MoleNet 2 project


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A collaborative project between Cornwall College and four secondary school across Cornwall.

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MoleNet 2 project

  1. 1. Molenet Through Cornwall Julia Dando Cornwall College
  2. 2. Molenet 1• 5 partners• Devices included: o UMPC’s (Asus eeePC and Stone UMPC) o Nintendo DS o HTC Titan II
  3. 3. Molenet 1• Improvement in motivation and engagement• Couldn’t clearly attribute to improvement in performance and achievement
  4. 4. Molenet 2• 3 partners• Is it possible to improve performance and achievement as a direct result of using mobile technology? and how easy is it to embed into the curriculum?• Focussed specifically on the use of video as a teaching and learning tool.
  5. 5. Molenet 2
  6. 6. Molenet 2• Video – what a mine field! o Which device? What’s it purpose? How will it be viewed? (Quality, durability, size, complexity) o What media does it use? (SD, HDD, Memory stick, etc) o What format does it record in? o What format does your editing software use? o How big is the file? o How long will it take?
  7. 7. Molenet 2 Problem number 1 Records in Mpeg2 Do your students havesufficient security permissionsto download to the machines?
  8. 8. Molenet 2Problem number 2Problem number 1 Records in Mpeg2Does your camera prompt to Do your students have use it’s own software?sufficient security permissionsto download to issues? Licence the machines?
  9. 9. Molenet 2 Problem number 3MS Moviemaker on XP won’twork with Mpeg2 – avi or wmv folks.
  10. 10. Molenet 2Rumours and mythsProblem number 3 “.....but I’ve used mpeg2 in MM...”MS Moviemaker on XP won’t “cool – please show me”“ doesn’t seem to work now....but it did....honest”work with Mpeg2 – avi or wmv folks.
  11. 11. Molenet 2• Convert it to another format........................ o Super: o Prism:
  12. 12. Molenet 2 Converting is a slow process and an extra step in the workflow. I don’t want to convert it. I want to work with mpeg2 straight from my camera.
  13. 13. VideopadClunky and not as easy to use asMM. Some sync problems during the editing process. Usable.....just.Is compatible with many formats.
  14. 14. Rumours and myths “ should just use a mac – it’sreally easy with iMovie...all your dreams will come true”Extract from Sony Website:When the camera is detected, movie thumbnails and the Import windowappear. If the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is full, it may take 1.5 hours.It can take several minutes to over an hour for iMovie to import the video andgenerate thumbnail images of each clip, depending on how many minutes ofvideo you have.
  15. 15. Streaming ServerMolenet 2 stream (hopefully) in a continuousConverts to a suitable format and delivers Future Proofing and redevelopment projects (what are your plans for the next 10 years?) CISCO – Digital Media Server (DMS) phpMotion – privacy issues Ostube – so far, so goodThe big question – who sees what?
  16. 16. Molenet 2• What about the good stuff?• What about the pedagogy? Can Performance and achievement be improved as a direct result of using mobile learning? How easy is it to embed the use of mobile learning into the curriculum?
  17. 17. Molenet 2• Performance and achievement can be improved as a direct result of using mobile learning technologies.• It is possible and relatively easy to embed the use of mobile learning technologies into the curriculum.• It is sustainable.