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I\'m on Facebook - Now What?


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A presentation on social media for nonprofits. This was created for the Nonprofit Net, Inc. in Lexington, MA.

A presentation on social media for nonprofits. This was created for the Nonprofit Net, Inc. in Lexington, MA.

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  • 1. I’m On Facebook… So Now What??March 16, 2011Nonprofit Net, Inc.JULIA CLAIRE CAMPBELL CONSULTING978-578-1328JULIACLAIRECAMPBELL@GMAIL.COM
  • 2. SURVEY RESULTS 28 responses, 22 using social media Facebook (by a landslide), Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, blogs Enhance visibility; networking; marketing; inform the public; increase SEO; engage more constituents; raise funds; promote mission; reach wider audience; increase donors/members/ticket buyers; communication; to reach young people; connect with members/students; reach clients and referral sources KEY:“To generate interaction and to build an online community”; “Grow, learn from and connect with our community” Diverse organizations, diverse range of experiences
  • 3. SOCIAL MEDIA – WHAT IS IT? Any online technology or practice that people use to share (content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspe ctives and media). REAL people, REAL interactions, in REAL time.
  • 4. THE STATISTICS Social networking sites are officially more popular than porn sites. (TIME) Facebook Stats:  More than 500 million active users  50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day  Average user has 130 friends  People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook Twitter Stats:  370,000 new sign-ups daily  95,000,000 Tweets per day  175,000,000 registered users LinkedIn stats:  Over 80 million members and growing rapidly.  More than 80% have a bachelor or graduate degree.  More than 20% are senior level executives and managers, while 60% are decision makers in their companies/organizations.
  • 5. WHAT TO DO WITH IT? LISTEN – Immerse yourself! Participate – Dialogue, not monologue Relinquish control (sort of) What is your goal?  Inspire, enable, influence, engageGive people something to talk about!
  • 6. OR NOT… Oops…
  • 7. EMBRACE AND LEARN FROM MISTAKES Red Cross response: #gettngslizzerd was a topic trend
  • 8. AND MAYBE EARN MONEY ALONG THE WAY! Dogfish Head Brewery response: The Red Cross set up a designated page in connection with Dogfish encouraging people to donate a pint and use the hashtag to spread the word.
  • 9. WHICH BRINGS ME TO: SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY. MAKE ONE. NOW. Go to Read the EDR Sample Read “Tweet Freely” article Red Cross has 2 policies  One encourages and guides employees on how best to manage social media accounts.  The other lays out clearly what is not acceptable behavior on social media.
  • 10. BETHKANTER.ORG “Social media policy needs to be a living document. It isn’t a bunch of boilerplate written by a lawyer that sits in a drawer. Training and education must accompany the policy – and of course there must be a culture of learning, not blame.”  BethKanter, The Networked Nonprofit,
  • 11. WHO MANAGES YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA? Right person or persons is KEY! Community building is an ART. Trial and error Authentic and friendly Accessible and responsive Aim for at least two Comments or Likes per Status Update per 1,000 fans
  • 12. FACEBOOK How to use Facebook as your Page and not your personal Profile Add your Cause to your Page Create custom landing page:    Aggregate your blog posts on your Page via Facebook Notes Post Events and Update Fans Start Discussions and respond View Facebook Insights EXPLORE!
  • 13. FACEBOOK How can you promote your Page?  Email newsletter, brochure, printed materials, email sigs  Add a Like box to your website  Admin panel, Marketing, Tell your “Fans” (Outlook, Constant Contact, .csv file)  Try using Facebook ads (per click) “Let’s stop breast cancer!” “Help Support Japan”  Get email alerts so you can respond quickly What applications can you use to customize your page? Literally thousands!  
  • 14. TWITTER Create a custom Twitter background; square avatar Twitter lists – staff, partners, supporters, volunteers, etc. to collate and find tweets and info Monitor certain hashtags to find new followers and to follow new people  #CharityTuesday #FollowFriday #giving #nonprofits #philanthropy TweetChat – example #NPCons Hootsuite to organize and schedule Tweets, updates, etc.  My suggestion: Dont sync Twitter with LinkedIn and Facebook! Reply, retweet, join discussions, promptly address Mentions
  • 15. TWITTER Follow everyone who follows you. Use “Favorites” to organize the chaos and to build partnerships Do not use auto-responders to send direct messages Limit Tweets to 5 per day, no more than 6 Poll your followers – Tweet powerful stats  Example - @gorilladoctors Only 740 mountain gorillas remain on Planet Earth. Sad, but true and definitely ReTweet worthy to animal lovers and activists. Claim your organization’s Give a Tweet profile ( Go easy on the public “Thanks for the RTs!” – use #ThankfulThursday or #FollowFriday instead; message people directly
  • 16. BIT.LY Link shrinker so you can fit your link into character limits Create an account Every website you shorten and share can be tracked – click throughs You can track ROI, find out what your followers want to read and are not reading
  • 17. LINKEDIN Find experts Connect, recruit volunteers Connect with donors Find/create your Company page  Add a Company from Company Pages Home  Personal Profile>Work Experience, page icon  Cannot use Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail to create page – must use work email
  • 18. LINKEDIN Example: The Taproot Foundation You MUST:  Moderate “Discussions” and “Promotions” – beware of SPAMMERS  Use the “Group Rules” function  Use the “Templates” function Suggestion: Join lots of Groups and Follow other Companies/Nonprofits
  • 19. FLICKR Apply for a Nonprofit Pro Account Flickr for Good - Submit your photos to relevant Flickr groups Hold a contest involving supporter photos (March of Dimes: Be a Coin Star) Create a Flickr group that supports your mission  Public or private  Click on the “Groups” link
  • 20. YOUTUBE Use the YouTube Nonprofit Program to raise money or for advocacy  Increased uploading capacity  Drive fundraising through a Google Checkout "Donate" button  Listing on the Nonprofit channels and the Nonprofit videos pages  Ability to add a Call-to-action overlay on your videos to drive campaigns (pop up footer banner 10 seconds into the video and 10 seconds from the end of the video)  Get tips including a Nonprofit Tipsheet, how to run video campaigns, get advice about making and editing videos (without a lot of staff or money)
  • 21. YOUTUBE TIPS – FUNNY or COMPELLING The Bay vs. The Bag  zM OLPC Thank You Video  9WM My Take On Peace video contest  UUx10KOWIE
  • 22. SOCIAL MEDIA “TO DO LIST” FOR YOUR WEBSITE Have a Facebook “Like” button All social media logos above the fold and easy to find Use a “Share This” widget on blog posts, archived newsletters, media page, etc. Display RSS feeds from a blog or Twitter account on your website
  • 23. JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG… Foursquare and Facebook Places StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious – submit key blog posts and articles Groupon  Percentage of memberships  Tickets to museums  Tickets to events
  • 24. IDEAS FOR CONTENT Google Alerts The New York Times alerts Monitor other blogs Success stories and quotes Reached a goal Want input on an issue Events, fundraisers, celebrations, birthdays New email newsletter Tie current events to your cause and your issue Read everything and follow everyone! Figure out what’s working for other orgs and adapt it!
  • 25. SOCIAL MEDIA RELEASE (SMR) Focus is on:  Sharing options  Bulleted news  Wording for social media (140 characters for Twitter; 420 for Facebook status updates)  Multimedia elements  Lots of links Templates can be found online   Example:
  • 26. OTHER RESOURCES Google for nonprofits - – Hootsuite University s
  • 27. QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, FEEDBACK? Email: Cell: 978-578-1328 Facebook: Twitter: @skullsflying LinkedIn: