Using Twitter as a PLN Part 2


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Using Twitter as a PLN Part 2: Building online Relationships

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Using Twitter as a PLN Part 2

  1. 1. Using Twitter as your PLN Part 2: Building online Relationships by Julia Ault
  2. 2. Using Twitter as your PLN What is a PLN? A PLN is a Personal Learning Network. Twitter makes an excellent online PLN for Librarians, Teachers and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Professionals. A PLN can be local, national or global!One Educator wrote recently that:“I have found more resources and got more useful advice for professional development in 3 months on Twitter than in the previous 5 years without it.”.
  3. 3. Using Twitter as your PLNIn Part 1 we learned how to build the toolbox.In Part 2 we shall look at how to use the tools effectively to developyour Personal Learning Network (which can also be thought of as aCommunity of Practice within your chosen field) and to buildmeaningful online relationships with your PLN
  4. 4. Using Twitter as your PLNIn this presentation I am demonstrating the standardweb version of HootSuite because this is accessibleto anyone with a computer and a web browser.There are also excellent HootSuite mobile apps for:•iPhone•BlackBerry•Android•iPad..which will keep you connected on the move.
  5. 5. Using Twitter as your PLNSo how do I build relationships using Twitter ?Follow this 6 step program (detailed in Part 1)Create a Twitter accountCreate and/or Follow Twitter ListsCreate a HootSuite accountImport your social networks into HootSuiteCreate tabs and streams of contentJoin in – Start Tweeting!
  6. 6. Using Twitter as your PLNWhy use a Twitter/social media client?It is much easier to manage lists - especially if you have avariety of different interests that you want to keep up withusing the same Twitter account - using either a web, mobileor desktop client, instead of just going to your Twitter pageon the web.Your own tweets will still be seen by all your followersthough, so if you want to keep your sporting, hobby, orpolitical tweets separate from your work-based library orlearning/teaching tweets, you will need to create morethan one Twitter account.You can add multiple accounts to one client,so you are still able to manage everythingon one screen.
  7. 7. Using Twitter as your PLNWhy use HootSuite?HootSuite is just one of many applications that domuch the same thing – TweetDeck and Seesmic areother very popular clients, but I am using HootSuite asan example - simply because it is a web-based client -which means you can access it anywhere through aweb browser or mobile device with no need to installanything on your computer.
  8. 8. Using Twitter as your PLN• If you created a HootSuite account in Part 1 go to in any web browser and login with your email address and password.• If not, you can sign up now - the process has been simplified since I wrote Part 1 - which is always helpful!• If you have not yet begun creating or following lists, just follow some of mine to get you started. Lists by @juliadesigns
  9. 9. Using Twitter as your PLNLists by @juliadesigns
  10. 10. Using Twitter as your PLNLists by @juliadesigns
  11. 11. Using Twitter as your PLNLists by @juliadesigns
  12. 12. Using Twitter as your PLNCreate some tabs in HootSuite and add streams fromlists you are following and # searches you have saved.
  13. 13. Using Twitter as your PLNThe next few screens show you how you cansend a tweet and what you can add to it.1.Choose the account(s) that you wish to postfrom:
  14. 14. Using Twitter as your PLN2. This is the basic compose window: There are many options to choose from and we will go through a few of them now:
  15. 15. Using Twitter as your PLN3. Schedule your tweets for posting later
  16. 16. Using Twitter as your PLN4. Add a location to your tweets
  17. 17. Using Twitter as your PLN5. Attach an image or file to your tweets
  18. 18. Using Twitter as your PLN6. Add links and shrink them
  19. 19. Using Twitter as your PLN7. Save messages as drafts to view and sendlater
  20. 20. Using Twitter as your PLN8. Choose which social networks to post to
  21. 21. Using Twitter as your PLNHow do I send a tweet?9. Retweet (RT) good tweets by others – thesecould contain interesting information or links
  22. 22. Using Twitter as your PLNYour Twitter stream is refreshed regularly andshows you how many unread messages thereare
  23. 23. Using Twitter as your PLNClick on any user’s name to find out more about themand add them to your lists or follow them.
  24. 24. Using Twitter as your PLNChoose which list to add them to:
  25. 25. Using Twitter as your PLNSo why Retweet (RT) ?It has been suggested that people who regularly retweet qualitycontent from others are more likely to be followed by both theperson retweeted and some or all of the retweeted persons ownfollowers.This is useful if you are new to Twitter and trying to build your PLN.If you are particularly taken by the content posted by some folk onthe lists you follow, take a moment to retweet specific tweets thatcaptured your attention.This not only alerts others to a good link/article or comment but isgenerally welcomed by the original poster as a sign that theircontent is liked and or useful and they may repay the compliment byfollowing or retweeting you. 
  26. 26. Using Twitter as your PLNSummary:•Create a Twitter Account•Create a HootSuite account•Follow some relevant lists and add them asstreams to your HootSuite client.•Follow individuals from the lists if the contentthey are posting interests you.•Interact with the people on your lists.•Introduce yourself with a tweet•Post any links you think others may findhelpful or interesting.•Retweet (RT) good tweets that you see
  27. 27. Using Twitter as your PLNDo It Yourself (DIY)Helpful Links:Educator’s PLN:Twitter:Twitter Resources:HootSuite:Ffynnonweb Tutorials and Resources WikiListorious:SlideShare: My PresentationsYouTube: My videosFfynnonweb Blog
  28. 28. End of Part 2:Building online Relationships by Julia Ault Jan 2012 Go to Part 1