Our plan for tonedale mill


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Our plan for tonedale mill

  1. 1. Our Plans For Tonedale Mill By: Harry, Aaron, Jamie and Alfie
  2. 2. Summary & Elevator Pitch • Interesting future • Climbing Wall/Activity Centre - fantastic • Visitors & employment opportunities • Extreme character • Ideal • Successful business •19thCentury - Tonedale Mill • Foxes Factories •Disused Until YOU came along…
  3. 3. Climbing wall centre Adventure centre Indoor ski slope Indoor wave centre Go karts Ice rink Skate ramps Museum Arts & Crafts Centre Laser Tag Paintballing centre Zip wire Arcade Assault course Water park High wire course Low wire course Archery Our Ideas for Tonedale Mill:
  4. 4. •Toilets, cafe, gift shop and reception. •Play areas, Climbing Wall, Adventure Centre and Zip Wire •Bouldering Room •Museum and Go Karts Our Plans…
  5. 5. Our Plans… = Zip Wire = Outdoor Play Area Car Park
  6. 6. Who are our customers? •The customers - wide selection of ages •Teen’s to kids, families and experienced climbers Customers will be informed of the new site by: •Flyers •Posters •Adverts •Websites This advertising will insure people are aware of it Make it a popular attraction How will we contact our customers?
  7. 7. What is the competition? There’s not much competition in Wellington and surrounding areas, therefore you will gain a considerable profit. The only local rivalries for the Climbing Wall/Adventure Centre are… Wellington Sports Centre (swimming pool, gym, sporting activities etc) Closer to the Edge (Vivary Park Adventure Centre – High and Low ropes courses)
  8. 8. What do the public think? We created a questionnaire, and went round town asking members of general public about their views on Tonedale Mill’s future, and here is a summary of their responses: The train station reopening will be wonderful for businesses in Wellington... I think that having a Climbing Wall in Wellington will be very beneficial for the community... A Climbing Wall is a brilliant idea! As long as there’s a museum to remember it’s working times, then I’m fine!
  9. 9. The Money and Statistics However, like all brilliant things, this project comes at a price... Buildings need to be watertight, safe, attractive and up to current health and safety regulations All equipment and other expenses like heating, electricity and plumbing bills need to be paid for Any additional features – Car Park, Advertising, Refreshments etc Due to these expenses, the project will cost an approximate minimum total of 3 million pounds...
  10. 10. The Money and Statistics So how much profit will we need to make in order to make this business a success? Child £12 Adult £15 £1.50 per Leap of Faith £2.50 per Zip Wire run £3.50 per Go Kart – for 5 mins £3.00 for Adventure Centre 300 people per day = £6,000 per day… …£42,000 a week… …£168,000 a month… …£2,016,000 a year!!!
  11. 11. Thank-you for sparing the time to watch this Presentation And we hope that you consider investing in Tonedale Mill. Any Questions?