentation is an overview of sales for Startup companiesThis presentation was written by Julian Poulter, CEO and 2nd Version September 2012
  • You may have heard of inbound marketing, perhaps you’re already doing it. Here we explore the many benefits of developing an inbound marketing strategy as part of a wider marketing plan to create a well-balanced marketing mix.
  • Corporate marketingbranding, press releases, product launches, corporate communications, analyst and public relations. Outbound marketing paid marketing advertising, trade-shows, pay-per-click (PPC) and telemarketingdefines the way people think and talk about your organisation.Inbound marketinga relatively new form of marketing that capitalises on new mediaespecially social media, such as blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, eNewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, etc. grabs the attention of customers through the production of engaging content.
  • Outbound MarketingOne-way communicationInterrupt-driven – potential customers are actively solicitedStrong emphasis on look and feelHigh costsUses press releases, trade-shows, pay-per-click, direct mail, email, telemarketing, pay-per-click, etc.Sales cycleProduct basedInbound MarketingTwo-way, interactive communicationPermission- driven – potential customers find youStrong emphasis on content and engagementCan be explored for freeUses blog posts, social-sharing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Slideshare, “Whitepaper sites” etc.Buying cycleSolution based
  • Almost £6 billion worth annual social commerce purchasesWebsite visitors are ten times more likely to make a purchase if they were directed from social media.
  • Create information-based resources and engaging content that demonstrate integrity and engender trust. Develop thought leadership and value-added offerings to answer questions and direct potential buyers without them ever really being aware that you are marketing to them.
  • Posting more than 20 blogs per month = 5 times more traffic than less than 4 postsper month.Updating blog once a month gives 49% median monthly lead generation, posting daily 79% and more than once a day = 89%
  • If your target audience is not tuned in to social media, signed up to Facebook or twittering then no matter how good your content is, it won't reach them. Your potential buyers may be distrusting of new technologies and social media meaning they may miss your message or be turned off by your use of those channels.Poorly targeted and unfocussed content could fail to engage potential buyers. Your message could be watered down or lost in the crush of other information. Inbound marketing relies on individuals finding the right blogs, communities and networks to read the great content you are putting there. If people don't know that they need you, they might never find you.
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential. Good SEO maximises the chance that your site will appear high on the results of search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. currently host around 42,000,000 blogs with 500,000 posts being published each day and market research estimates that 60% of businesses have a corporate blog. (Source) Your content needs to stand out from the crowd.Sadly, the decisions makers are rarely the ones reading industry blogs, white papers or participating in networking forums on Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Poor market segmentation – Without good, detailed market segmentation your message may fall well wide of the mark. Low quality data – Your segmentation is only as good as your data. You need to gather and analyse it correctly to be sure that your segmentation is as accurate as possible.Ineffective sharing - There are many tools available that take the hard work out of social-sharing, and some are extremely useful, but don’t rely too heavily on such products. Recent research showed that automatically generated posts to Facebook suffer from 70% lower engagement.Failing to keep the team in the loop –The nature of inbound marketing is more organic than traditional systems and failure to keep all members of the team in the loop can risk losing any benefits gained.
  • It is no longer enough to divide potential leads by job title or company size. You need to be categorising content preferences and preferred methods of receiving content. Build up solid profiles, discover where to connect and how to engage.Support your inbound marketing strategy through advertising, trade-shows, press releases etc. Understand and shape your potential customer's requirements and the language they are using to describe them.Create high-quality, focussed content that makes you to stand out from the crowd.
  • The real risk for any small to medium business is that you find yourself spinning one too many plates and the whole lot come crashing down.Automating can help even the smallest of businesses get it right, within budget.Analyse lead behaviour to facilitate A/B testing beyond the basicsUse CRM systems to ensure that customers don't get forgottenAutomatically generate tailored emails, landing pages, white paper lists, meeting reminders..Reduce lead conversion timeTrack leads using click-through rates, email responses and document downloadsProvide sales team with all they need at the right time to make their moveCapture, track and analyse data to assess the success of campaigns or popularity of content
  • Inbound marketing is not a one-stop solution. A comprehensive and robust marketing strategy incorporates corporate branding and communications, outbound marketing and inbound marketing followed up by face-to-face sales and ongoing lead nurturing and automation.
