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Social Media Update: What's Hot and What's Not - October 2013
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Social Media Update: What's Hot and What's Not - October 2013


Here are the slides from my presentation and seminar at the Enterprise Center at Salem State University, titled Social Media Update: What's Hot and What's Not.

Here are the slides from my presentation and seminar at the Enterprise Center at Salem State University, titled Social Media Update: What's Hot and What's Not.

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  • 2. About Me  J Campbell Social Marketing is a boutique digital marketing firm based in Beverly, MA.  Using online tools such as social media, blogs and email marketing, I help nonprofits tell their stories and connect with their supporters.  I offer solutions to your social media problems – through training, support and consulting services.  Learn more at www.jcsocialmarketing.com @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 3. Before We Begin…  Social media tools are always      changing. “Getting on social media” is not a marketing strategy. Using social media will not compensate for a bad product or service. Nothing is “free”. Less is more. There are one size fits all answers. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 4. Social & Mobile are HOT  72% of online adults use social networking sites.  27% of online time is now spent on social networking.  6 out of 10 internet users ages 50-64 are on social networks.  43% of those 65 and older are using social networks! @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate Source: Pew Internet August 2013 http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2013/social-networking-sites.aspx
  • 5. Social & Mobile are HOT  57% of American adults use their cell phone to go online. (Pew Internet)  Mobile usage will surpass desktop usage in 2014. (ComScore)  Constant Contact found that 43% of all emails are being opened on a mobile device. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 6. Trends - 2014 Investment in social media is not a luxury. It is simply a marketing necessity.  Benefits include:        SEARCH! Company branding Improved brand awareness & affinity Word-of-mouth marketing Increased trust Increased loyalty Increased influence @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 7. Trends - 2014 Businesses are becoming more strategic and intentional in their approach. They are:  Hiring outside help or a full/part time person.  Getting adequate training.  Investing in measuring tools (SimplyMeasured, Sprout Social, Salesforce).  Becoming more discerning and savvy.  Adopting a less-is-more philosophy. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 8. Trends - 2014 Breaking down silos.  One person simply cannot do it all.  I suggest forming Social Media Committees or Social Media Street Teams. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 9. Trends - 2014 Visual-centric channels are (still) exploding.  On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined. Photos are liked 2X more than text updates.  On YouTube, 100 million users are taking a social action on videos every week.  Pinterest is referring more web traffic than Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Google+.  36% of all shared links on Twitter are photos.  Photo sharing is the most popular activity on Google+. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate Reference: M Booth, Simply Measured, WishPond: http://jcsocialmarketing.com/2013/05/pinterest-instagram-and-creatinga-visual-online-brand/
  • 10. Trends - 2014 Businesses are investing in graphics and visuals.  Infographics  Great photos  Compelling visuals  Facebook Cover photo, Twitter background and header, Google+ header, YouTube channel, LinkedIn Company Page Cover photo, etc. We are all multi-media companies. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 11. Not just for tech nerds! Google+ @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 12. What’s Hot: Google+ Google+ is growing in importance.  You are signed up if you have a Gmail account.  Highest number of monthly users (343 million).  It remains the second most actively used social network.  All businesses need to establish a Google+ page. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate Reference: GlobalWebIndex: https://www.globalwebindex.net/signup/ ZDNET: http://www.zdnet.com/google-moves-up-to-second-place-in-social-networks- / 7000010372
  • 13. What’s Hot: Google+ Getting started on Google+:  Complete your profile – use keywords in your tagline and introduction  Upload a great cover image.  Use your Circles strategically to send out targeted posts.  Join Communities.  Longer, almost blog-like posts get the most interaction.  +1 items, share items, comment. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 14. What’s Hot: Google+ Getting started on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/11440653181 5335530731/114406531815335530731/posts @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 15. What’s Hot: Google+ Claiming Google Authorship is paramount.  “Google Authorship” was created with the goal of allowing writers to claim their content.  Allows searchers to find more content written by an individual author.  Claim your Google+ profile then go through the “Contributor to” Set-up and list all the websites you publish on.  Complete guide is here: http://searchengineland.com/the-definitive-guide-togoogle-authorship-markup-123218 @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 16. Share presentations, white papers, PDFs, webinars SlideShare @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 17. What’s Hot: SlideShare SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations.  60 million monthly visitors.  130 million pageviews.  In the World’s Top 10 tools for education and elearning.  LinkedIn bought the company last May.  Supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 18. SlideShare My profile: http://www.slideshare.net/juliagulia77 @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 19. Slideshare Ideas for using Slideshare:  Upload your presentations – can be private or public, syncs with LinkedIn.  Download presentations.  Embed presentations in your blog or website.  Share on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  You can sync mp3 audio with your slides to create a webinar.  You can embed videos inside presentations. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 20. Not just for moms and teachers! Pinterest @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 21. What’s Hot: Pinterest  Pinterest has almost caught up with Twitter – 15% of adult U.S. Internet users (16% on Twitter).  