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Brochure: Sales Outsourcing Overview


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Sales outsourcing is a relatively new phenomenon, especially in the IT industry, and requires a methodology and a variety of capabilities. …

Sales outsourcing is a relatively new phenomenon, especially in the IT industry, and requires a methodology and a variety of capabilities.
This document starts by describing the Selling People sales outsourcing methodology – how we approach a sales outsourcing engagement.
We then describe the services that make up the outsourcing solution in detail and finally look at the investment considerations.

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  • 2. Contents1. INTRODUCTION ................................................................................................... 32. IN BRIEF ............................................................................................................... 33. SALES OUTSOURCING METHODOLOGY .......................................................... 45. OVERVIEW OF CAPABILITIES ............................................................................ 56. SALES OUTSOURCING ....................................................................................... 67. SET UP COST COMPARISONS ........................................................................... 78. INVESTMENT ........................................................................................................ 89. LEAD REFERRAL ................................................................................................. 810. WHY SELLING PEOPLE ...................................................................................... 811. NEXT STEPS......................................................................................................... 912. ABOUT SELLING PEOPLE .................................................................................. 913. APPENDIX 1 – SALES OUTSOURCING METHODOLOGY .............................. 1114. APPENDIX 2 - OVERVIEW OF CAPABILITIES ................................................. 15 Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 2 of 18
  • 3. 1. IntroductionSales outsourcing is a relatively new phenomenon, especially in the IT industry, and requiresa methodology and a variety of capabilities.This document starts by describing the Selling People sales outsourcing methodology – howwe approach a sales outsourcing engagement.We then describe the services that make up the outsourcing solution in detail and finally lookat the investment considerations.2. In BriefSales outsourcing is an alternative approach to that of setting up your own subsidiaryoperation in a county, using independent agents or using a partner / indirect channel. The keycharacteristics of an outsourced approach are: Results - focussed on activity, pipeline and sales orders. Whilst we do expect to be paid partly for our time in each phase we are focussed as far as practicable in achieving the results agreed Rapid - Rapid set up in a matter of days and weeks rather than months of a typical recruitment or in-house operation Flexible – solutions that can be modified quickly, or over time, to react to changing conditions. Resources can be increased or decreased at short notice according to campaigns or results Expertise – Professional approach, utilizing predominantly existing staff and local office facilities Cost effective – Low up front costs (no recruitment costs) and reduced long term commitments and no employee relationships resulting in lower initial risks Methodology – Using a proven and common sales process/methodology and systems increase the quality and ensures valuable leads are not lostSales outsourcing services can be utilized in the following ways: Lead generation – all organisations need quality sales leads and Selling people can provide this facility. Market entry and evaluation – a key application is when a company is entering a new market, whether domestic or overseas. The local knowledge of an outsourcer can be useful. See our separate whitepapers on Market Evaluation and Market Entry. Sales outsourcing – the main offering, a combination of the relevant sales resources to form an effective outsourced solution Contract sales / interim management – if you do not need some of the management or systems and just want a person on a flexible contract then we can also help. From 1 day per week of a sale or management resource. Sales Consulting – we provide on all aspects of sales: account management, assessment, recruitment, structure etc Training – we provide several sales courses for improving many aspects of your sales function including our sales library.This brochure now talks about the methodology and a detailed description of the services. Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 3 of 18
