Copia de san lazaro´s mill [modo de compatibilidad]


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Copia de san lazaro´s mill [modo de compatibilidad]

  1. 1. San Lazaro´s Mill Lazaro´ Marcos Rubín, James Keen Rubín,Abel Encarnación, Jordan Capewell Encarnación, Adrián Hernández, Joel Turner Hernández,
  2. 2. Place these crosses in the places you have visited.
  3. 3. a) Go to the left riverbank, crossing the Iron Bridge. You find a street called “Calle Puente de Tablas”
  4. 4. Turn to the left, to the view point where the old “Puentede Tablas” were located.
  5. 5. 1. When and how was the old “Puente de Tablas” destroyed? The bridge was destroyed the last Thursday of September in1800. Water destroyed the bridge structure and made it inaccesible in1798 and 1799 and finally destroyed it.
  6. 6. • 1. Write down some characteristics of middle course river that you can recognize in Ebro river from this viewpoint.• The most common characteristic is transport.• It flows slowler than in upper course and faster than in lower course and it has more water.
  7. 7. The Salt Mill (St Lazar’s mill)• 2. The “Salt Mill” was used to mill... The salt mill was used to mill salt and flour.• 3. Where does the salt used in the Mill come from?• From the salt mines located in Remolinos.• 4. The Mill used the water from Ebro River, going to it by a canal called...• Acequia del Ramal
  8. 8. 5. Check the name of threebirds that can be observedfrom here. Garceta Cormorán Ánade real
  9. 9. c) Go to the riverbank path. Take some pictures of the path,stones, etc.
  10. 10. 1. What type of rock are the big grey stones making the “defense wall”?The “defense wall is made up of a sedimentary rock called greylimestone
  11. 11. 2. This type of rock is made up of a specific mineral that you can check in some of these stones. This is crystalized calcite
  12. 12. d) Look for some info on internet about “Convento San Lázaro” , “Pozo San Lázaro”. The Convento San Lazaro was built in xv century. It was a building used to help people suffering leprosy. The Pozo San Lazaro is a hole in water were there are some stories as the bus that sank with many people inside or the story of two lovers that threw themselves into the river to be together forever because their families did not want them to be together.