Lamp Business Plan: Executive Summary


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LAMP stands for Lead Automated Marketing Process and is an integrated lead generation, nurturing and sales process, managed by cloud software designed specifically for SMEs.

This short presentation explains briefly the LAMP product, market, company, financial projections and investment the company is seeking.

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  • This presentation is an overview of LAMP primarily aimed at potential investors.It is a very shot high level, overview deck. This presentation was written by Julian Poulter, CEO LAMP-360.comJanuary 2013
  • The process of attracting, converting and closing leads is inherently fairly simple to understand. Generate demand by using content to attract interest and visitors to your web site.On Landing Pages and web forms turn these into leads.Progress the leads along your sales cycle and their buying cycle. Turn them into customers and then support them.
  • Hmmm – its actually really complicated. Multiple processesMultiple products for content, CRM ,marketing automation, content management, web site, landing pages, emails, hosting and publishing.Services and platforms for social media and data/emailsLots of expensive people to keep efficient in sales and marketing and IT. Subscriptions to may for 5-10 productsMultiple training course and administration and logins to remember and administer
  • Wouldn't it be nice of the main process was streamlined, integrated and available in one place, one system one subscription – LAMPProcess and tools to manage the Content.Manage your contacts and their profiles and buyer personasManage the connection/interaction – that’s through email , phone/humans and social mediaTrack your stats and conversions and manage the sales process until deals are Closed – then start again on cross sell and up-sell ….!The LAMP product is functional in version 1 with version 2 and a clear road map underway.
  • The marketing software sector is large and the growing for marketing automation and content marketing tools of which LAMP is a part of. These are also seen as subsets of the much large CRM market.
  • The key person at person is the founder Julian Poulter, which much relevant experience in all aspects of companies growth, star ups, software, business intelligence and planning as well as sales and marketing. The company has offices near London and key staff ion place in key roles, ready to be expanded with revenue and investment.
  • The pricing is set as attractive to SMEs, especially considering the broad functionality in LAMP. We assume 5 users per company which could easily be exceeded. This gives rise to ARPU p.a. of over £1000.
  • Our initial requirements to accelerate product development and expand sales and marketing is for £500k.
  • Lamp Business Plan: Executive Summary

    1. 1. Jan 2013Julian Poulter, CEOwww.lamp-360.com1LAMP Investor Presentation
    2. 2. AgendaProblemMarketProductCompany / TeamFinancialsInvestment
    3. 3. CONVERTATTRACT CLOSE SERVICESuspects OpportunitiesProspects Customers EvangelistsDemandAutomationEmailBlogSocial MediaRelate Qualify SupportWeb formsLanding PagesCalls to ActionCRMEmailLead ScoringSocial MediaInternal salesEmailSocial MediaAutomationServiceSME Marketing Process
    4. 4. SME Marketing &Lead Gen (Problem)Generateleads usingcontent, getdata, send toemailaddresses,publish tosocial media,managecontent,convertleads,manage sales$30pm$15pm$30pm$1200pm$400pm$30pm$300pm$20pm$3000pm
    5. 5. Content Contacts Connection Conversion CloseLAMP ConceptSimpleCost effectiveIntegrated
    6. 6. Market
    7. 7. Company TeamJulianPoulterCEODeepakCTOJamesFinancialFlintSupportChristianSalesJemContent
    8. 8. Financials• Pricing– Per user £25 offer price– ARPU (Company with 5 users)• > £1000 p.a.• Plan– 1st Yr: 2400 end users, £149k revenue– 2nd Yr: 5800 end users, £1271k revenue– 3rd Yr: 12500 end users, £3773k revenue
    9. 9. Investment£500k initially• Product accelerated development• Expanded sales & marketing
    10. 10. Find out more…Call on +44 (0) 7930 397163Website www.lamp-360.comEmail
    11. 11. Supporting Slides& Demo
    12. 12. After login, we have the Divisional / Project / Campaign Selection
    13. 13. Let’s start by creating collateral – upload a whitepaper, create an event or link
    14. 14. The collateral automatically creates a Landing Page
    15. 15. Let’s automate the Campaign with a Stream consisting of a series of Steps
    16. 16. Each step relates to an email template and a piece of collateral
    17. 17. Here we create a simple (or complex) email template
    18. 18. Campaigns grouped in Projects, Target groups and other set up at Project level
    19. 19. Landing pages convert into Contacts (leads) in the system
    20. 20. Contacts > MQLs and internal sales optimised interface
    21. 21. Opportunities allow qualification to full SQLs
    22. 22. Dashboards provide customised overviews and navigation
    23. 23. Find out more…Call on +44 (0) 202 3397 0725Website www.lamp-360.comEmail enquiries@lamp-360.comSubscribe to newsletter