Sfsu isys 363 1 fall 2013-group- ducks.


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Sfsu isys 363 1 fall 2013-group- ducks.

  1. 1. ISYS 363 Fall 2013 Section 363.01 Team: Ducks
  2. 2. Skype Pros: •Face-to-Face interaction, even if both parties are not in the same country •Send pictures, videos, and chat •Conference calls with multiple people at the same time
  3. 3. Skype Con: •If internet connection is poor, video can freeze or skip sentences •Can lose information if not saved •May require external media, such as microphones and camera
  4. 4. Google Docs Pro: •Accessible 24/7 wherever internet connection is available •Compatible with Mac or PC •Saves document automatically
  5. 5. Google Docs Con: •Without internet connection, Google Docs is inaccessible •When moving documents, a lot of formatting is required •No notifications are sent out when documents are updated by shared users
  6. 6. Texting/ SMS Pro: •Immediate Feedback, Time efficient •Main source of communication, especially for young professionals •Able to send pictures and audio clips
  7. 7. Texting/ SMS Con: •Some documents are not compatible with some phones •Delayed information if there is no internet connection or people might not reply •Some phones are not compatible with group text or group sharing
  8. 8. Dropbox Pro: •Allows sharing of big files with many people •Accessible to everyone at any time, with internet connection •Free (2GB) of memory, plus more memory can be purchased
  9. 9. Dropbox Con: •If service goes down on their end, we can’t access our files •Security issues, data might not be protected •Up to $795 fee for more storage, which is out of our budget
  10. 10. Facebook Pro: •Good for marketing and publicity •Create “group pages” for specific topics •Notifications are instantly sent to your phone, account, and email
  11. 11. Facebook Con: •Security and privacy issues, data leakage •Interface is always changing, need to relearn the website constantly, which can be an inconvenience •Not considered professional, prospect employers might not take you seriously
  12. 12. Our “winners” • Skype • Google Docs • Texting
  13. 13. Criteria for the group • Be Punctual • Contribute in discussions and research • Reply to Texts and Emails promptly • Check your emails daily • Work efficiently and focus on tasks • Meet group and class deadlines
  14. 14. Leader Expectations • Delegate tasks fairly • Schedule Meetings, making sure each member receives the information • To Do Lists for meetings to ensure the tasks are completed accordingly • Check ilearn daily for updates from Professor Ciomek
  15. 15. Overall Collaboration We are going to use Google Docs for the majority of our group collaboration. This is where we will upload and share our documents and presentations, so that all information will be visible to all group members. Anyone in the group can edit, update, or create documents. This will also help keep all the group work in one place. We will use skype in the event that we can’t meet at our designated times. Our goal is to have face to face communication as much as possible throughout the semester. Texting will be used for fast notifications and updates.
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