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International Licensing and MK presentation

International Licensing and MK presentation



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    Spain Spain Presentation Transcript

    • Spain
      Julio Rodriguez-Lavin
      ID: 09037075
    • Spain
      Member state of the European Union.
      Government: parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy.
      Population: 46.7 millions.
      GDP per capita: US$ 33,700.
      The 9th largest economy in the world.
      Capital: Madrid.
      Religion: Roman Catholicism (76%).
      Language: Castilian (Spanish), Catalan, Euskera and Gallego.
      Current rate of unemployment: 20.5%
    • Music Business scenario
      Spain is the 10th largest record market in the world.
      One of the worst-performing markets in Western Europe over the last 5 years.
      From 2005 to 2009:
      European sales fell by 23%.
      Spanish sales dropped 43%.
      The market is 38% of its value in 2001.
      *(IFPI, 2010)
    • Music Industry features
      The “Big Four” control the 91% of the market.
      The rest of the pie (9%) is divided among the independent labels.
      *(FEDEA, 2010)
    • Main industry bodies
      Promusicae is a trade group representing the Spanish recording industry. Its main goal is to defend the interests of Spanish music producers.
      SGAE is the main collecting society for songwriters, composers and music publishers in Spain. It is similar to ASCAP.
      The sound of Spain: platform created to support the Spanish music at the international markets. Special trade missions: New York (07-08), Beijin (08) and Mexico (09). It has attended the most important international meeting points, such as Popkomm (Berlin) or Midem (Cannes).
    • Music Industry Features
      Main magazines
      Revista 40 Principales
      Rolling Stone
      40 Principales
      Cadena Dial
      Cadena 100
      Radio 3
      40 latino
      Sol musica
    • Music video
    • Recorded music sales trend 2009
      US million
      *(IFPI, 2010)
    • Online piracy
      A total of 8.6 million* users are engaged in illegal file-sharing.
      32% of Internet users frequently downloading illegal music from P2P sites. More than double of the European average (15%)*.
      Recently, a new report from IDC Research showed that 96% of all recorded music acquired online in Spain is pirated (2010).
      Main causes:
      29.1 million Internet users (72% of the population).
      Economic recession.
      Legal vacuum.
      Physical piracy rate has dropped to 10% in 2009
      *(IIIPA 2010)
    • IMPACT
      In 2009 total value of the market set at $246 millions (-14,3%).
      “For every ten copies bought in Spain at the beginning of the decade, today's fans will take home only three” (Economista, 2010).
      Decline of investment
      While 10 domestic new acts would be signed by a major in 2005, today only 3 or 4 are signed.
      In 2009, no presence of new acts on the top 50.
      *(IFPI, 2010)
    • Best selling albums 2009
      Only the top 3 acts managed to sell more than 100.000 copies
      *(IFPI, 2010)
    • Response to the current scenario
      Government developed “The Sinde Law”
      A provision aimed to regulate copyright and intellectual property rights on the Internet.
      Websites offer illegal material to download will be targeted, through a Commission (IPC) depending on the Culture Ministry.
      Legal vacuum
      Previous cases judges argued P2Ps do not infringe the law, because content is shared without a “commercial profit”.
      The law allows to make private copies of copyrighted work without the author's consent for published works if the copy is not for commercial use.
      The provision is in “limbo” until next year
    • Live music: good news
      In 2009, live music reached a profit of US$ 367.4 million vs US$ 246 million from the recorded music sales.
      In 2000 21.8 million viewers while in 2008 more than 33 million.
      In 2000, 71,045 concerts took place in Spain, whilst in 2008 the numbers doubled to 144, 859 concerts.
      During the same period, ticket’s price has raised 75%.
      *(IFPI, 2010)
    • The future
      Physical sales will keep dropping during 2010 (A recent research shows -12% duringthe 1st semester).
      Live music revenues will not grow due to the economic hardship.
      Less investment = more difficult to develop new talent= no international acts.
      Established acts are focusing on other territories (Latin America/North America). They are adapting these international patterns to succeed.
      Legal solution on the way?
    • Thanks!!!!!!
    • References
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      El Economista (2010) La venta de música en Españacayó un 17% en 2009, El Economista, 21 Jan. 2010 [ Online] Available from http://www.eleconomista.es/noticias/noticias/1850416/01/10/Cae-un-17-la-venta-de-musica-en-Espana-que-esta-en-cabeza-en-pirateria.html [Accessed 10 Nov. 2010].
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      Pormusicae(2010), Sound from Spain, 8 Oct. 2010, [Online] Available from http://www.promusicae.org/espanol.html [Accessed 13 Nov. 2010].
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