Jonas Brothers Island


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Jonas Brothers Island

  1. 1. Jonas Brothers Religion By Julia and Sloan
  2. 2. Sacred Text There are many different types of Jonas Brothers sacred text books. The main sacred text of the Jonas Brothers religion is the Jonas Brothers Burnin’ Up book. It tells about Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas. It also tells about the meanings of their songs. In the book the Jonas Brothers explain their lives as down to earth and grounded with a strong friends and family base, so we can copy their life style.
  3. 3. Method/Place Of Worship To worship the Jonas Brothers you have to be in your Jonas Brothers shrine, which is covered with Jonas Brothers posters and candles. The method to worship Nick, Joe and Kevin you have to recite a hymn. (on the next slide)
  4. 4. Hymn “Jonas Brothers *clap stomp stomp* to the Joe*stomp stomp*, to the Nick*stomp stomp*, to the Kevin*clap clap* to the Joooonas Brothers!!!!! *Peeecaaawk* To the Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, to the Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe. To the Nick-a-Nick-a-frik- a-frik-a-Nick-a-Nick-a-frik-a-frik-a. Kevin-Weaven, Kevin-Weaven. ”
  5. 5. Myths and Stories There are three major stories of each of the Jonas Brothers. Nick Jonas’ story was about him at the barber when he was 7 getting a haircut. He started to sing, and someone noticed his voice and gave him a record deal. Joe Jonas’ story was when they were performing at the AMA’s and he was singing SOS and he was supposed to walk over broken glass, but instead he fell onto it. Kevin Jonas’ story was when he was a kid, he skipped school for two days to learn to play the guitar, and ever since he has been a god of guitar.
  6. 6. Rites of Passage The Jonas Brothers Rites of Passage is a branding ceremony. You only can get branded once you are able to memorize and recite a Jonas Brothers song to the Head Mistresses (Sloan and Julia) of the religion. At the branding ceremony you get the Jonas Brothers symbol branded onto your arm. Right arm if you are a girl and left if you are a boy.
  7. 7. Place of Pilgrimage The place of pilgrimage for the Jonas Brothers is in Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, Pacific Ocean, British Columbia, Canada, North America, World, Space, Universe. If you believe in the Jonas Brothers religion, you are required to come here to recite a Jonas Brothers song, so you can be apart the branding ceremony.
  8. 8. Holidays and Festivals The main holidays are the birthdays of Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas. Joe Jonas’ birthday is August 15 1989, Kevin Jonas’ birthday is November 5 1987 and Nick Jonas’ is September 16 1993.
  9. 9. Leader and Prophet The leaders of the religion are Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. They are amazing. The founders of the religion are Julia Eilerts and Sloan Hansen. We are cool.
  10. 10. Symbols The “J” stands The “B” stands for “Jonas”. for “Brothers”. This together means “The Jonas Brothers”. It is the logo that you get branded onto your arm during the branding ceremony.
  11. 11. Food The religious food that you eat to honor the Jonas Brothers are sushi, because Kevin enjoys sushi. Steak, because Nick loves a good steak and chicken cutlet sandwich, (don’t forget the mayo) because that’s what Joe likes.
  12. 12. Basic Teachings and Beliefs The Jonas Brothers each wear a ring on their ring finger which is a purity ring. It means you can’t have sex until marriage. When you get married, you replace it with a wedding ring.