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MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan - Development & Community Processes
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MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan - Development & Community Processes


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This presentation was made for the MeeGo Freeday at July the 22th 2011 in Berlin. Check for Details.

This presentation was made for the MeeGo Freeday at July the 22th 2011 in Berlin. Check for Details.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1.   Development & Community Processes MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
  • 2. Uwe Kaminski (jukey) Blog: Twitter: MeeGo:    Maemo:
  • 3. Overview
    • What I am talking about today (and what about I don't talk):
      • MeeGo Development
        • N9 and N950 are the only targets for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
        • N900/N950/N9 are targets for MeeGo Community Edition (CE)
        • ARM but not x86
      • Netbook UX vs. Tablet UX vs. IVI vs. MeeGo CE
      • Maemo vs. MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
      • MeeGo Community Processes
      • I don't talk about deployment to stores like AppUp or Ovi Store
  • 4.
      • Flashing a new Harmattan firmware
      • There are examples for Qt Components already installed on the device
      • Connecting the device
      • Example application demo
    MeeGo Development with N950 - devkit
  • 5. Releasing Apps
    • Where to release developed apps?
      • From: OBS
        • Preparation and packaging for different targets
          • rpm (MeeGo)
          • deb (MeeGo Harmattan)
      • to: Developer Repository ( List of Harmattan Developer Repositories )  
      • then to: Community Repository
        • There is an ongoing discussion regarding a Community Repository
          • A repository enabling app ( appbrowser ) will be available for MeeGo Harmattan 
          • As in Maemo there will be a testing repository and one for end users  
  • 6. Releasing Apps
    • I don't want to publish my app in the Community repository. What about stores?
      • Release in Stores
        • AppUp based stores (Intel & Intel Partners)
          • Intel AppUp SDK for MeeGo and the Qt Creator plugin from Intel
        • Ovi (Nokia)
          • Could anyone help me regarding this? Let me know!
        • others
  • 7.
      • Community QA-Process
        • tbd (yet): A good place to start with is the MeeGo Wiki
        • An example may be the QA process for the community repository established for Maemo 5
      • Discussion " Where to report Harmattan bugs? " in the MeeGo Forum
        • MeeGo Bug Tracker
          • We need to create a list which Harmattan components are Upstream in the MeeGo core
        • Qt bugs have it's own tracker
        • Bugs in specific Harmattan API's provided by Nokia have to be reported at
        • Bug tracking infrastructure for developers
          • There is a bug reportabout adding 3rd party to
        • Harmattan Applicationsmade by Nokia
          • Quim Gil: "Nokia wants to get the feedback of N950 users! Please report Hamattan bugs at   PS: we know that currently that service has some pain points for real developer feedback but we are working on this too.
    Quality assurance made by Community
  • 8. Thank you! Questions?