  • 4. 3. Sales Outsourcing MethodologyEach engagement is unique and a solution is configured to suit the client’s needs and budget.However, in most cases the overall approach to an outsourcing engagement undertaken bySelling People consists of four main phases: a. Preparation – Scan & Plan b. Test & Review c. Initial operations d. Full operations Figure 1 – Sales Outsourcing MethodologyThe Preparation phase consists of some rapid market research (Scan) typically using seniortelemarketing resources. This allows the proposition to be quickly tested in the market. Usually5-10 days of test calling is made and on average 10 surveys (discussions with senior decisionmakers).Input from this test is used in producing a detailed sales strategy and plan (Plan).Then a longer Test period is undertaken where the emphasis is on getting in front of as manyprospects as possible (phone surveys and meetings) to test the proposition in detail and buildpipeline. The Plan may include several different value propositions and approaches howeverthis phase is normally constrained to 1 or 2 propositions. Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 4 of 18
  • 5. The results based approach would mean that if in two months (40 days) making 10 Surveysper day up to 400 Surveys could be undertaken. A Survey is a discussion with a decisionmaker and typically 1 in 10 phone calls will result in a Survey. This will give realistic earlyfeedback on the acceptance of your proposition in the market.The positive results (10%?) are leads for the next phase and potential sales, however theanalysis of the feedback of the 90% that are not interested is also important.At the end of the test the results are reviewed and a decision can be made on progressing tothe next phase and the sales plan can be updated if necessary.The Initial Operations phase is now all about generating sales orders. A sales team is puttogether which may include marketing, lead generation, sales and sales management. Theeffort will continue on the propositions used in the Test phase if these were successful andresources can now be gradually increased.The Full Operations phase can be an extension of the Initial Operations or the client maywish to set up their own subsidiary or distribution channel and the outsourcing be phased outor be used to support certain aspects of the sales function.The Selling People methodology is discussed in more detail in the appendix 1.5. Overview of CapabilitiesSales outsourcing usually consists of one or more of the following principal elements presentin any sales organisation:  Sales resources  Sales management and sales direction  Lead generation  Direct Marketing and e-marketing  Systems and processes  FacilitiesFull details of these capabilities are given in Appendix 2. The diagram below shows how thecapabilities fit in helping produce the sales funnel.The majority of resources used on any new project will be our existing proven sales resources. Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 5 of 18
  • 6. Sales outsourcing can offer the advantages of both the direct and indirect models. The keyfeatures of an outsourced sales solution should include: Results focused on activity, pipeline and sales orders. Whilst an outsourcer would expect to be paid partly on time especially in the early stages they are focused as far as practicable in achieving the results agreed Rapid - Rapid set up in a matter of days and weeks rather than months of a typical recruitment or in-house operation Flexible – solutions that can be modified quickly, or over time, to react to changing conditions. Resources can be increased or decreased at short notice according to campaigns or results Expertise – Professional approach, utilizing predominantly existing staff and local office facilities Cost effective – Low upfront costs (no recruitment costs) and reduced long term commitments and no employee relationships resulting in lower initial risks Methodology – Using a proven and common sales process/methodology and systems increase the quality and ensures valuable leads are not lostThe majority of resources used on any new project should be from the outsourcers existingproven sales resources.Combining all of the above services, lead generation, sales resource, direction and perhapsmarketing, results in a fully outsourced sales solution.Outsourcing to a third party provides for all day to day decisions and activities to be handledby the outsourcing company, to include interaction with all the client company’s departments.The designated project or sales manager will form a key part of the client’s managementteam.The outsourcing company can vary key elements of the sales function over time, leadgeneration, operational and management resources, according to specific business needs.For example, additional resources can be acquired for a specific campaign, both in terms ofthe lead generation and follow up sales resource.A full sales outsourcing arrangement compares very favorably with trying to recruit one ormore full time people to cover all of these activities. Activities will be focused and carried outcontinuously, rather than being carried out by one all rounder, with the resultant feast andfamine situation, regarding lead generation, that inevitably results.Ultimately, an outsourced contract is usually based on revenue performance. It includes abasic retainer and commission or bonuses based on the revenue/margin delivered. Thecommission only sales approach rarely performs well. Go to anddownload or request our white paper entitled “Commission Only Sales” for more informationon that topic.6. Sales OutsourcingCombining lead generation, sales and sales management resources and marketing, results ina fully outsourced sales solution. This can be supplemented by the use of our facilities: office,phones, web based CRM systems, sales support resources, finance and administration staffetc etc. Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 6 of 18
  • 7. The chosen sales outsourcing model provides for all day to day decisions and project activitiesto be handled by Selling People. Our assignment manager will form a key part of our clientorganisation’s management team.Selling People provides all the key elements of the sales process, in whatever flexible formrequired and meeting the potentially variable business need over time. Additional resourcescan be acquired to deliver a specific campaign, both in terms of the lead generation and sales.The mix of services and skills required to deploy an outsourced sales solution is different inevery case, and is defined in the sales and marketing plan – see Methodology section.Full sales outsourcing compares very favourably with trying to recruit a single person or smallteam to cover all of these activities, being more focussed, more flexible, and costing less inthe short term, is therefore lower risk.Ultimately, and usually, an outsourced contract is based on revenue performance, andincludes a basic retainer and commission, or bonuses based on the revenue/margindelivered.7. Set up cost comparisonsThis section looks at the costs of setting up a typical subsidiary and compares this with the setup costs of outsourcing. Diagram showing relative cost of outsourcing v internal operationsDetailed spreadsheets are available on request but the key cost savings are:  No upfront recruitment fees. These are typically 25% and equate to 2 months of a working outsourced sales resource. For a sales director this could be £20,000.  No office set up costs. Other than postal address services the cost of renting an office or serviced accommodation can be very expensive, especially compared to the small number of resources used in the early days. A 2 man service office can cost £36,000 per annum.  Management time can be contracted on an as required basis – typically 20-25% of the sales resources. Therefore if 5 days per week of sales are used then only 1 day per week management may be required. Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 7 of 18
  • 8.  Senior resources can be utilitized that work on multiple projects thereby obtaining very experienced people at realistic rates.  You do not pay for holidays or sick time. In the UK holiday entitlements have just been increased by the Government for all employees by 40%.The result of all of these savings is that there are fewer upfront costs reducing the risk in theshort term. The flexibility and speed of response means that individual resources are notcheaper than normal recruitment but they can be combined into a more effective solution.The graph above shows the difference in costs for a typically set up over the first year.8. InvestmentThe cost of a sales engagement can vary significantly. Normally, in the early stages projectscan be varied or terminated subject to a four week notice period – hence reducing the risk tothe client organisation.In any engagement the sales plan that is created includes a detailed cost and revenue targetspreadsheet, this acts as the budget plan for the engagement. Typical guide rates are givenfor a variety of services in the table below Service Item Daily rate Daily rate for lead generation – 5 - 15 surveys* per day £150 - £300 Daily rate for research/data cleansing £100 - 150 Project management and set up for projects £250 - £400 Data purchasing, normally 40p per record for eternal license with emails £400 per 1000 Sales resources for tele sales £100 - 200 Sales resources for field work £150 - £400 Rental of campaign management / e-Marketing system £25 -140 per week Sales Management £300 - £600 Sales consulting £800 - £1500* A survey is a full conversation with a decision maker.9. Lead referralFor all of our clients we market their services to our network of existing sales associates freeof charge. This is a large group of experienced IT sales professionals working typically undercontract, and can often introduce our clients to new opportunities. For this they expect areferral fee, which is only payable when you sign a contract and are paid by your client.10. Why Selling PeopleOur service is differentiated in the following ways:  The use of experienced sales professionals to establish and drive the sales effort. Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 8 of 18
  • 9.  Flexibility - an efficient use of differing sales resources split between lead generation and tele-sales, sales and marketing and administration.  Reduced initial investment with no recruitment fees.  Use of Selling People’s UK office and facilities.  Provision of an early operations/test marketing phase, which can be used for proof of concept prior to additional investment and resource becoming committed.  Required resource may be varied, and increased or decreased at short notice.  No employee overheads – just a monthly invoice.  Minimum call on existing management time.  Selling People may also be able to procure additional leads from within the associate network.  Immediate access to proven processes and supporting systems provides speedy results and reduced set up times.11. Next StepsIf you wish to consider, or proceed with a sales outsourcing engagement, then call SellingPeople for an initial telephone conversation, or to schedule a meeting to discuss the specificsof an engagement or campaign suitable for your business. You should also considerdownloading our qualification questionnaire.As a result of a primary discussion we can normally submit a detailed proposal. The only earlycommitment we would normally ask for would reflect the cost of the Preparation phase, whichsubsequent to production and review may progress to the Test sales phase.12. About Selling PeopleSelling People was founded in 2003 and has rapidly become Europe’s leading salesoutsourcing agency. SP has provided market evaluation, lead generation and salesoutsourcing services to a variety of companies.Selling People is UK based but is part of the Branch Service operation with offices in 20countries and 60+ sales executives allowing us to put together pan European solutions.We operate in many sectors but our specialism is the demanding IT software sales sector.Within that sector we have particular expertise in: Business intelligence & knowledge management Help Desk & service management CRM & customer service ERPWe maintain our own intelligence/data gathering system and watch and research the abovesectors as well as the UK’s top 100 IT spenders and the Mergers and Acquisitions market inthe UK, as these are often key to our clients.Selling People operates using a number of full time employed sales and telemarketingexecutives, including in-house project and sales management. We supplement this withexternal associate resources to extend our skills and geographic coverage. Our external Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 9 of 18
  • 10. network consists of approximately 200 associates allowing us to operate in many sectors andgeographic areas.Selling People Ltd Phone: 020 3397 3270Unit 12, The Power HouseHigham Mead Email: enquiries@sellingpeople.bizCheshamBuckinghamshire Web site: www.sellingpeople.bizHP5 2AH Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 10 of 18
  • 11. 13. Appendix 1 – Sales Outsourcing MethodologyThe phases of the sales outsourcing methodology are described in more detail below.A. Preparation Phase – Scan & PlanThis important phase lays the ground work for all the following sales activity and can be of 2-6weeks duration.This phase will be carried out by a “SWAT” team of one or more highly experienced salesmanagers. BIOs or CVs/Resumes should be reviewed of key personnel. Rates paid will behigher for short term experienced personnel. However, this exercise is not just about theresults but about the analysis of the results and the negative results are as important as thepositive results. Experienced resources are needed to analyze both objectively andsubjectively the results of the project.An initial meeting is required to determine the scope of the proposed engagement andinvolvement of appropriate outsourced country managers, as this may involve operations inmultiple countries. This could be a face to face meeting or conference calls with the necessarycountry/branch managers.An accurate proposal can then be generated for the initial Scan & Plan phase – which wouldnormally be a fixed price item. A contract for the Scan and Plan is signed and payment madefor this phase.Market ScanThe Market Scan does a short term, high level review of the market and covers some or all ofthe following items: Description of markets (by country) Value chain – what type of approach should be considered – a direct sales approach or perhaps a partnering / channel approach or a combination of both Partners – even in a direct approach, partners such as Systems Integrators or Management Consultancies can be important Training – before undertaking test calling resources will need some initial product/service training – usually one day Competitors – overview of competitors in the market – mainly web research Data / contact availability and research – identifying the correct targets/contacts is very important. Will the client provide this or does the data need to be purchased or researched and how? Test telemarketing – in order to initially test and validate the proposition in the market and gauge early reaction and metrics, these resources were the ones trained above. Typically this would be a 5 -15 day exercise including about 10 surveys per day – conversations with senior decision makers. Test meetings – if possible initial prospect meetings can be obtained and visited alone or in conjunction with the client to obtain first hand feedback from the market Network – are there any contacts or Intelligence that can be used? Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 11 of 18
