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Trailer analysis

  1. 1. Conventions - What genre is it?, How do you know? – Kabhi Khushi Kabhi GhamThe genre of this first trailer which I have chosen is a dramatic comedy; I know this because it consists of comedy andalso includes drama based around the family. There seems to be more drama than comedy, as in the trailer it showsmore of it and only shows glimpses of comedy.Film Language: Camera Movement, Editing, Sound, Sound Effects.To start off with, the language used in the film is Hindi, so this would be the first flaw which would stop people whodo not understand the language from watching the full movie as it would be extremely difficult to understand. Sostraightaway the language of the movie is causing problems to people who may want to watch the movie, butcannot understand Hindi. In the trailer no one speaks it is just background music playing, but you can tell the moviewill be in Hindi as the title is in Hindi.There are a numerous number of camera shots which are apparent in the trailer. All these camera shots are used fordifferent effects, solely for it to have an effect on the viewers and the target audience. The different camera shotsare as follows: Pan shot, Wide shot, Overhead shot and Close up, these shots are all visible in the trailer of the filmKabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. In the trailer the first type of camera shot we see is a pan shot going from left to rightshowing one of the main characters, the effect of this shot is that it makes the viewer feel like they are there, theirheads will turn with the camera to get the full view of the picture. When going from one scene to anotherthroughout the trailer a simple fade out effect is used and a fade in is used to enter a new scene. In one scene thereis a flash effect used, in this scene the music also speeds up when it shows a certain character; this gives the viewersa hint that this character is an important character and maybe that the film is fast paced at times. Another camerashot evident in the trailer is an overhead shot otherwise known as the bird’s eye view which is consecutive in places;this shot can be used for dramatic effect or a different perspective. The sound/music within the trailer is mixedthroughout, it first starts off slow, and then gradually gets back to a normal pace the music is calm and happy not tooloud or low. The music then takes a twist and changes to a more jumpy type of music, the trailer then finishes withslow romantic music. The fluctuation in the music within the trailer gives out the message that the film maybe filledwith mixed emotions and could be an emotional film.
  2. 2. Structure - The structure of the trailer is anonymous. The first scene of the trailer shows a male character on his own thatseems unhappy and angry, the pan shot shows us, the audience the whole view and also matches the characters feelings.The character seems as if he is in deep thought and with the pan shot rotating it shows his thoughts rotating and floatingabout everywhere. After the first cut, happiness and love is apparent in the next, you see four different characters beingpresented. The personality of the characters can be told through the way they are presented in the trailer. After eachcharacter is shown, there is a cut and in the background in each scene there is a happy, colourful, and serene atmosphere.Throughout the trailer there are mixed emotions that are apparent, this is a good technique to get the target audience tocome and watch the movie as the storyline is not given away but only bits which are also quite hard to understand, so itleaves the viewer with a slight cliff hanger. As a viewer I can see a slight story emerging which sort of ruins the movie on awhole, but the full movie is not told which is not that bad for viewers. As a viewer though I am still a bit confused as thereis no clear understanding of the trailer so to get that understanding you have to watch the movie in full.Advertising Techniques - After researching the movie for its advertising techniques I found that this movie is advertisedthrough TV/Cinema, Internet and Magazines. TV is the most common form of advertisement and this movie is advertisedon TV as people will watch TV more often and also with TV viewers will get to see parts of the movie. On the contrary thisfilm is also advertised on the internet and magazines. Internet advertisement is very similar to TV advertisement, the onlyadvantage is that on the internet, other people will be giving reviews and comments on the film, so as a viewer you canget more information on the film, however internet sources may not always be reliable so this is a disadvantage as well.Magazine advertisement however is completely the opposite of TV and Internet advertisement, viewers will only get tosee the cover of the movie and nothing else, however with magazine advertisement you will get detailed description ofthe movie and how it folds out, you will also get external information about the film so this is an advantage ofadvertisement through magazines.Audience - The target audience for this type of movie would be anyone who understands the Hindi Language and wouldbe able to understand the movie. It is also aimed at people who enjoy watching this type of genre which is DramaticComedy, the age range for the movie would be for people who are 18+.Effect of Movie on me - After watching the trailer I feel that it has had a mixed effect on me as I feel I know what mighthappen but at the same time I feel as if I do not know what’s going to happen as well. In the trailer, some scenes giveaway some sort of storyline but it is not fully understandable, this maybe a technique used to drag viewers in or just amistake, but this is a certain flaw of the trailer, it may be off putting for potential viewers of the film.