  • Corporate communications Brand and message create a cohesive public faceCommunication plans build a consistent image promoting integrity, recognition and trustIncorporates analyst relations, product launches and upsell campaignsOutbound marketingAdvertisements, trade shows, press releases etc. build a consistent picture of business and product.Creates brand awareness and recognitionCreate a languageSelect strap lines, tag lines, key phrases, associated words to shape the way you’re talked aboutThink Hoover and GoogleTargeted marketingLead-generation programmes find the people who fit your criteria. Face TimeFace-to-face contact is still the most reliable way to develop a good relationship Engaged sales teams working alongside marketing means they pick up the right leads, at the right time.Customer lead, rather than sales imposed nurturing campaigns mean that rather than just contacting the decision maker, your team connects with them.Lead Nurturing and AutomationIt is essential to keep the lines of communication open. Automated systems offer a way to support a continued relationship
  • Gather the information you have on your target audience and assess the value of the various inbound marketing channels available. Consider your objectiveRaising your public profile?Increasing website traffic?Boosting brand awareness?Attracting more leads from a specific segment?…Regularly revisit and analyse your strategy to ensure that it is focussing resources and attention where you will see the best return.
  • Inbound marketing is an increasingly powerful tool for almost any sales and marketing team. It offers a wealth of low-cost, high-return opportunities and the arguments in favour of it are compelling. If approached correctly inbound marketing can form an extremely powerful part of the marketing mix and overall strategy.
  • LAMP-360 is an out of the box process, supported by technology to generate and nurture leads, through to sales. Have a look at
  • Any questions?
  • Transcript

    • 1. April 2013Julian Poulter, CEOwww.lamp-360.com1Inbound MarketingMaximising your marketing reach in todaysever changing sales landscape
    • 2. IntroductionCreate a well-balancedmarketing mix with aninbound marketing strategy.www.lamp-360.com2
    • 3. Where does inbound marketing fit in?Corporate marketingOutbound marketingInbound marketingwww.lamp-360.com3
    • 4. Outbound v Inbound MarketingOutbound marketing Inbound marketing• One-way• Interrupt-driven• look and feel• High costs• Traditional channels• Sales cycle• Product based• Two-way• Permission- driven• Content and engagement• Free or low cost• Social media & social sharing• Buying cycle• Solution based4
    • 5. Almost £6 billion worthannual social commercepurchasesWebsite visitors are 10x morelikely to purchase if directedfrom social mediaWhy inbound marketing?5
    • 6. Why inbound marketing?Engender trustthrough contentDemonstrateintegrity throughthought leadershipand value-addedofferingswww.lamp-360.com6
    • 7. Why inbound marketing?Posting > 20 blogs per month = 5 x more traffic than 4per month.Updating blog once a month = 49% median monthlylead generationPosting daily = 79%More than once a day = 89%7
    • 8. Increasing Returns01020304050607080<60 60-120 121-175 176-310 >311MedianMonthlyLeadsNumber of indexed pages8
    • 9. The Weaknesses of inbound marketingTuned outMistrustPoor targetingInvisiblewww.lamp-360.com9
    • 10. The Weaknesses of inbound marketing75% of users never scroll past the first page ofsearch resultsSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is host 42,000,000 blogs & 500,000posts published each dayYour content needs to stand out from the crowdwww.lamp-360.com10
    • 11. Common PitfallsPoor market segmentationLow quality dataIneffective sharingFailing to keep the team in the loopwww.lamp-360.com11
    • 12. SolutionsPersonalised lead categorisationCreate solid profilesIncorporate outbound marketingShape the way you’re talked aboutContent that stands outwww.lamp-360.com12
    • 13. Marketing AutomationA/B testing beyond the basicsDon’t forget customersGenerate tailored communicationsReduce lead conversion timeTrack leadsGive sales teams all they need to make their moveCampaign and content evaluationGet it right, within budgetwww.lamp-360.com13
    • 14. The perfect blend14
    • 15. The perfect blendCorporate communicationsOutbound marketingCreate a languageTargeted marketingFace-timeLead nurturing and automation115
    • 16. Turning the theory into strategyAssess the value of availableinbound marketing channelsConsider your objectivesRevisit and and analyseyour strategywww.lamp-360.com17
    • 17. SummaryIncreasingly powerful toolLow-cost, high-returnPowerful addition to marketing mixwww.lamp-360.com17
    • 18. About LAMP-360Out of the boxProcesses to scale your businessCustomer and relationship processesAny size companyCost effectiveCloud basedwww.lamp-360.comwww.lamp-360.com19
    • 19. Questions and contact infoThank youjulian.poulter@lamp-360.comwww.lamp-360.comUK +44 (0)20 3397 072519