Pinterest has 25 million monthly unique visitors.  Pinterest posts last longer – Pinterest pins have a half life of over one week. (Tweet is 5-25 minutes; 80 minutes for Facebook).  Pinterest is aspirational, not of-the-moment.  All statistics from the Pew Internet & American Life Project (PewInternet.org) @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 22. What’s Hot: Pinterest Why businesses should pay attention:  Sephora’s Pinterest followers spend 15X more than Facebook Fans.  Pinterest users spend almost $170 in a shopping session.  Pins that include prices receive 36% more likes.  BlogHer found that 84% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from Pinterest. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 23. What’s Hot: Pinterest What’s new:  Expanded look for pinned articles – pinners pin more than 5 million articles every day!  Pinterest encourages users to create “Reading List” boards.  The “Tasteful” move into monetization.  Inclusion in Bing image search. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 24. What’s Hot: Pinterest @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 25. What’s Hot: Pinterest @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 26. What’s Hot: Pinterest Create a Pinterest Brand Page.  You can convert a personal account to a business one.  You can push pins out to Facebook and Twitter.  Get “Pin It” buttons put on every item you sell online and all blog posts; anything with a photo.  Create at least 5 Boards based on your personality and your business.  Verify your account verification (that red check box in the bio).  Check out Pinterest Insights to measure your results. https://pinterest.com/business/create/ @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 27. What’s Hot: Pinterest What to pin?  Products  Reading List  How-To Videos  Scenic photos  Group Boards featuring your customers  Infographics  Articles/books to read @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 28. Even writing 140 characters it just too tedious! Micro-Video @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 29. What’s Hot: Micro-Video 2/3 of the world’s data will be video by 2017 What is Vine?  6 second video that loops.  Strictly mobile app. What is Instagram Video?  15 second video uploaded to Instagram.  Strictly mobile app. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 30. What’s Hot: Vine  Vine opened its “doors” in January.  In April 2013, Vine was the most downloaded app in the Apple app store.  5 tweets per second contain a Vine link.  A branded Vine is 4x more likely to be seen than a branded video.  Thought leaders on Vine: McDonalds, GE, Red Vines, Taco Bell, Virgin Mobile  Source: The 7th Chamber, http://the7thchamber.com/blog/brands-on-vine/ @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 31. What’s Hot: Vine Best practices for Vine:  Use hashtags so people can find you.  Create How-To videos  Introduce new products  Promote brand contests  Entertain and engage customers  Use Vine + Twitter  Be creative @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 32. What’s Hot: Vine Businesses using Vine Weather Channel – Behind the Scenes https://vine.co/v/hqJF2DBVwXe Lowe’s: How-To Video https://vine.co/v/bU6WWdXtEYn Opel: Showcase a Product https://vine.co/v/bJ2EqwTWKQg @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 33. What’s Hot: Instagram Instagram has 130 million users.  Since the launch of Instagram Video, there has been a 37% increase in Instagram shares on Twitter.  Instagram videos are creating two-times more engagement than Instagram photos.  Of the brands on Instagram, 62% have shared at least one Instagram video.  Used only on mobile devices – you can see and like photos on a desktop but cannot upload or edit a photo  Source: Digiday: http://digiday.com/brands/15-stats-vine-andinstagram-video/ @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 34. What’s Hot: Instagram Best practices for Instagram Video & Photo:  Have a healthy balance of fun pictures and business images.  Host photo contests. #Sonylove is a good example.  Reward followers.  Feature your customers!  Promote events.  Showcase your brand experience. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 35. What’s Hot: Instagram Businesses using Instagram Video  Music: http://instagram.com/p/eXjGUOj9rT/  Showcase your staff’s talents: http://instagram.com/p/aye9vdyo-R/  The Instagram Gal has lots of tips and examples:  http://www.suebzimmerman.com/ @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 36. It’s back!!! MySpace @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 37. What’s Hot: MySpace Remember MySpace?  It’s making a comeback, predominantly amongst musicians and music-lovers.  Went through a total rebranding.  Cool iPhone app.  Users can send and receive private messages.  Can create and listen to a personalized radio station. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 38. Questions? @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 39. No sign of slowing down The “Old” Guard @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 40. What’s Hot: Facebook Facebook turns 10 in 2014! Over 1 billion monthly active Facebook users. Over 680 million mobile users. 700 billion minutes spent on Facebook each month. Average time spent on Facebook per visit: 20 minutes. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 41. What’s Hot: Facebook New: Graph Search  Very different from Google Search.  Your privacy choices determine what’s searchable.  Different people see different results.  “My friends who like PAGE NAME.”  “Favorite interests of people who like PAGE NAME.”  “Pages liked by people who like PAGE NAME.” @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 42. What’s Hot: Facebook How business can use Graph Search  Identify their own fans.  Learn about interests and hobbies of fans.  Identify interests of competitors’ fans.  Identify potential business partnerships.  Improve the quality of Facebook contests.  Improve advertising spend.  Resource: Social Media Examiner http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebookgraph-search-marketing/ @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 43. What’s Hot: Facebook New: Improved Insights (Admin Panel)  Easier to read demographics of your fans  My fans are 64% women and my highest demo is split between 20% 25-34 year olds and 20% 35-44 year olds.  When your fans are online feature  Shows you what days and times your fans are online!  Best post types feature  Comparisons of your fans vs. general Facebook audience  Post Clicks stat @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 44. What’s Hot: Facebook @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate www.jonloomer.com
