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  • 1. How To Use Excel
    Thisslideshowissupposed to showhow to workwiththeprogramme Excel.
    By: Julia Happel 7S
  • 2. Open Excel
    Look at the desktop, find symbol for Excel. If it’s not there, apple spacebar and type in Excel.
  • 3. Modifytoolbarsand display
    Go to view, toolbars  add anything you need, for an Excel sheet.
    Display can be changed on view customise toolbars and menus.
  • 4. Enter and formattext
    Enter Text
    Format Text
    To enter and format a text: click on a cell and type.
    To format the cell: click on the cell and go to the formatting palette.
  • 5. Deletecellcontentsand deletewholerows
    If you would like to change the width of a column then you take the cursor and place it after the column to widen. Example you place the cursor between A and B and click to move it.
    To widen the cell click between the numbers.
  • 6. Add a fillcolourto cells
    Highlight the section you want to fill with colour  view Formatting Palette  borders and shading.
  • 7. Create and formatchart,columnand XYscatter
    Label Axis
    Click on insert  chart  click on your chart  you have to put the information into Excel highlight information  insert  chart click on the chart you want.
  • 8. Copy and pastedataand chartsintoword
    Highlight information  press apple C  open a word document  press apple V.
  • 9. Checkspellingand grammar
    Highlight information  toolbar select tools  spelling whatever you want to check
  • 10. Printpreviewand adjustmarginsto fit on onepage
    Go to file  press print preview  just margins, go to file, page setup
    Go to file  print  tick the scaling box to fit it all on one page.
  • 11. Save
    Go to file  save