Facebook Marketing for Small Business


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Come learn how to use Facebook for your business! In this seminar, you will learn:
The components of a great Facebook business page
How to get more fans to your page
How to get more engagement from the fans you currently have
How to measure your efforts on Facebook

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Facebook Marketing for Small Business

  1. 1. Facebook Marketing for Business February 19, 2014 Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce #FB4biz Julia Campbell @JuliaCSocial J Campbell Social Marketing www.jcsocialmarketing.com julia@jcsocialmarketing.com
  2. 2. Slides Slides are available to LACC attendees by emailing Julia at julia@jcsocialmarketing.com If you like the presentation, please Like my Page on Facebook! www.facebook.com/jcsocialmarketing Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  3. 3. Objectives for Today In this seminar, you will learn:  The components of a great Facebook business page  How to get more fans to your page  How to get more engagement from the fans you currently have  How to measure your efforts on Facebook Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  4. 4. Why Online Marketing?  Building the brand – trust, affinity, authority  Engaging with customers – word of mouth marketing  Customer service – answering questions, demonstratin g the product in action  Crowdsourcing ideas – getting innovative ideas Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  5. 5. Why Online Marketing?  Marketing Optimization – Google Analytics, determine what terms people are searching and from what sites they are coming from  Attract and educate new customers – driving traffic  Increasing sales Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  6. 6. Is Facebook just a fad?  945 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products as of December 31, 2013.  757 million daily active users on average in December 2013.  Approximately 81% of our daily active users are outside the U.S. and Canada. 1.23 billion monthly active users as of December 31, 2013. Source: http://newsroom.fb.com/Key-Facts Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  7. 7. 4 Things You Need To Know  Facebook cannot cure your own ambivalence about marketing your business.  Your Facebook Administrator cannot operate in a silo. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  8. 8. 4 Things You Need To Know  If you do not have a website or your website is awful, Facebook will not be effective.  You get out what you put in – time, resources. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  9. 9. Social Media Is Like A Cocktail Party  Mingle and chat.  Laugh and listen to amazing stories.  Don’t be a wallflower.  Do not be the guy with the lampshade on his head. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  10. 10. Social Media Is Like A Cocktail Party  Do not oversell or come on too strong!  Each “party” (network) has it’s own etiquette and rules.  Think about why you use social media. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  11. 11. Why do people use Facebook? A 2012 study from Boston University found that Facebook fulfills two primary human needs: 1) The need to belong 2) The need to for self-presentation It’s the place where people go to connect/reconnect with friends and family. People come to Facebook to make personal connections and to have fun. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  12. 12. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  13. 13. Facebook Marketing Marketing Strategy that works with Facebook:  Help customers feel more connected to your business  Tell them your story  Show them who you are as individuals  Help them connect to each other  Share “behind the scenes” photos and videos  Ask questions  Share compelling success stories  Make it easy, light, fun  Include media with all posts – links, photos, videos. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  14. 14. Facebook – Set Up Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  15. 15. Facebook – News Feed  But know that the real battle for engagement does not happen on your Page – it happens in the News Feed. Photo from: http://allfacebook.com/7-biggest-fan-page-marketing-mistakes_b43011 Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  16. 16. Facebook – News Feed Only about 1% of fans ever return to your actual Facebook page after they’ve liked it. Not all your fans see your posts – for many reasons. The battle for hearts and minds is in the NEWS FEED. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  17. 17. The Most Important Metric Talking About This (TAT) The only way to get new people to see your page is to get existing fans to engage with the posts. Reach Organic vs. paid Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  18. 18. The Most Important Metric  Users create “stories” when they:             like a page post on the page wall like a post comment on a post share a post answer a question RSVP to a page’s event tag the page in a post tag the page in a photo check in at a place write a recommendation claim an offer Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  19. 19. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 1) Add photos to each post.  Dan Zarrella of Likeable Media conducted a study where he tracked and analyzed more than 1.3 million posts from the 10,000 most-Liked Facebook Pages, and he found that photos work best. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  20. 20. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  21. 21. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  22. 22. 10Ways to Get More Engagement 2) Post at the right time of day.  Buddymedia published a study where they discovered a 20% higher rate of engagement on posts published in the mornings and evenings.  Dan Zarella’s study found that content posted later in the day (EST) got more likes and shares – peaking around 8 PM.  Of course, you should always use your own Page’s Facebook Insights to determine when your Facebook Fans are looking at and interacting with your posts. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  23. 23. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 3) Ask for interaction.  Don’t make people think about their answers.  Think about how people consume Facebook – while watching TV, while waiting in line, while doing work.  Make it absurdly easy for them to interact.  