  • 12. The output from the market Scan is early but limited feedback on the acceptance of the proposition in the market and input into the strategy and sales metrics of the Sales Plan and Test phase.Sales PlanIn parallel with the market scan a detailed sales and marketing plan needs to be produced.This consists of several items; Workshop - a management workshop to review the market scan and go through all aspects of the sales and marketing plan. This will be attended typically be 2-3 senior managers from Selling People: Plan development: (GOSPA) Goals – the overall goals for the project Objectives – financial and sales targets and non financial objectives Strategies – the main strategies to be employed Plans – the detailed plans for execution of each strategy Actions – check list of actions in 30/60/90 day time frames Products / value propositions – a description of the key value propositions – each value proposition is the triad of product or service, target prospects and their benefits /value to the prospect Ambitions & resources – what overall target is expected and what budgetary constraints exist Targets – which organizations to approach with the propositions Data / contact availability continue the research started in the Scan phase if necessary Sales Model Development/definition – what sales approach is to be used Workshop review – sales plan review and finalizationPayment terms are payment with order.Deliverablesfor the Scan and Plan phase you should receive:  1 day workshop with several experienced senior sales managers  Summary sales and marketing plan – about 20+ pages outlining strategy, plans and actions for all aspects of sales and marketing  Meeting or conference call to review the plan  Proposal and costs and targets for the following phases.  Test results and analysis from c50+ surveys  Analysis of the chosen market(s), competitors etcB. Test PhaseSales activity starts in earnest with initial calling and meeting activity and building the pipeline.The Test phase is typically fixed at two months plus the ramp up time. Given a typicalrelatively complex value propositions there is usually limited realistic expectation of makingsales/orders in this phase.Therefore companies should expect that the evaluation exercise whilst providing invaluablefeedback and a pipeline of future potential, actual sales orders are not likely. Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 12 of 18
  • 13. The sales plan is at best a ‘guestimate’ of how much activity/cost is required to generate alead or sale, however only real experience of taking a proposition to market will help providemore accurate figures. The preparation phase calling is not always accurate or indicative oflonger term results. i.e. the 5-15 days test calling in the Preparation Phase can give differentresults to those obtained in the longer term.The Test Phase confirms the sales metrics assumed in the plan. If these are not correct thenthe assumed sales metrics can be adapted accordingly or future phases.Important sales metrics typically include:  Cost and effort and different techniques of obtaining a lead  Number of leads required to obtain a qualified lead and pipeline opportunity  Sales model required to progress salesThe key parts of the Test Phase include:i. Ramp UpIn the Ramp Up phase selling starts but it is not measured in detail until all the preparationshave been made so that the sales metrics are valid and the sales executives workingefficiently. May small but important issues need to be resolved before sales efforts areeffective. These include: CRM - normally a web based CRM system is used to support the sales team. This requires set up and configuration for each client. Some training of resources will be required in the client specific use of the CRM system. Data preparation – data needs to be sourced (purchased or researched) and loaded into the CRM system and made available to the sales executives. Collateral preparation – inevitably email templates, brochures, whitepapers or even web sites will be required. All of this can be time consuming to obtain and can slow down sales efforts if it is not available in the CRM system Training – the sales executives will need proper training on the propositions they are selling. If this requires a visit to another country this can take time to organize, especially if visas are required. Email templates and signatures need to be set up and POP accounts for receiving email. Business cards and stationary will also be required. Campaign plans need to be worked out. Facilities – may need to be set up especially incoming telephone numbers for responses to campaigns etc.The ramp up can take 1-4 weeks and is often dependent on support from the client.ii. TestThis is typically a two month phase. Initial targets would be set in the plan for activity (phonecalls, conversations with decision makers and generation of leads, prospect meetings) andpipeline build.Activity is usually focused on one or two value propositions and activity and the results closelymonitored and reviewed with the client to ensure all parties are aware of the results andprogress being made.The relevant resources of the outsourced local offices will be utilized, as required, whilstminimizing upfront costs. The sales team may include any or all of the following: Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 13 of 18
