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  1. 1. DIARY of BERLIN BY: Iu-Aran Fernández Gonzalo Gandolfo Joaquín Subirada
  2. 3. INTRODUCTION: We decided to go to Berlin because we heard that is a beautiful city and it has many places to visit and many monuments to take a lots of pictures. Also we are here, because we want to find a girlfriend for me. Gonzalo already have a girlfriend, her name is Chucky.
  3. 4. 1st DAY Dear diary, today we woke up at 7:30 a.m. We took a taxi to “aeroport del prat” at 9:00 a.m because we had to take a plane at 11:15 a.m. When we where in the airport, I see that Joaquín and Gonzalo don’t take their DNI. Joaquín and Gonzalo take a taxi to go home and then, the faster possible they took their DNI, but it was too late. Gonzalo and Joaquín only had 15 minuts to arrive to the airport. OH NOO !! When they arrive to the airport they see our plane taking off to Berlin... And they heared ... I GO ALONE TO BERLIN AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!
  4. 5. T 2nd DAY FOR GONZALO AND JOAQUÍN Like we loose our plane, we couldn’t go to Berlin, so we need to get money by stealing wallets at the airport. In 3 hours, we could only steal 1 wallet, but .... There were more than 3000 $ Oh my god !!! Gonzalo and Joaquin thought that 3000 $ was a lot of money and, we said to the men that their wallet falls to the floor, and we saw it, so we returned it. At the end of the day, We could get boarding tickets for a low price, and we could go to Berlin. Here we go Iu!!!
  5. 6. 2nd DAY FOR ME I arrive to the Berlin airport, and I go to the Alexander Plats Hotel. Then I took a taxi, the taxist recomend to I to go with a water taxi in the river ! I go to the river and takes the water taxi. In those taxi I made a new friend. At the end of the day she was my girlfriend, her name was Sarah.
  6. 7. THIRD DAY 3rd day Gonzalo and Joaquín arrives to the Berlin airport, and I was waiting for him. When they left the plane, they see that I am not alone ... I was with Sarah, so gonzalo phones Jacky, and he said to Jacky if she want to came to Berlin. She said that no, because she had to work. Today we don’t do a lot of things. I only showed to him the hotel. In the bar of the hotel we had some beers and we go to sleep. Iu was with Sarah all night.
  7. 8. 4th DAY Today, we woke up at 11:30, and we think that we can go to visit the Berlin wall. But I was very tired ... Ufff... And we went to a beautifull restaurant. It was a restaurant recomended by the micheline guide. We eat the best frankfurt of the city, and the best beer. At the afternoon, we play in a minigolf. Later we went to the hotel, we had dinner and like we were tired we went to sleep.
  8. 9. 5th DAY Today we were all the day in Sarah’s house, she had a mansion on the outskirts of Berlin. It was a very funny day! The mansion had a beautifull swiming pool, and it had 4500 square metres. We eat a lot of good things, like beef, caviar, a good soup... We have seen that Sarah’s father was the president of an informatic company , and he was millionary. I had good taste. AHAHAHAHAH
  9. 10. 6th DAY Today we seen in a poster that there was a contest of eat hot dogs. We participate, and we lost. Gonzalo eat 13 hot dogs and Joaquin and I only 6. The problem was that the chinese man ate 53 hot dogs in only 3 minutes. We thought that the man had not eaten anything for some 2 months. He ate like a pig ! Like we where so tired we went to nap. At the afternoon, we went to a paintball because like we ate a lot we want to do some sport. At the end of the day we went to a casino with Sarah’s father. We lost our 10000 € but Gonzalo found a money on the floor, and he won 1.350.000 € ! WHAT A BEAUTIFULL NUMBER !
  10. 11. 7th Day Today we woke up at 11:30 because we had a flight in the Berlin airport. When we arrive to the airport, our flight was in overbooking, so we couldn’t go to BCN. I phone Sarah and a limusine came to the airport to pick us. We went to Sarah’s house, we have lunch and Gonzalo and Joaquín went to had nap. When they wake up they saw that I was crying on the garden. Sarah left me ... :( so we went to a hotel all night! I was sad and thinking all night.
  11. 12. 8th DAY Today I woke up very happy, so the last night I was thinking and I thought that I only want to had short relations. Today we go to the berlin airport again. And like we couldn’t go to BCN yesterday, we flight free to BCN.
  12. 13. Mister dyary, bye bye ! By: Iu-aran Fernàndez perucho Joaquín Subirada Blanco And Gonzalo gandolfo