Questions that work:  Fill in the blank – “My favorite back-to-school memory     was when____________.” Like if you agree! Comment if you disagree! Share please! Yes or No questions Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  24. 24. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 4) Think outside the work week.  Post on Saturdays and Sundays.  Less noise may mean less of your fans are on Facebook – so test and measure. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  25. 25. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 5) Be relevant.  Remember WHY people are on Facebook!  To see what the world is talking about.  To have fun.  To be entertained.  To interact with friends and family.  Make sure to keep your pulse on what people are interested in, talking about and thinking about – insert your commentary or ask people for theirs. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  26. 26. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 6) Be funny. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  27. 27. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 6) Be funny. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  28. 28. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 7) Be helpful. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  29. 29. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 8) Post graphics and memes.  Graphics featuring inspiring quotes  Fun cartoons  Infographics  Search Pinterest or share what others have posted on their Pages  Always give attribution. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  30. 30. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 9) Give something away. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  31. 31. 10 Ways to Get More Engagement 10) Inspire/connect. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  32. 32. REMEMBER:  People only share on Facebook if it will resonate with their Facebook friends.  Make it PG or G rated so people will share it.  Do you want people to like the post, share the post, comment on it or click on the link?  The risk of going for everything means ending up with nothing. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  33. 33. Recipe for Success  Your posts, your audience, your time of day  EXPERIMENT Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  34. 34. More Ideas For Facebook Posts • • • • • • • Industry blogs, newslette rs, websites Google Alerts & New York Times alerts Competitors Success Stories Inspirational quotes Reached a goal Want input on an issue • • • • • Events, anniversa ries, celebrations , birthdays Email newsletter Tie current events to your cause/issue Read everything and follow everyone! Figure out what’s working for others and adapt it! Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  35. 35. How To Get More Facebook Fans  Promote your social media networks!  If you build it, they will come. (Well, no…) Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  36. 36. How To Get More Facebook Fans  Get a Facebook “Like” box on your website.  Start internally first and then externally.  Ask staff, customers, friends, family, etc. first!  Ask several times.  Ask them to like, share, comment on posts at least once per month. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  37. 37. How To Get More Facebook Fans     Add social media buttons to: Main page of your website Email newsletter. All printed materials – direct mail appeals, thank you letters, postcards, brochures, a nnual reports, flyers, hand outs.  All email signatures, letterhead and business cards.  Post a flyer/sign letting people know that you are on Facebook! Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  38. 38. How To Get More Facebook Fans  Page Administrators! Invite your personal Facebook Friends to Like the page!  Effectively promote your social media presence through your email newsletter/e-blast.  Explain that you will be showcasing your impact through these channels and you want involvement from your constituency, supporters and community.  Promote your Facebook page to your Twitter community, and vice versa. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  39. 39. How To Get More Facebook Fans  Experiment with Facebook Ads.  For more on Facebook Ads, go to:  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com  http://www.jonloomer.com Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  40. 40. How To Get More Facebook Fans  Hold a Facebook contest or promotion. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/79446380900859484/ Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  41. 41. How To Get More Facebook Fans  Some ideas for Facebook contests:  Caption contest  Photo contest  Video contest  Fans enter by liking a post, leaving a comment, posting a photo – engaging in some way. IMPORTANT NOTE: You don’t want to get fans for fans sake – you want the right fans to Like your Page. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  42. 42. How To Get More Facebook Fans Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  43. 43. How To Get More Facebook Fans Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  44. 44. Measurement  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-toknow-if-your-social-media-activities-are- working/  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/3strategies-to-measure-your-social-media/  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/229948  Google Analytics  Conversions  Website traffic, email sign ups Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  45. 45. Tools  Mention.com – Google Alerts for the social web  Bufferapp.com – Schedule posts  Feedly.com – Discover content  ShortStack  PostPlanner  Free e-book from Marketo – Contagious Content Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  46. 46. Learn More About Social Media  Social Media Breakfast North Shore  http://smbnorthshore.org/  http://www.facebook.com/groups/smbnorthshore  We meet monthly on the last Tuesday of the month at 8 AM. Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  47. 47. To learn more:  www.socialmediaexaminer.com  www.hubspot.com  www.johnhaydon.com  www.jcsocialmarketing.com Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz
  48. 48. Questions, comments, feedback?  Email: julia@jcsocialmarketing.com  Website: www.jcsocialmarketing.com  Cell: 978-578-1328  Twitter: @JuliaCSocial  Facebook: www.facebook.com/jcsocialmarketing Tweet: @JuliaCSocial @LynnChamber #FB4Biz