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  • My name is Julia Carson and I’m here to discuss with you my sponsorship proposal involving my blog site, The Dirt, and STIHL Incorporated. I’ll review what The Dirt resembles and tell you how my idea and project can be mutually beneficial.
  • It’s simple: I love working outdoors. It’s something that gives me pleasure. My desire is create a community of like individuals, mainly women. Women who have the same passion – maybe not about yard work, but have a spirited desire to learn about what others are interested in. By doing so The Dirt will create a commonality and foster interest.
  • I began writing a weekly blog a few months ago. When I first started, I didn’t realize at the time that I was so in love with the idea of yard work. Seedlings started to grow from The Dirt. Those closest encouraged me to tell my personal stories. Then my passion went into outdoor equipment. The Dirt isn’t about weeding or re-potting plants, I’m talking about breaking a sweat and using power equipment to get a job done. That seems to make quite impression with people – especially men! Yes, it’s unusual for a woman to get so excited over “man toys.” But is it really that uncommon for women to have an interest in outdoor work? No.I’d like for other women to discover what I see.
  • I recently conducted a survey where I asked women on Facebook simply, “Yard work or house work?” Not surprising 68% said “house work.” When I followed up with those women and asked why they chose house work over yard work I received various answers like, “Lesser of the two evils,” “Too much work,” and “Don’t‘ like to get dirty.” This is when I examine why I’m writing these blogs.
  • Making me happy is the 32%. These are the women that get it. That don’t have to be sold on the idea of working outside with power tools. This is a team that can contribute.
  • What I’m striving for is to foster an online community – building something that doesn’t currently exist. An important part of this is creating a brand that the modern day woman can identify with. This site will do more than tell stories – it will demonstrate “How-To” videos showing how effective power tools can be when working outside. I want to entertain. I want people to come to my site and share their own stories. I want to make people comfortable. Bringing my sense of humor will do just that. Taking safety is a tremendous part of stories. I’ll show how to balance enjoyment in yard work by putting safety at the forefront.
  • This site is essentially about giving advice and lessons that I’ve learned throughout the years. I’d like to say I’m an expert in the field, but I’m still learning. I’ll welcome skilled professionals to join The Dirt to share their tips. I can’t stress enough how important safety is when working outdoors. I’m constantly vocalizing the seriousness to people. I’ll continue showcasing this in videos as I demonstrate how to use outdoor power equipment. This I am certain will bring an audience.
  • I’m targeting women ages 25-65. It’s not a “one size fits all” approach. I’ve categorized the types of women my site will promote to. “Dirty under the finger nails” – these women thrive on being hands on and doing their part. These are women that should contribute to the blog. Then you have the ones I call, “Help please” - think Lucy & Ethel. I can only picture the episode where they are were building the outdoor barbeque and Lucy lost her wedding ring. It fell in the cement sealing bricks together. While the episode was comedic genius, it shows there is learning to be had. Lastly there’s those that fall into the category of “We’re not in Kansas anymore” – think June Cleaver. These are the women who believe that outdoor work is man’s work. This group is the biggest challenge but once things resonate it will be the most fulfilling.
  • My marketing and online social strategy consists of promoting The Dirt in many ways. The most obvious is my own own blog site. As I’ve mentioned this is where the earth meets the shovel. Other venues for content placement include Facebook – posting daily on newsworthy tips and articles and blog site promotion. Twitter – blog site promotion and anecdotal tweets, and Digg for blog reposting.A major part of this equation is sponsorships. It makes a great deal of sense for STIHL to be the platinum sponsor for The Dirt. STIHL recently posted on its Facebook page, “True or False: Starting up my STIHL is more fun than turning it off.” It’s a great question, but I wasn’t surprised fewer than eight percent were female respondents. My goal is to spread the word about outdoor yard work and your products within this group.
  • I’m proposing that we work together to build a community and social campaign providing insightful information to an under promoted group. Using your brand to attract interest will be paramount. The Dirt will be the communication vehicle bringing a broad range of helpful teachings and techniques to light. This will add to the success of the campaign.
  • While The Dirt will be a focal point, there are a number of others sites I can leverage. Yes DIY type sites are obvious and ones that I’d consider, but I’m also looking for those sites marketing primarily to women. You’ll notice I have an exception. There are definite advantages to promoting on a site targeted towards men. Being that my topic is predominately a man’s interest, having my blog site promoted here may get extra attraction. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • In our meeting next week I’d like to discuss your interest in working together. In the meantime, I’ll continue digging deeper bringing the best stories, capturing entertaining “How-to” videos, and communicating the importance of safety.
  • Thank you for your time. Please contact me if you have any questions prior to our meeting next week.
  • The dirt

    1. 1. Sponsorship Proposal to STIHL Corporation<br />The Dirt<br />Julia Carson<br />
    2. 2. The Dirt<br />An online community fostering the merriment of yard work<br />
    3. 3. About The Dirt<br />Weekly blog<br />Started from my love of yard work<br />Was encouraged by my family and friends<br />Progressed to my passion for outdoor power equipment<br />This isn’t your mother’s gardening website<br />Gives others the opportunity to discover the enjoyment<br />
    4. 4. Really?<br />In a recent survey, when asked, “Yard work or house work”, 68% of the respondents answered house work<br />Follow-up question, “Why did you choose house work over yard work?”<br />Answers were sporadic:<br />“Lesser of the two evils”<br />“Too much work”<br />“Don’t like to get dirty”<br />
    5. 5. That’s more like it<br />The 32% that chose yard work said<br />“Being outside working is better than being in”<br />“Instance gratification”<br />“Who doesn’t love to work in God’s playground?”<br />“It’s fun to use power tools”<br />
    6. 6. Goals<br />Build and foster an online community that doesn’t exist<br />Develop a brand that will resonate with the everyday woman<br />Create a presence that will showcase how women can use outdoor power tools effectively and enjoy what they’re doing<br />Show a humorous side while teaching the fundamentals of yard work while still being safe<br />
    7. 7. Down and Dirty<br />Useful yard work advice<br />Helpful outdoor safety tips<br />“How to” videos showcasing and demonstrating outdoor power equipment<br />With the proper tools discover the ease and enjoyment of working outside <br />
    8. 8. Hit the Nail on the Head<br />Target Audience<br />Women ages 25-65<br />“Dirt under the finger nails” <br />Rosie O’Donnell, Angelina Jolie, Martha Stewart, Gina Carano<br />“Help please”<br />Lucy and Ethel<br />“We’re not in Kansas anymore”<br />June Clever<br />
    9. 9. Online Marketing Strategy<br />Social Campaign<br />Blog site<br /><br />Facebook<br /><br />Twitter<br />The_Dirt<br />Digg<br />The_Dirt<br />Sponsorships<br />
    10. 10. The Proposal<br />The Dirt and STIHL work together to build a community and social campaign <br />Provide insightful information to an under promoted group<br />Use the STIHL brand to attract interest <br />
    11. 11. Spread the Wealth<br />
    12. 12. Next Steps<br />Discuss STIHL’s level of interest working with The Dirt<br />Schedule follow-up meeting to review level of sponsorship<br />Continue promoting The Dirt<br />
    13. 13. Thank you!<br />Julia Carson<br />555-555-5555<br /><br />