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Paradise Paradise Presentation Transcript

  • Paradiseby Toni Morrison
  • Toni Morrison - Biography She was born on February 18, 1931 in Ohio. She received a B.A. in English in 1953 and earned aMaster of Arts degree in English from Cornell University in1955. She is a Novel Prize (1993) and Pulizer Prize (1988)winner. She was the first African-American woman toreceived a chaired position at an Ivy League University –Princeton. In May 2011, Morrison received an Honorable Doctorof Letters Degree from Rutgers University
  • Writing Style She began writing fiction as part of an informal group of poets and writers at Howard University who met to discuss their work. Her writing style can be defined as: nonlinear and nonsequential. She tends to shift back andforth between present and past. Her narratives weave in spirituality, folk tradition, myth, fantasy and mystery combined withmuch historical detail and research. Morrison wants readers to participate in her novels, to be involved actively. Readers areencouraged to create the novel with her and to help construct meaning (black preacher model). Although her novels typically concentrate on black women, Morrison does not identify herwork as feminist. On the subject, she said: "its off-putting to some readers, who may feel that Iminvolved in writing some kind of feminist tract. I dont subscribe to patriarchy, and I dont think itshould be substituted with matriarchy. I think its a question of equitable access, and openingdoors to all sorts of things."  Magical Realism: the use of details and thematic elements that are magical and do not occur in real life, yet are included as if part of a realistic narrative.
  • Works The Bluest Eye (1970) Sula (1974) Songs of Solomon (1977) Tar Baby (1981) Beloved (1987) Jazz (1992) Paradise (1999) Love (2003) A Mercy (2008) She also wrote plays, articles, and children’s literature.
  • Main characters – The Convent Mavis : a housewife in Maryland who ends up living at the convent after scaping from her house. Her baby twins soffocated in a parked car, and she cannot toletare her feeling guilt and she fears for her life. Seneca: An abandoned and abused girl who mantains a relationship with a criminal. Gigi (Grace): an outsider who comes to Ruby and eventually ends up living at the convent. Connie (Consolata): adopted by the nuns at the age of nine. She has a drinking problem, and with the help of ‘Piedade’ she rescues herself and becomes the guide of the convent. Pallas: She runs away with her boyfriend (school janitor, older than her) and then feels devastated because he becomes her mother’s lover.
  • Main Characters - Ruby The Morgan twins: Steward is the most outspoken brother married to Dovey. Deacon is the most reserved brother who looks up to his twin. He’s married to Soane. Dovey Morgan: wife of Steward and sister of Soane. She feels frustrated because her husband cannot give her children. Soane Morgan: Married to Deacon Morgan, she visits the convent frequently. Patricia Best: She is a school teacher and the informal historian of the town of Ruby. Arnette Fleetwood: she is K.D.’s girlfriend. She is fifteen and pregnant. She presumably had an abortion. K.D.: Arnette’s boyfriend, and nephew of Deek and Steward. He is Ruby’s son. Lone: she is the town’s midwife and the one who let the women from the convent know that they are going to be attacked.
  • Structure of the NovelThe book is divided into nine chapters, all of them named after a character:1. Ruby: Description of the town of Ruby, the Convent and Haven.2. Mavis: Runs away from home, steals her husband’s car, and arrives to the Convent.3. Grace: Gigi arrives in town, she is sexy, generates a conflict between K.D. and Arnette. Family discussion. Morgan – Fleetwood.4. Seneca: Focus on Ruby’s community. Meeting at the oven (graffitti) . Helps Sweetie. “The furrow of his brow”. Couple with sick baby.5. Divine: unpleasant wedding. Arnette claims her baby on her wedding night. Voultures.6. Patricia: 8R. Reconstruction of the town’s story.7. Consolata: affair with Deek. Becomes a guide for the women in the Convent.8. Lone: Alerts the Convent with no success. She tells the relatives. She finds the car with three victims in it.9. Save-Marie: First funeral of the town. New graffitti (“We are the furrow of HIS Brow”). New arrivals.
  • Postmodern characteristics Marginalised characters Recuperation Colonialism Intertextuality Historiography Open ended chapters Gender Race Religion The presence of the past Sexuality Symbolism