  • 14.  Telemarketers  Field or telesales executives  Sales manager  Campaign planner  CRM specialist  Technical sales support  MarketerThe client does not need to know the details of all the resources being used but is aware ofthe key sales elements of the resources and can have input into choosing them. It is normalfor only a small team to be used in the test phase until the proposition and approach areproven. In order to keep things as flexible as possible and minimize the risk to the clienttypically the contract termination arrangement is a period of two weeks.The cost of the team is usually fixed in advance and no commission is expected to be earnedin this phase.iii. ReviewAs mentioned the progress made will be reviewed against the sales plan regularly andformally after 2 months.The experience from early activity may mean a revision of the plan before moving into theInitial Operations phase. The metrics can be revised in the plan for the initial sales phase asnecessary.The costs of this phase are an agreed fixed monthly amount with the focus on thedeliverables.Deliverables  Understanding of the sales metrics involved in the value propositions  Pipeline of potential deals  Minimum number of client facing meetings/calls, decision maker surveys.  Initial resources, allocated, training and executing plan.C. Initial operationsThe targets in the initial sales plan may now have been revised as a result of the input fromthe Test Phase.The activity is now continued, usually with a small team focussing on 1-2 value propositions.The focus is now purely to obtain initial sales orders and continue to build pipeline. There areregular reviewsThe costs of this phase are a fixed monthly amount except that we are expecting acommissionable element at a rate agreed in the sales plan. The resources are increased inline with results and/or the plan.Deliverables  Initial sales orders achieved or beta test sites if relevant  Pipeline of potential deals  Experienced resources, on the job.  Long term plan agreed Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 14 of 18
  • 15. D. Full operationsThe initial sales have now taken place and the sales metrics and processes should be wellunderstood by the local team. The resources can now continue or can expand if the plan,budgets and targets dictate this.The commercial arrangement can also vary a both sides have experience of the sales processwith the proposition.Typically a retainer and commission/margin % on sales is agreed.Deliverables  Sales orders  Long term plan agreed and being executed14. Appendix 2 - Overview of capabilities  Sales resources  Sales management  Lead generation  Marketing  Facilities, Processes and systemsSales ResourcesWhilst some larger organisations need a full time sales resource, in reality many smaller orstart up organisations do not initially need five sales days effort per week.The flexibility of contracting is extremely useful. For example, using two people for two tothree days per week each, can be much more effective than one full time person. Each personcan deploy differing skills, operating in different territories and vertical markets. Additionalresources can be recruited for peak periods to assist with specific campaigns.Sales resources combined with separate focused lead generation resources can be a veryuseful solution for many organisations.Sales contracting charges are usually based on a simple daily charge plus commission. Thiscompares favourably to a 20-25% of salary fee not untypical in permanent IT salesrecruitment. The initial recruitment fee equates to around six to eight weeks of an effectivelyworking outsourced resource.Contract resources are recruited according to need, and as no formal employee relationshipexists, then administrative overheads are lower.Selling People have 200+ associates in our network, available for contract sales work. Inaddition, we have access to internet job boards should we need to recruit specific additionalskills. As far as possible on a new engagement we will use our existing staff in the key roles.Sales management and sales directionSelling People can provide contract sales managers and sales directors, often referred to in astand alone service as “interim managers”. Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 15 of 18
  • 16. In many small organisations the sales manager is also the lead sales person, however salesmanagement is a distinct role from that of field sales. Sales management includes territoryplanning, recruitment, commission and target setting, forecasting and pipeline management.Sales management outsourcing should be considered when:  Sales experience exists, but with insufficient time to properly implement, operate and review the sales process.  There exists a lack of significant board level sales experience.  