  3. 3. The genre of this film is action comedy; I know this because the trailer consists of lots of fast paced action includingguns, cars, clubs, buildings getting bombed and many more. There is also a fair share of comedy within the trailerwhich involves two cops Lee and Carter. I personally feel this is the best sub genre as it really draws in theaudience and target audience. There is a voiceover in the trailer which can be heard as well as the voices ofdifferent characters in the trailer. The language within the trailer consists of English and Chinese, the English isslang in some scenes. The music which can be heard in the trailer is very fast and jumpy, which matches with thescenes from the trailer which are very speedy and have a lot of action including a lot of fighting. The clothes wornby the characters in the trailer are very smart and posh, by wearing this type of clothing it tells the audience thatthis film may consist of police, crime and investigations, it also matches with the storyline given away slightly bythe narrator, which is about international crime lords.There are a number of camera shots apparent in the trailer, these shots include: Established shots, Wide shots,close ups, medium close ups and low angle shot. By using a variety of shots it may show that the film consists ofdifferent emotions, it could also show different effects to the audience from their point of view. Each shot withinthe trailer lasts averagely about 3 seconds and some scenes 4-5 seconds based on the magnitude of the scene e.g.what is being seen or shown to the audience. Some scenes are also quite quick as the scenes are speeded up toshow the electric intensity of the film, e.g. some fighting scenes are speeded up to show the speed of the film, itgets the audience going as well, as they will be more excited and hyped to see the film. Lighting for effect consistswithin the trailer, it is used when showing a character at the start of the trailer, this may show that this character isa key character and has a unique talent, or there maybe something special about her. The main effect it has is thatit tells the audience that this character is one to watch. We also see explosions which result in big fires, as anaudience this gives out excitement and builds up suspense which will result in the audience wanting to watch themovie. Lighting for effect is also visible through cuts from one scene to another, in some cuts there is a flash lightwhich takes you from one scene to another, this flash light may symbolise the fast pace of the film and that thingscould happen in a flash.
  4. 4. channels that are free to viewers. It also has reviews of the film given to viewers by sources which they may think are reliable and trustable, so this may lure viewers and the targehard to recognise and find and they are not displayed as frequently as other types of advertisement. Structure - the first scene in the trailer is an established of a big city, this may hint to viewers that big thingssary and make up a good action film. the are to take place in film, which in turn will get viewers excited and may lure them to watching the full movie. After the first scene there is a fade out cut to the next scene and this fade out cut continues to the next couple of scenes. The final scene which viewers see before the release date and film title is a fighting scene which seems it has resulted from an investigation from the two characters that seem to be the main characters in the film. This scene seems like it is from the middle of the film; this leaves the audience feeling like they know what the film will consist of and this may deter them from watching the film. On the whole the structure of the trailer seems to give a storyline away and the audience maybe can tell what will unveil in the film. Advertising Techniques - the trailer is advertised through cinemas, it is advertised through the internet also through video websites like YouTube. The film is also advertised through TV, which is the most common form of advertisement as people watch TV more often than go onto the Internet. Again different forms of advertisement have their own effects on the target audience, on the internet and TV you will be able to see clips, however on the internet the public give their own views on the film which may distract the target audience and they may end up not watching the film. TV advertisement also give star ratings from other well known companies such as "The Sun", "IMDB" and "Mpaa", but these sources people may find reliable and may instead go and watch the movie based on their rating of the film. Target Audience - the film is aimed at people who enjoy the action comedy genre; the age range for this movie would be 18+. I know this as the trailer consists of scenes which are inappropriate for people who are below this age group. Effect - after watching the trailer, I feel as if I would want to watch the full movie as it draws me in through the comedy evident within the trailer. Despite a storyline appearing in the trailer I would still watch the full movie as it seems to have the perfect mix of action and comedy, the fast paced scenes also set the tone for me as they match with the theme and intensity of the film.
  5. 5. Conventions – the genre of this film is a romantic comedy. I know this as the standard conventions of this genre offilm include: sexual language, nude scenes and also has scenes showing love and compassion between thecharacters; it also consists of comedy which is essential to making the genre of the film successful. Within thetrailer there are two main characters who are mostly heard and seen speaking, the conversations they haveinclude their sex life, complications of sex/love. The language being spoken is English, mostly slang. Music is alsoheard in the background, the music is fast paced and jumpy, this may indicate to viewers that things will happenvery quickly in the film and things will be very fast paced. The clothes worn by the characters in the trailer are verycasual, which may suggest that they are nothing special in the film and are normal citizens of America living theirlives.Film Language – Camera Movements, Edits, Sound, Effects – there are various shots used in the trailer, theseinclude: Wide shots, mid shot, over the shoulder, established shot, high and low angle shots and bird eye viewshots. The most common shot used among all of these is the mid shot. The film is based on love, sex andrelationships and the use of continuous mid shots are good in showing facial expressions and body language so thistype of shot is perfect to use for this genre. The editing used in the film between shots is mainly straight cuts, inone scene the cut is a quick fade out but a flashed fade out; the next scene after this shows a massive city. Thisflashed fade out may symbolise again that in this big city things happen in a flash and also that the film is going tobe very fast paced. The length of each shot in the film backs up the flashed fade out symbolising that things willhappen very fast. Each shot is roughly 2-3 seconds and some shots less than that.Structure – the first scene in the trailer shows the male and female characters who are the main protagonists inthe film, they are talking about sex. Before the first cut, the scene consists of the protagonists still talking aboutsex and comparing it to a game of tennis. The final scene before the movie title and release date shows the twomain characters having intercourse and the male character singing. As the audience after watching the final scenebefore the movie title and release date, I feel as if the storyline of the movie is given away, not just through thisbut other scenes apparent within the trailer, but this particular scene sums up the story for me. It seems as if themovie is about sex and complications, then ends with the marriage of the two main characters which the filmrevolves around.
