The wave april 2011 final (3)


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The wave april 2011 final (3)

  1. 1. The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project Volume 1, Issue 2: April 2011 The ITC Project Monthly Newsletter ECTOH — AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDSWelcome to the monthly newsletter ofthe ITC Project. This newsletter isbeing emailed to all ITC investigatorsand those who have internal dataagreements, support staff andothers. If you wish to add someoneto the mailing list or make asubmission, please send an emailto itc@uwaterloo.caThe Wave will refer to material onthe ITC website: you are not a registered user,please send an email to KatyMcEwen ( Pictured left to right are symposium presenters and chairs: Ute Mons (ITC Germany), Annto request an invitation. McNeill (ITC UK), Marc Willemsen (ITC Netherlands), Lorraine Craig (ITC Europe Project Manager), Sara Hitchman (ITC Europe Student Project Manager), Gera Nagelhout (ITCThe Wave is intended to keep ITC Netherlands), and Geoffrey Fong.collaborators across 20 countriesup-to-date on what we are doingand achieving—particularly in thearea of paper proposals and European Conference on Tobacco or Health—Amsterdampresentations. However, the ITC The 5th European Conference on Tobacco or Health took place in Amsterdam, theProject is all of you, so YOU have Netherlands from March 28th to March 30th, 2011. Members of the ITC Europe Projectto tell us about what you are team presented a Symposium entitled: Minimising Exposure to Second-hand Smoke:doing. You can offer anything you Findings from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation (ITC) Project. The sympo-think might be of interest, but sium presented data on smoke-free public places, homes, and cars in Europe and beyond.we are particularly interested in The ITC Europe Project team is currently working on submitting a supplement with ITCmaterial under the topics listed. Europe findings to the European Journal of Public Health.Please send any submissions Roswell Park Videos Julia Purpera and Paul Hage from Roswell Park Cancer Institute are busy creating video vignettes that will highlight key findings from numerous ITC projects. These vignettes will offer alternative ways to disseminate information, while creating stronger public awarenessAnnouncements 1 of tobacco control issues. This month’s release is “Packaging Labels - Why It Matters”. ITCAnnouncements (cont.) 2 Investigators Dave Hammond and Ron Borland discuss the changing landscape of cigaretteITC in the News 2 packaging. Hear why graphic warning labels are effective deterrents against smoking, andPolicy Updates 2 how plain packaging is one of the most important innovations in tobacco control. To viewPresentations 3 any of RPCI’s vignettes go to Published 3National Reports 3 OTRU Student Presentation AwardGrants 3 Omid Fotuhi was named a recipient of the OTRU Student PresentationReminders 3 Award at the SRNT 17th Annual Meeting held in Toronto, Ontario inPaper Proposals 4 February. He received 1st place for his poster, “Depression andDesigned by Tania Cheng. Cessation: A Longitudinal Analysis Using Data from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey". Congratulations, Omid!1 the Wave. Volume 1, Issue 2: April 2011
  2. 2. Welcome to UW’s New Project Managers! Lisa Hickman is the new ITC Project Manager for India, Bangladesh, Mauritius, and South East Asia. Before joining the ITC team, Lisa worked in Social Planning for the Region of Waterloo and with Health Services 2011 at the University of Waterloo. Lisa received her undergraduate degree in ITC Achievements Psychology from Goa University and her Master’s degree in Psychology to Date (specializing in Community Psychology) from Wilfrid Laurier University. Lisa can be reached via email at and by phone at 519-888-4567 ext. 31281. 13 papers Amanda Duncan is the new ITC Project Manager who will take over management of the Four Country and Brazil Surveys, and will assist 20 posters with the China Survey. Amanda previously worked as a Research Coordinator in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. She 16 presentations has a Master’s degree in Anthropology (with specialization in Medical Anthropology) from the University of Alberta, and received her 1 national undergraduate degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. Amanda can be reached via email at:, and by phone at report 519-888-4567 ext. 31241. 2 grantsChinese Version of ITC China Supplement AvailableThe ITC China Supplement entitled “Identifying the challenges to tobacco control in China: Findings from theInternational Tobacco Control (ITC) China Project”, published in October 2010 in Tobacco Control, has been translatedand is now available in Chinese here: on harm caused by tobacco is lowest among Dutch smokersThe results of a new ITC Netherlands report on smokers awareness of the health risks of smoking and exposure to second-handsmoke were released in (March 29) and BMJ news at to the report, the knowledge about the health damage caused by smoking and passive smoking among Dutch smokerslags well behind other countries. The report is available at and the smoking epidemic: turning the tideSara Hitchman and Geoff Fong published a paper entitled “Gender Empowerment and Female-to-Male Smoking Prevalence Ratios”in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. The paper showed a strong association between the ratio of female and malesmoking rates, and gender empowerment in many countries. The association is clearly linked to the level of economic development,which is measured by income per capita and income inequality. It received worldwide press after publication, including the following: March 22, 2011, the China Ministry of Health released the "Detailed Implementation Rules for Public Place SanitaryAdministration Regulation", to take effect on May 1, 2011. Article 18 relates to smoke-free regulations, in which: (1) smoking isbanned in indoor public places; (2) administrators of public places should set up salient no-smoking signs and warning labels; and(3) managers of public places should (a) conduct “propaganda" (actions to inform people) of the harms of smoking on health, and(b) allocate staff to stop people from smoking in indoor areas. the Wave. Volume 1, Issue 2: April 2011 2
  3. 3. The following papers were published in March 2011. For a fullFor the full list of 2011 presentations to date, list of all publications to date, see the ITC Academic Papers Listplease see the Conference Presentations on our website.Citation List. Thrasher JF, Villalobos VE, Barnoya J, Sansores R, O’Connor Thrasher JF. Advertencias sanitarias con R. Consumption of single cigarettes and quitting behav- pictogramas para el control de tabaco en ior: A longitudinal analysis of Mexican smokers. BMC Public México: a 6 meses de su implementación. Health. 2011;11:134. [Health warning labels with pictures for tobacco Thrasher JF, Huang L, Pérez-Hernández R, Niederdeppe J, control in Mexico: 6 months after implementation] Arillo-Santillán E, Alday J. Evaluation of a social marketing Congreso de Investigación en Salud Pública. campaign to support Mexico City’s comprehensive smoke- Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública. Cuernavaca, free law. American Journal of Public Health. 2011;101 México. March 3, 2011. Invited oral presentation. (2):328-335. Pérez-Hernández R, Arillo-Santillán E, Thrasher JF, Nagelhout, Mons, Allwright, Guignard, Beck, Fong, De Vries, Amorin Claro de Castro EF. Impacto de las políticas Willemsen. Prevalence and predictors of smoking in "smoke- públicas en la norma social de prohibir fumar en free" bars. Findings from the International Tobacco Control hogares mexicanos. [Impact of tobacco control policies (ITC) Europe Surveys. (Available on the website of Social on the social acceptability of smoking in Mexican Science & Medicine later this week) homes] Congreso de Investigación en Salud Pública. Hitchman SC, Fong GT. Gender empowerment and female-to Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública. Cuernavaca, -male smoking prevalence ratios. Bull World Health Organ. México. March 3, 2011. Poster. 2011;89:195-202. Nagelhout G. Prevalence and predictors of smoking in smokefree bars. Findings from ITC Ireland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. ECToH. Amsterdam, Netherlands. March 29, 2011. Symposium presentation. Downloadable PDFs of all ITC National Reports are available at Mons U. Adoption of home smoking bans after the ITC National Reports at implementation of national smokefree laws. ECToH. Amsterdam, Netherlands. March 29, 2011. Symposium Completed presentation. ITC Project (March 2011). ITC Netherlands Survey. Report Hitchman S. Smoking in cars with nonsmokers: findings on Smokers’ Awareness of the Health Risks of Smoking and from Australia, Canada, France, the Netherlands, UK, and Exposure to Second-hand Smoke. University of Waterloo, US. ECToH. Amsterdam, Netherlands. March 29, 2011. Ontario, Canada. Available at: Symposium presentation. download/.attachments/ITC%20Netherlands% Fong G. Achieving smokefree environments: ITC findings 20Knowledge%20Final.pdf outside Europe, new frontiers and basic principles for In the Works success of smokefree initiatives. ECToH. Amsterdam, ITC China Project Report, Wave 1 to 3 Netherlands. March 29, 2011. Symposium presentation. ITC Bhutan National Report, Wave 1 Huang C & Thompson ME. Accounting for Measurement Difference Across Countries in International Surveys. Some sections of the newsletter include links to the ITC International Total Survey Error Workshop. Quebec City, website. If you are not a registered user, send an email to Quebec. June 19-22, 2011. Poster. Review the attached paper proposal document and inform us of any changes or requests for extension. Fogarty RO3 (Geoff Fong): Requested $150,000 Direct Costs Send any submissions for the May 2011 issue to over 3 years to conduct the ITC Kenya Survey. Submitted Please put “Newsletter” in the subject January 10, 2011. headline. 3 the Wave. Volume 1, Issue 2: April 2011
  4. 4. The following paper proposals were approved last month: Kasza, Hyland, Cummings, Fong, Borland, Hastings. Use and efficacy of stop smoking medications among the general population. Data sets: 4C (W1-7). Kasza, Hyland, Cummings, Fong, Borland, Hastings. Trends in use of stop smoking medications in four countries across seven years. Data sets: 4C (W1-7). Kasza, Hyland, Cummings, Fong, Borland, Hastings. Who receives information/advice to quit, and is receipt of information/ advice associated with making quit attempts, using evidence-based assistance during quit attempts, and smoking cessation? Data sets: 4C (W1-7). Hyland. Kasza, McKee, Rivard. Change in smoke-free bar policies and alcohol consumption. Data sets: 4C (W4,6,7). Licht, Hyland, O’Connor, Chaloupka, Borland, Fong, Nargis, Cummings. How do price minimizing behaviors impact smoking cessation? Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey. Data sets: 4C (W5-7) Yong, Borland, Thrasher, Thompson et al. Stability of cigarette consumption over time among continuing smokers: A latent growth curve analysis. Data sets: 4C Yong, OConnor, Li, Yang, et al. SES differences in self-efficacy & dependence among Chinese smokers. Data sets: CN Rennen, Nagelhout, Willemsen, et al. Tobacco control policies, denormalization, and smoking cessation. Data sets: FR (W1-2), DE (W1-2), NL (W1,W3). Cooper, Borland, Fotuhi. A population-based study of the impact of quitting smoking on depressive symptoms. Findings from the ITC study. Data sets: 4C (W5-7) Kennedy, Spafford, Fong, Thompson. Smoking Cessation Advice and the Role of Socioeconomic Status, and Health - findings from the ITC Four Country Study. Data sets: 4C (W3-8) Paper proposals are supposed to result in the paper being submitted within 9 months of approval. The following proposals are entering their last month. If the lead author wants to retain the paper, they need to request an extension by emailing the appropriate group (see ITC Paper and Presentation Policy). Where there is a circulated draft, there will be an automatic initial 3-month extension. Extensions for papers without a draft or subsequent extensions will not be automatic.These are the papers that are now open to others to take up. The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project For more information: The ITC ProjectSun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Department of Psychology University of Waterloo 1 2 200 University Avenue West Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G13 4 5 6 7 8 9 Canada ITC Bhutan meeting w MOH10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Email: ITC China Project Tel: +1 519-888-4567 ext.17 18 19 20 21 22 23 33597workshop (Xi’an) www.itcproject.org24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Submission inquiries: CATI Training in Malaysia the Wave. Volume 1, Issue 2: April 2011 4