Social Media 101 for Nonprofits


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This is a presentation I created for the CHNA meeting on April 25, 2012.

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Social Media 101 for Nonprofits

  1. 1. Social Media for Social Good: How Nonprofits Can Harness the Potential of the Social Web April 25, 2012 CHNAJ Campbell Social
  2. 2. Social media – what is it?  Any online technology or practice that people use to share (content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media).  REAL interactions in REAL time.
  3. 3. Is social media just a fad?  Facebook had 845 million monthly active users at the end of December 2011 and 483 million daily active users on average.  Twitter now has around half a billion registered profiles, with over 100 million in the USA alone.  Collectively, Twitter users now send 175 million tweets every day.  As of February 9, 2012, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional online network with more than 150 million members in over 200 countries and territories.  In January 2012 Pinterest had 11.7 million unique U.S. visitors, making it the fastest site ever to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark.
  4. 4. Social media is a cocktail party  Mingle and chat.  Laugh and listen to amazing stories.  Don’t be a wallflower.  Do not be the guy with the lampshade on his head.  Do not oversell or come on too strong!  Each “party” (network) has it’s own etiquette and rules.
  5. 5. Facebook 101  The place where people go to connect/reconnect with friends and family.  People come to Facebook to make personal connections and to have fun.  Strategy – Help supporters feel more connected to your organization; show them who you are as individuals; help them connect to each other.  Share “behind the scenes” photos and videos, ask questions, share compelling statistics and success stories.  Easy, light, fun. Include media with all posts – links, photos, videos.
  6. 6. Twitter 101  A space where people share the content that excites them, in short 140 character bursts.  The link reigns supreme!  Strategy – Don’t get too personal; share the best content you can find; drive traffic to your website; get people to “ReTweet” your content; follow people who have lots of followers and ask them to spread your message.  ReTweet, Thank – create good Twitter karma.  Statistics, quotes, links. Be creative!
  7. 7. LinkedIn 101  A professional network where people go to build networks and connect to resources.  Strategy – Unlike Facebook, people actually want to talk about work and work issues on LinkedIn. Longer, wordier responses, more professional tone.  Look for potential employees and volunteers, share professional networking events, Board opportunities, join Groups and ask questions and start discussions.  Very good for donor prospect research, recruiting volunteers and staff members; also promoting thought leadership on an issue.
  8. 8. How should social media be used?  Integrate – Don’t treat social media as something separate from other marketing and fundraising initiatives. It doesn’t work in a silo.  Amplify – Use social media to create awareness for and amplify your content housed in other places.  Repurpose – Taking content that appears in one form and twisting it in ways that make it more available to another audience is a secret to success!  Build community – Build an online community of ambassadors and advocates.  Learn – Listen and learn and build your confidence. One step at a time!
  9. 9. Ideas for generating content• Industry blogs, • Events, newsletters, anniversaries, websites celebrations, birthdays• Google Alerts & New York • Email newsletter Times alerts • Tie current events to your• Competitors cause/issue• Success Stories • Read everything• Inspirational and follow quotes everyone!• Reached a goal • Figure out what’s working for• Want input on other nonprofits an issue and adapt it!
  10. 10. Julia’s Social Media Philosophy Social media is a TOOL – it is not a silver bullet. In other words, you still need a good product or compelling cause to get people to care.) Integrate it with an overall marketing campaign, just as you would other tools (direct mail, newsletter, website, ads).
  11. 11. Julia’s Social Media Philosophy Not all social media channels are right for your nonprofit. Pick and choose. Do a few well than many poorly. QUALITY over QUANTITY – one quality Facebook post per day (or every few days) is worth more than 100 posts that are perceived as spammy.
  12. 12. To learn more     
  13. 13. Questions, comments, feedback?  Email:  Website:  Cell: 978-578-1328  Twitter: @skullsflying  Facebook: