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A quick guide on how you can define and maximize the potential of social networks for professional purposes.

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  • And what is a personal/professional brand?Industry and interestsTone? (humor, informative, combination..)
  • Social media allows us to network online in ways that we never could before.Your company’s best asset is you.
  • NewsFinding answersDeveloping communityMaking business connectionsSharing fun factsLearning about your community(Microblogging)
  • Tips for maintaining a presence on Twitter
  • Just consider keeping a respectable presence…
  • Branding Yourself

    1. 1. Branding Yourself Yes, you!Julia CantorSr. Digital Publicist, DigitalInnovation GroupEngaugeTwitter: @juliacantor
    2. 2. “Personal branding is not an option. "It is crucial to success.”""Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation, "President of Twist Image
    3. 3. Social media provides greatopportunities for personal branding. So let’s get started.
    4. 4. True or false?People just use LinkedIn to find jobs. LinkedIn is just an online resume.
    5. 5. False.
    6. 6. Use LinkedIn to leverage your personal brand•  Create a detailed profile –  How do you want people to find you? (Include these words! Add them to your headline, current work experience, summary, or your specialties)•  Ask for recommendations•  Stream applications into your profile –  Examples: •  WordPress (blog) •  E-Bookshelf •  Slideshare
    7. 7. Use LinkedIn to leverage your personal brand•  Join groups and participate in discussions –  Check out the Groups Directory –  Examples: SNHU Community, Linked Manchester•  Post status messages related to your industry and interests –  Add comments –  Link to interesting blog posts  
    8. 8. Don’t forgetUpdate profile regularly –  Education –  New responsibilities –  Awards –  New student or professional association memberships –  New connections •  Classmates •  Colleagues •  Networking contacts … these all add to your personal brand, as well as SEO.
    9. 9. Finish the sentence…Twitter is for _____________.
    10. 10. So what will you tweet about? Hint: think about your personal brand.
    11. 11. Twitter is a cocktail party•  Remember Twitter is a conversation•  Focus on making genuine connections•  Tweet, retweet, @reply, DM•  Be timely & maintain consistency•  Keep up with the changing etiquette•  Produce interesting content –  Consider: •  What will people want to read? •  Will people want to connect with you? •  Will they find your tweets valuable?
    12. 12. Be the best version of yourself {and this won’t happen} oops.
    13. 13. This might be the one exception. {still, don’t let this happen.} Red Cross blog
    14. 14. Facebook What do you want your face to say?Would your grandmother disapprove?
    15. 15. Event sites•  Learn about upcoming events•  Research networking contacts•  Merge online and offline personality
    16. 16. Tweetchats•  Connect with #Blogchat (@MackCollier) #journchat (@Prsarahevans) likeminded #4sqchat (4SqIndy) individuals #pr20chat (@jgoldsborough, @prtini) #foodchat (@foodchat)•  Connect with #LeadershipChat (@LisaPetrilli) industry leaders #LinkedInChat (@LinkedInExpert)•  Pop in during #GenYchat (@WriterChanelle) #u30pro (@u30pro, @davidspinks, good convos, pop @cubanaLAF) out during those that don’t interest you
    17. 17. Niche Interest Social Sites
    18. 18. Last but not least… Google+•  Google doesn’t index Facebook or Twitter•  Google indexes everything on Google+ •  Bottom line: It can’t be ignored. It’s Google.
    19. 19. If you do 3 things after this presentation…•  Develop or continue to develop your professional profile on LinkedIn.•  Find 1 event that is happening in the next 3 months in your field and go to it. The only way to “learn” how to network is to actually do it.•  Google yourself. Assess likes/dislikes. Build your Google+ profile.
    20. 20. Is that it? Of course not. Contact me for more. Julia Cantor Twitter: @juliacantor Email: