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Twitter 101 presented by Julia Campbell

Twitter 101 presented by Julia Campbell



This is a presentation I created for the Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers (ADDP) Technology Day for Human Services Staff. Description: "Tweet,” “retweet,” “trending ...

This is a presentation I created for the Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers (ADDP) Technology Day for Human Services Staff. Description: "Tweet,” “retweet,” “trending topic,” “hashtag,” “@mention.” Does this sound like a foreign language to you? This workshop, presented by J Campbell Social Marketing will walk you through starting an account on Twitter and using the second most popular social network to grow your business and your network. This workshop will cover the basics – What is a follower? what is a hashtag? Who should you follow? What should you tweet? What is Twitter Etiquette? – as well as detail the 10 things you need to do to succeed on Twitter. Social media management tools will also be discussed. Bring your questions!



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    Twitter 101 presented by Julia Campbell Twitter 101 presented by Julia Campbell Presentation Transcript

    • ABOUT US J Campbell Social Marketing is a boutiquedigital marketing firm based in Beverly, MA. We have worked with nonprofits large andsmall, both internally as aDevelopment/Marketing Director and externallyas a consultant. We help nonprofits use online tools such associal media, blogs and email marketing, toconnect with their supporters. We offer solutions to your social mediaproblems – through training, support andmanaged services.#jcsocial @juliacsocial
    • SOCIAL MEDIARULES OF THE ROAD Social media tools arealways changing. (Can’tcross it off the list.) “Getting on social media”is not a marketingstrategy. Using social media willnot compensate for a badprogram or service. The tools are NOT free –they taketime, capacity, knowledge, resources.#jcsocial @juliacsocial#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF SOCIALMEDIA It’s not about you. It’s about youraudience.#jcsocial @juliacsocial#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • DECIDING WHAT TOOLS TO USE Which social networking sites should we beon? It depends. Should we be using Twitter? It depends. Hard truth: You get out of social mediawhat you put into it.#jcsocial @juliacsocial#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • HOW MUCH WORK IS IT? The actual work of social media: Researching and creating content. Engaging and participating in yournonprofit’s online communities. Monitoring and reporting ROI, makingthe necessary adjustments.#jcsocial@juliacsocial#jcsocial @juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101 Let’s Tweet! Use hashtag #jcsocial @JuliaCSocial#jcsocial@juliacsocial#jcsocial @juliacsocial
    • #jcsocial@juliacsocialhttp://edudemic.com/2012/12/14-twitter-statistics-you-may-not-know/
    • #jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • 2013 ENONPROFIT BENCHMARKS STUDY Nonprofits experienced significant gains on Twitterand Facebook, with Twitter outperformingFacebook! Nonprofits in the study saw Twitter growth of 264%in 2013 in comparison to only 46% growth onFacebook.http://www.e-benchmarksstudy.com#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • 2013 ENONPROFIT BENCHMARKS STUDY Despite this, organizations continue to have agreater social media presence on Facebook, whichremains the most popular social media platform. E-mail lists still deliver the largest base ofsupporters for organizations. Nonprofits average 149 Facebook fans and 53Twitter followers for every 1,000 e-mailsubscribers.http://www.e-benchmarksstudy.com#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101 What do we do first? Sign up at www.twitter.com Get the mobile app#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101 Add a photo to your bio Write a creative bio –think keywords. Add your website and other Twitter handles. You have the real estate, use it! Pro Tip: Invest in a custom Twitterbackground and cover photo.#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101#jcsocial@juliacsocial Hashtag Any word beginningwith the # sign. People use hashtagsorganize conversationsaround a specific topic. Clicking on a hashtagtakes you to searchresults for that term. Great for events,specific products, timelyannouncements #thankfulthursday #trt #ff #followfriday #nonprofit #giving #nptech #sm4nphttps://business.twitter.com/start-tweeting
    • TWITTER 101#jcsocial@juliacsocial TY to @nonprofitorgsfor the RT! MT (moderated tweet) RT Via @nytimes Clicking on the@mention leads you tothe person’s Twitterprofile Mention A public tweet directedto another user thatincludes their@username. Mentions are clickableand link back to thementioned individualsprofile. They are collectedtogether in aconversation if you clickReply.https://business.twitter.com/start-tweeting