The risk and cost of a full time Sales Director is too great. Typically, basic salaries range from £60k to £100k, and these costs double when other benefits and bonuses, including equity, are taken into accountSelling People can provide experienced, international standard sales directors, on a part timeor interim basis.Typically we estimate 20-25% of other resources time should be allowed for when determiningthe management time. Nearly all clients will under estimate the amount of management timeinvolved in any engagement.Lead GenerationThere are many different ways to generate leads including events, tele-marketing and publicrelations to name but a few.Many of our clients use Selling People for our high quality lead generation services, either inisolation or as part of a customised sales outsourcing solution.Lead generation can of course be undertaken internally, though recruitment, motivation andmanagement of staff in this type of role on a long term basis can be problematic. The job ofmanaging sales personnel, and in particular internal sales resources, is not a role that manysmall organisations, or their managers, are equipped to deal with. Even simple issues likeknowing what are realistic activity and sales targets to set, can be difficult without the relevantexperience.For this reason Selling People often recommends that an organisation outsources leadgeneration. Our effort will always be focused on this activity, without the distractions that doexist in effectively accomplishing this activity internally. i.e. the Christmas card list.We have three main types of lead generation campaign which are discussed briefly below.See our lead generation brochure available on the web site for full details on this service. Approach “1”: Classic tele-marketing This approach is essentially a cold call to a diligently researched or selected list of names, with a carefully prepared and professionally presented message. Whilst quick and simple to set up, this can be very effective in delivering short term results. Approach “2”: e-marketing We typically send out simple, short, focussed emails that link to useful industry content in the form of whitepapers. Usually the email content is useful to the prospect, and not spam. The software then tracks the recipients that open the email and download the whitepaper, hence providing warm leads for the telemarketers. An e-marketing campaign approach allows the vendor, or service provider, to increase the frequency of contact with prospects. This in turn provides greater visibility in the Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 16 of 18
  • 17. market. Through increased contact, a trust is created between the vendor and the prospect. Approach “3”: Target Account or Business Profiling With some campaigns there are 100s or 1000s of potential targets, however with other campaigns there are only a handful of targets. Many organisations would benefit from focussing efforts on one or two key value propositions, and 20-50 key target accounts or prospects. In each case the company should be researched, and the names, numbers and email addresses of the relevant decision makers obtained. An overview of the key decision makers reaction to your proposition should be determined. This approach is much less of a volume related task, but more the building of relationships and ensuring that the line of communication is open for further contact. Also once a profile has been built they are good targets for a whitepaper e-marketing campaign approach to ensure we keep in front of these prospects.A contract for the provision of lead generation is usually based on some performance metricsuch as number of leads/surveys delivered per period, rather than on an hourly rate.Selling People’s key differentiator is in the use of experienced IT sales professionals in tele-marketing roles, typically with a minimum of ten year’s sales experience. This ensures anunderstanding of the detailed and complex value proposition, and proficiency in articulatingsuch with senior business and IT personnel.MarketingSelling People can also provide a range of marketing services.Closely related to lead generation, is the provision of direct marketing, and marketingcommunications services.In addition to planning and executing e-marketing campaigns using whitepapers, SellingPeople delivers PR activity, originates press release content and manages circulation. Thecreation of effective messaging for web sites and collateral in support of key valuepropositions is vital. We can provide any marketing service required to support leadgeneration and the sales process. See our web site for examples of marketing collateral wehave designed and produced.Facilities, processes and systemsAs well as providing sales resources in a flexible manner Selling People also provide:  A proven sales methodology (PISTDC/MANACT) which ensures all of our sales people communicate using the same terminology.  A fully functional office on the outskirts of Greater London at the end of the Metropolitan Line in Chesham and convenient for the UK’s major airports, motorway network, London and the Thames Valley.  Fully functional phone system including; voice recording, voicemail routing and an reception service.  A sophisticated CRM system to ensure that all activity is recorded and details of conversations, emails and Surveys with clients are stored and can be reported upon. Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 17 of 18
  • 18. Other servicesIn addition, Selling People provides the following services: E-Marketing software and sales forecasting software. CRM/ERP systems. Sales training courses and sales training for technical staff. Sales consulting and recruitment Methodologies Copyright © Selling People (SMDI ltd) Contact: 020 3397 3270 Page 18 of 18