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Star Wars Fan Art
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Star Wars Fan Art


Published on

A presentation on Star Wars Fan Art. All work is copyright by their authors.

A presentation on Star Wars Fan Art. All work is copyright by their authors.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • Copyright on text is © 2008 Phillip Djwa. Copyright on images is to the respective copyright holders.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Rewrite or Remix? Star Wars Fans in the Digital Era Phillip Djwa, Agentic Communications February 2008
    • 2. Agentic Communications
      • Agentic has skill, tools, and experience to create websites that engage and deliver
      • Services include web development and strategic planning
    • 3. Rewrite or Remix: Fans in the Digital Era
    • 4. George Lucas in Love – Joe Nussbaum, 1999
      • http:// =5058529870025933880
    • 5.
      • “ I'd like to go out and make a film tomorrow. The hardware to do it is not prohibitively expensive, and I have enough experienced friends to get the job done.
      • omit these [existing movies and television shows] is to omit expression of our true culture; one of referentialism .”
        • Carl Moore, 19 year old cultural studies student in response to a dialogue around piracy
    • 6. Fan Universe, circa 1995
    • 7. Fan Art
      • Huge amount of fan generated art
      • Showcases diversity of talent and ability
    • 8.  
    • 9. Fan stories
    • 10. Expanding Universe, circa 2009
    • 11.
      • Grasp all the important plot points of the third Star Wars movie, and witness the best use of tin foil — all in exactly one minute!
    • 12. Fan-generated Work
      • Fan-generated work has been around for years, so what is different?
      • Digital tools and web distribution
    • 13. Fan-generated Work
      • Creates a strange grey area between the original creators and the fan
      • Not collaboration, but not co-opting either
      • “Poaching” (Henry Jenkins)
      • Often the fan work is appreciated by the creator, but tension exists (guidelines and brand protection)
    • 14. Hardware wars
      • Originally done in 1977 as a film by Ernie Fosselius
      • Starring Fluke Starbucker, Chewchilla the Wookiee Monster, Ham Salad, and Augie "Ben" Doggie.
    • 15. Fan Work Attributes
      • Done by amateurs (“fans”)
      • Often spoof
      • Leveraging characters, situations, music into new possibilities, can explain psychology of characters
      • Often inside jokes and multiple layers – for the real fan and the casual viewer
      • Builds on archetypes to generate new myths
      • Allows an meshing of the worlds – fictional and RL
    • 16. Star Wars in 30 seconds with Lego
      • A video created to describe Star Wars in 30 seconds, using lego
      • Spawned a large number of Lego movies
    • 17.
      • Star Wars Compressed into 30 seconds
    • 18. Fan Work is not…
      • Often not commercialized – film competitions excluded
      • Often not widely viewed beyond other fans, but exceptions, such as Star Wars
      • Often not high-quality, but changing rapidly in the past few years
      • Not limited in imagination or media
    • 19. Parody Film
    • 20. Ascii Animation– “Death of Jar Jar Binks”
      • Jar Jar Binks, widely reviled by Fans, finds a death in Ascii art animation,
      • a sub-genre of Fan work if ever there was one…
    • 21. Understanding Fan Work
      • Gives you an understanding of the current cycle of consumer culture
      • Allows another generation to be creative using existing materials
      • Creates opportunities to leverage niche audiences into becoming advocates for new projects
      • Springboard into studio system
    • 22. Padme aka “Juno”
      2008 Winner of Star Wars Fan Films
    • 23. Remixing Remixs: Mashups
      • PADME is another example of a Mashup
      • Mashups are where two unrelated cultural products/properties are combined into another derivative work
    • 24. Eddie Izzard – “Death Star Canteen”
      • Further example – in this video, Eddie Izzard’s comic monologue is animated with Lego
      • Star Wars, parodied by Eddie Izzard, is then animated using techniques developed in other Fan work
    • 25. Star Wars VS Star Trek
      • Further examples of remix include an animated version of Lego Star Wars Vs. Star Trek
    • 26. Arnold as Luke Skywalker
    • 27. Star Wars Kid
      • Original video in 2002
      • More than 100 remixes
      • 76 Million visits to one site alone
    • 28. Gaming is Very Expanded Universe
      • Many commercial games exist
      • Different for Fans today in two ways:
        • Game Play is not always predetermined
          • If it applies at all
        • Construction of universe is collaborative
    • 29. MMORPG: Star Wars Galaxies
      • Ability to become characters in a Star Wars universe
      • Explore all areas within Star Wars universe
    • 30. Fan costumes
    • 31. Star Wars Pub Crawl in SWG
    • 32. Second Life – Mos Eisley Spaceport Second Life is a virtual universe which includes several Star Wars locations
    • 33. SIMS Cantina
      • The Sims is another game universe with Fan work
      • Example is Cantina and Rebel Cruiser
    • 34. The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth -- it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true. - Baudrillard, Jean (1988). Selected writings
    • 35. Star Wars as told by a 3 year old
      • http:// =RNVilbs5fE4&NR=1
    • 36. Complete listing of all links
    • 37. Thank you! Questions, please contact [email_address]