    • TWITTER 101#jcsocial@juliacsocial Reply A public response to aTweet via the replybutton. Replies show up in yourhome timeline and thetimeline of the personto who you areresponding to. You must follow bothparties to see thisconversation.When replying, if youwant everyone to seeit, put a . Or a space infront of the @profile –otherwise only peoplethat follow you and theother person will see it.https://business.twitter.com/start-tweeting
    • TWITTER 101#jcsocial@juliacsocial Bufferapp forscheduling tweets andretweets Great for buildingcommunity Retweet Sharing a Tweet. You can pass alongsomeone’s Tweet byretweeting it. Just hit the Retweetbutton to send theoriginal Tweet aswritten to all of yourfollowers. Won’t have yourbranding/profile pic onit.https://business.twitter.com/start-tweeting
    • ANATOMY OF A TWEET#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • GREAT TWEETS Keep it conversational andinformal. Employ wit and humor. Make it shareable. Content has to be worthreading, clicking andretweeting. Ask questions. Current events! 120 characters formaximum retweeting. Ask “Please RT”!#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101 Let’s learn how to: Get followers Find people to follow Follow someone Report spam/block someone FAQ: Should you follow everyone whofollows you? No. The only way to get followers on Twitter isto follow people. Lots of them.#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101 Let’s learn how to: “Favorite” a tweet toeasily find later Monitor when peoplemention you (Connect) Check and answer yourdirect messages#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101 Let’s learn how to: Insert a hashtag Monitor hashtags relatedto your industry Participate in a TweetChat Monitor trends Search within Twitter#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101 Let’s learn how to: Use Twitter lists to manage the chaos Monitor trends#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101 How often to tweet? It depends! 80/20 rule 80% of value to your clients and customers 20% directly related to you Retweet, @Mention, Acknowledge ALWAYS be sharingrelevant, valuable, pertinent, up-to-the-minuteinformation!#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • WHAT TO TWEET? Sign up for freeGoogle Alerts Alltop.com Technorati.com LinkedIn News Statistics Quotes Photos – (how to add a photo to a tweet) Retweet often#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • TWITTER 101 Time-saving tools Tweetdeck Hootsuite Buffer(bufferapp.com) There arehundreds ofthese tools!#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • PRO TIPS If you type in the @mention, only people thatfollow you AND that person will see it. Add aperiod or a space before if you want it to goout to everyone. Ask for RTs – Please RT! Do not connect Twitter to all other accounts –hashtags are meant for Twitter, Instagram andPinterest (maybe Facebook in the future, butnot now)#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • PRO TIPS Keep tweets shortand sweet. There is no “magical” length, but a report byBuddy Media revealed that tweets shorterthan 100 characters get a 17% higherengagement rate. Tweets with photos get twice the response. Tweet with videos (YouTube, Vimeo) getincreased engagement. https://business.twitter.com/photos-videos-content#jcsocial@juliacsocial(Buddy Media, 6/26/12, “Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review”)
    • PRO TIPS Participate in trends, but do it authentically. In other words, don’t just hashtag everything#bieberfever.#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • HOW NONPROFITS USE TWITTER https://twitter.com/mashable/non-profits http://topnonprofits.com/lists/top-nonprofits-on-twitter/ @TwitterGood #twitter4good http://www.npengage.com/social-media/20-tips-for-nonprofits-using-twitter/#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • CRISIS MANAGEMENT! An actual tweet accidentally sent via @RedCross:#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    •  Red Cross response: #gettngslizzerd was a Trending Topic (meaning itwas popular on Twitter)#jcsocial@juliacsocial#techdaycamp @skullsflying
    •  Dogfish Head Brewery response: The Red Cross set up a designated page inconnection with Dogfish encouraging people todonate a pint and use the hashtag to spread theword.#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCEED… Be present. Be relevant. Be active. Be engaging. Be timely. Have fun!#jcsocial@juliacsocial
    • QUESTIONS?#jcsocial@juliacsocialEmail me:julia@jcsocialmarketing.comFind the slides at my website:www.jcsocialmarketing.comLike me on Facebook:www.facebook.com/jcsocialmarketingThank you!