Teen-Proof Your Home: A "how-to" for a common-sense campaign


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Presentation at the Midwest Conference on Problem Gambling & Substance Abuse, 6/26/13. Presenter: Julie Hynes, MA, CPS.

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Teen-Proof Your Home: A "how-to" for a common-sense campaign

  1. 1. “how-to” for a common-sense campaign Julie Hynes, MA, CPS MCPGSA | June 26, 2013 | Kansas City, MO
  2. 2. CAMPAIGN objectives 1. INCREASE PARENTAL AWARENESS of home environmental conditions that could increase the risks of teen substance use, suicide, problem gambling and other problem behaviors 2. PROVIDE METHOD TO ENGAGE PARENTS in acknowledging these areas, knowing that many do not feel their teen is at risk 3. PROVIDE EASY TO DISSEMINATE RESOURCES to schools, social service agencies and other programs serving parents
  3. 3. Our Request We like to share. And…sometimes people steal stuff and use it as “theirs.” Not you, but the guy who borrowed from the guy who borrowed from you. We’re not snobs but we worked hard on this. Please cite material when possible as: The Teen-Proof Your Home is a campaign of the Lane County Prevention Program, Lane County Public Health. www.preventionlane.org
  4. 4. At the conference we discussed many ways this can be modified. Sometimes it can be split in two (particularly the depression piece, which would benefit greatly from its own talk – like QPR). Arguably all of these points (and more) would get their own time.But we know how busy parents are 
  5. 5. Modify as you need to______ 
  6. 6. “TEEN-PROOF” What it is: – 10 Tips: BASICS on various risky behaviors in ‘tweens and teens – Helpful printed & web resources What it isn’t: – All of the answers – One-size fits all approach
  7. 7. are the #1 influence in your teen’s life. Image source: http://www.abc.virginia.gov/Education/underagedrinking/UnderAgeDrinking.pdf Know that
  8. 8. Impulse control Decision making Memory
  9. 9. Image source: fanpop.com
  10. 10. The PREFRONTAL CORTEX is the LAST PART to develop. years old! The brain is still developing until
  11. 11. ALCOHOL is the #1 drug used by youth Source: Student Wellness Survey 2012 11th Grade Students – Past 30 Day Use 8th Grade Students – Past 30 Day Use
  12. 12. Understand ALCOHOL.
  13. 13. What’s a “standard” serving of alcohol?
  14. 14. Most teens who drink do it at their homes or peers’ homes. Youth who drink are 8 times more likely to smoke cigarettes and 10 times more likely to smoke marijuana. Even occasional heavy drinking injures young brains.
  15. 15. Alcohol Dependence Based on age that drinking starts
  16. 16. Prescriptions Misused by more teens than any illicit drug except marijuana. •Monitor & lock them up. •Buy only what you need. •Dispose unused meds.
  17. 17. Marijuana “But it’s natural!” • Perceptions • Potency
  18. 18. Some effects of marijuana • Impact on learning and memory • Heart problems • Lung cancer • Mental illness • Addiction
  19. 19. high of choice 6-12 year olds availability
  20. 20. • Keep track of your household products. • Watch for warning signs. • Educate on no mixing – some ingredients produce deadly fumes.
  21. 21. • One teen in every classroom (4-6%) already has problems with gambling • Online most popular with young people • Related with other problem behaviors…
  22. 22. • Keep computer use in open area. Consider restricting mobile browsing hours or plan. • Cell phone: Activate GPS. • YOU are the parent. It is your right.
  23. 23. Monitor, monitor, monitor. • Sites – gambling, parties, “how-to” videos, etc. • Social media accounts.
  24. 24. Check privacy settings so their identifying info isn’t available to outsiders, even “friends of friends.” Insist on access to their pages.
  25. 25. to your advantage. Remember what we talked about with drinking. Zero.  xo Be home by 11. Have fun & text if you need a ride. Yep got it ok thanks mom Jordan 10:49PM 5:11PM
  26. 26. 2/3 of all teen suicides involve guns
  27. 27. • If possible, remove • Store in LOCKED cabinet • Store UNLOADED & keep ammo separated • Use trigger LOCK
  28. 28. • Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among 15-25 year old Oregonians. • Psychological issues & substance abuse are the biggest factors. http://public.health.oregon.gov/DiseasesConditions/InjuryFatalityData/Documents/Suicide,%20Suicide%20Attempts,%20and%20Ideation%20among%20Adolescents%20in%20Oregon.pdf
  29. 29. THE TAKE-HOMESUMMING things up
  30. 30. You are the parent.
  31. 31. Although you can’t “teen-proof” your teen… • You can set clear limits/communicate expectations. • You can be consistent. • You can communicating with your teen, staying engaged.
  32. 32. Ask & Listen • Ask – Who – Where – What – When • Listen – Without judging – Allow venting
  33. 33. Remember what we talked about with drinking. Zero.  xo Be home by 11. Have fun & text if you need a ride. Yep got it ok thanks mom Jordan 10:49PM 5:11PM
  34. 34. Monitor & Act • Set a good example. • Pay attention to clues: restless, withdrawal, lack of interest, different friends, etc. • INTERVENE if you see warning signs. (Get intervention tips: www.drugfree.org/intervene)
  35. 35. TEENS are LOOKING you..
  36. 36. are the #1 INFLUENCE in your teen’s life!! Image source: http://www.abc.virginia.gov/Education/underagedrinking/UnderAgeDrinking.pdf
  37. 37. preventionlane Other teen-proof tips & more at: preventionlane preventionlane Thank Connect: