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A presentation on data capture for Mix Santa Fe at its April 2012 event.

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  • Sponsors included: Lena Street Lofts, Back Road Pizza, Hutton Broadcasting, Santa Fe Reporter. Donations for St. Michael’s prize wheel were donated by: Hutton Broadcasting, Cupcake Clothing, Second Street Brewery, Outside Magazine, Palace Restaurant and Saloon and others.
  • Each month, Mix tracks attendees’ relationships with the Mix events. In April, as in March, first-time attendees comprised the largest group at the event.
  • The 30-age group has been consistently the top demographic for Mix attendees, although Mix consistently has been attracting attendees in their 20s as well.
  • Mix disseminates information about its events through multiple platforms, including its website, email list, and through the in-kind donation of radio and print ads (98.1 and 101.5); Santa Fe Reporter, each month, as well as social media. Consistently, “word of mouth” is the largest way Mix attendees hear about the event, with Facebook coming in as the second highest way. This is particularly interesting when taken in conjunction with the high number of first-time attendees at the events. Although people hear about Mix through other people, the event clearly continues to reach new people.
  • In March, Mix asked attendees to identify their occupations, and then took those occupations and sorted them into larger categories. In April, Mix provided the larger categories and asked attendees to self-identify, and then provide their specific occupations. Overwhelmingly, Mix responders identified in the “creative” category, regardless of their specific occupations. While many traditional occupations identified as “creative” (artists, writers, designers etc), the category also included architects, hair-dressers and people previously sorted into “building” and “service industry” categories. The take-away seems to be that many workers in Santa Fe consider their work creative and, thus, dynamic.
  • Each Mix event includes opportunities for attendees to also learn about/becoming inspired by other groups and activities in Santa Fe. The April event was no exception.
  • Mix continues to engage in information gathering and idea generating in advance of a fall event that will highlight the possibilities for redevelopment of St. Michael’s Drive. As the April event was held at Lena Street Lofts, it was an opportune time to gauge Mix attendees’ views on live/work as a component of St. Michael’s Drive.
  • Mix responders also were asked to rate, on a 1-5 scale, the importance of various live/work amenities. Responders did not have to rate those amenities they found unimportant. Additionally, they could add amenities not listed. (see and open comment in upper left corner)
  • Please note that responders did not have to rank those items they did not find important.
  • The Mix event also featured a spinning “St. Mike’s O’Tron wheel, in which participants could post an “idea” for the future of St. Mike’s, and win prizes. Those prizes were donated by a variety of Mix sponsors; again, including Hutton Broadcasting, Second Street Brewery, Palace Restaurant and Saloon, Outside Magazine.
  • These ideas were then presented both as a list (see comment), as well as visually to demonstrate the variety of ideas generated for the corridor.
  • MIX wanted to use the event as an opportunity to draw attention to hiking and biking trails around Lena Street Lofts. Mix partnered with the graphic design department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design and chose one winning sign (top left) by student SuzelleCamouOsete; several other signs by students were featured at the event, and Mix anticipates future collaborations with David Grey’s students in the Fall 12 semester.
  • Mixed Greens

    1. 1. MIXed Greens April 2012 eventLena Street Lofts; Santa Fe, NM
    2. 2. Attendees
    3. 3. Age Groups
    4. 4. Paths to Mix
    5. 5. Occupations
    6. 6. Occupations by the numbers
    7. 7. The Mix “Wow” Factor Rails, Trails and the St. Mike’s O’Tron
    8. 8. Should live/work be a part of the future of St. Michael’s Drive?
    9. 9. Rating amenities for Live/Work Spaces
    10. 10. Amenities Rankings/Raw Data
    11. 11. St. Mike’s O’Tron
    12. 12. St. Mike’s ideas
    13. 13. Mix and SFUAD