  • 45. What’s Hot: Facebook @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate www.jonloomer.com
  • 46. What’s Hot: Facebook New: Contest restrictions eased. Businesses used to have to use a third party app For example, businesses can now:  Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post  Collect entries by having users message the Page  Utilize likes as a voting mechanism As before, however, businesses cannot administer promotions on personal Timelines. Source: https://www.facebook.com/facebookforbusiness/news/page-promotionsterms @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 47. What’s Hot: Twitter Almost 600 million active Twitter users. 135K signing up every day. 58 million tweets per day. Why use it? According to Duct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch:  “I get great insight when I ask questions;  I get traffic;  People on Twitter spread my thoughts to new places.” @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 48. What’s Hot: Twitter How are businesses using Twitter?  Communicating with customers (@ComcastCares, @JetBlue, @NikeSupport).  Reaching influencers and celebrities.  Connecting with the media.  Driving traffic to websites and blogs.  Use Twitter Advanced Search to find people locally.  Running contests. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 49. What’s Hot: YouTube  More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month.  #2 search engine in the world.  Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that's almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year.  100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 50. What’s Hot: YouTube How are businesses using YouTube?  YouTube Marketing – James Wedmore:  http://www.youtube.com/jameswedmore  Brand awareness  Advertising  Retail promotion  FAQs, customer support  How To videos  Trainings @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 51. What’s Hot: LinkedIn  10 birthday was in May!  238 million LinkedIn users.  Two new users join every second.  64% are outside the U.S.  #1 social networking site for professionals!  2.7 million LinkedIn business pages.  43% of marketers have found a customer here. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 52. What’s Hot: YouTube How are businesses using LinkedIn?  Don’t treat LinkedIn like just another billboard.  HubSpot found that opening with a question works better than just posting a link.  LinkedIn found higher engagement on targeted posts.  According to a Wildfire survey, 83% of consumers say reviews often or sometimes impact their purchase decisions. Recommendations count!  Source: http://marketing.linkedin.com/blog/good-company-howbest-class-marketers-use-linkedin-company-pages-grow-theirbusiness @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 53. What’s Hot: LinkedIn Most Common Questions 1. Should I have a Company page? 2. What is the deal with endorsements? Don’t ignore them. You don’t have to reciprocate. You can hide them. Only first-degree connections can endorse you. Make sure you list your skills on your profile to receive endorsements. They don’t hurt, but they are not as weighted as Recommendations and Testimonials. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 54. The future present of social. Content & Curation @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 55. What’s Hot: Content Marketing  Content is…  Blog posts  E-books  Books  Slideshows  Videos  Facebook posts  Tweets  LinkedIn updates @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 56. What’s Hot: Content Marketing @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate Source: http://blog.hootsuite.com/converged-media-brito-part-1/
  • 57. What’s Hot: Content Curation  People who “editorially collect the best content     related to a specific niche.” (Forbes) Targeted to a specific audience. Examples: Digital storytelling for nonprofits; Social media for health care; Website best practices for retailers Curators then enhance the content with personal opinions and expertise. ―Content curators provide a customized, vetted selection of the best and most relevant resources on a very specific topic or theme.‖ – Beth Kanter @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 58. What’s Hot: Content Curation  Compare to a museum curator:  They identify a theme, provide the context, decide which paintings to hang on the wall, how they should be annotated, and how they should be displayed. (Kanter)  A good content curator continually seeks, makes sense of and shares the best and most relevant content on a particular topic online. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 59. What’s Hot: Content Curation  Tools for Content Curation  Scoop.it – http://www.scoop.it/u/juliacampbell  Storify.com – http://storify.com/jcsocial/sandberg  Paper.li – Online newspaper  List.ly – Social, visual lists (Top Marketing Books, Top Crowdsourcing Sites, Must Read Tech Blogs)  The Tweeted Times  Pocket – Central place to pull in content from all your devices @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 60. How is time spent on social media?  Strategy and planning    Who is our audience What resonates with them? Where are they already?  Learning  Budget time to read blog posts, attend seminars and take webinars. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 61. How is time spent on social media?  Creating content     Researching posts Formatting Getting photos Scheduling  Listening  Responding  Acknowledgement  Measurement  Reporting @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate  Continuous improvement  Exploration
  • 62. Tools  Buffer – www.bufferapp.com  PostPlanner  Hootsuite  Canva  PicMonkey  10 Awesome Free Tools to Make Infographics: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/awesome-freetools-infographics/ @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 63. Takeaways…  Set a timer.  Do one or two things well.  Understand: There will     always be one more tweet to send, one more post to write, article to read... Use a personal voice. Stay true to your brand. Outsource if you need it. Don’t lose sight of what’s really important to you. @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate
  • 64. For more information, contact me! Julia Campbell @JuliaCSocial J Campbell Social Marketing Beverly, MA julia@jcsocialmarketing.com 978-578-1328 www.jcsocialmarketing.com @JuliaCSocial @Enterprisectr #SMupdate