  6. 6. Advertising Techniques – there are many ways in which this film was advertised get in the public eye.These included: TV, Cinema, Billboards, Posters and Magazines. Having a number of advertisingtechniques is always beneficial to get the film the attention it wants. TV is the most common form andpersonally the best way of advertising films, because it is available on most channels and channels thatare free to viewers. It also has reviews of the film given to viewers by sources which they may think arereliable and trustable, so this may lure viewers and the target audience to go and watch the fill movie.Cinema is almost identical to TV advertisement so this may have the same effect as TV advertisement.Posters and Billboards are two other advertising techniques which are very similar in terms of what theeffects are on viewers and target audiences. Billboards are placed everywhere around the country, sowherever people are they will either see a billboard with the cover of the movie and reviews of the film;this is effective as billboards are very large and seem like they are in your face and they are hard to miss.However on the contrary, not all billboards have the same material on it, so this way not all people maysee this. Posters are very similar to billboards except they are not displayed much in terms of frequencyas billboards and given much attention to as they are only displayed in some places for example ASDA,Tesco’s and on the windows of some shops. Magazines personally for me are one of the best forms ofadvertisement. They not only give reviews by trustable sources, they give viewers a full detailed insightof what the film is about and some magazines give interviews with the actors and actresses from thefilm, which really excite the target audience and potential viewers.Audience – the film is about love, sex and relationships, so the target audience for this genre would bepeople who are either in a relationship, married couples, young couples and boys and girls. The film isalso rated 18 so also people who are over this age group. The film consists of nude scenes and sexuallanguage, henceforth the reason why this movie is rated 18 again.Effect –after watching the trailer, I feel as if I would not want to watch the movie as there is a storylineappearing and as a viewer you can tell what is going to happen, I also feel as if the movie is not my typeof film.
  7. 7. Conventions – the genre of the film is an Action Thriller, I know this as it consists of lots of fighting, bloodshedand tears, it also builds up a lot of suspense which is one of the key conventions of an Action Thriller. There areonly some characters who speak in the trailer and most of it through voiceovers. We hear the voices of ayoung boy and an older man who seems to be the criminal in the film. Other than these voices in the trailer,there is just silence throughout; this technique is used mostly in Action Thrillers for suspense and to createtension and to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The language used in the trailer is Hindi, this tells usthat the film is aimed at an Asian Audience as they will be able to understand the language and subsequentlywatch the movie. The clothes worn in the film are all casual clothes and in some scenes very worn out andscruffy, this tells us that the clothes match up with the conventions of the genre, which are bloodshed andfighting.Film Language - Movements, Edits, Sound, Effects – there are an assortment of number of shots in the trailerthese include: Established Shots, Mid Shots, Long Shots and Over The Shoulder shots. The most common shotwhich is apparent in the trailer is the Mid Shot. This shot is very effective as it shows the body language andfacial expression of the characters, and with the film being an Action Thriller it suits as it involves fighting andterror we as an audience can empathise with the protagonists. The shots in the trailer fluctuate in terms ofspeed, they start off slow and engage the viewers, and each shot lasts about 4 seconds. The length of the shotsthen speed up along with the music which also adds to the suspense and tension which is already building; theshot speed then decreases to about 2 seconds; this is a very effective technique to implicate as the shots arequite hard to catch and it tells the viewers that the film is going to be fast paced with a lot of action. Lighting isused to good effect as well in the trailer. This is used to psychologically and emotively connect with theaudience as it adds to the element of suspense and thriller. Such examples used in the trailer are when certaincharacters are shown in the trailer, the flashes and intensity of lighting is considerably exaggerated to havethat lasting effect upon the audience who are viewing it. As the trailer is an action thriller, it involves a lotterror and destruction. The trailer includes scenes which consist of fire (lighting) and bloodshed which again isa good technique to use as it engages the viewer and keeps them on the edge of their seat.
  8. 8. Structure - the first scene of the trailer is an established shot of a father and son, before the cut itshows the father and son walking off together and the sun rising in the background. Before the movietitle and release it shows a character that seems very angry, there is a lot of people in the scene, thereseems to be a catastrophe. This angry character is looking at another character who seems to be hisenemy. This scene will thrill the audience and get them on the edge of their seats, but at the same timeit also gives us as viewers a slight hint of what’s to come. We do see quite a bit of the film, but youcannot see a storyline, but the quotes in the trailer tell us what to expect. As viewers we can guesswhat is going to happen.Advertising Techniques – there are many different advertising techniques for this film. These includeTV, Cinema, Internet and Posters. TV is the most common form and personally the best way ofadvertising films, because it is available on most channels and channels that are free to viewers. It alsohas reviews of the film given to viewers by sources which they may think are reliable and trustable, sothis may lure viewers and the target audience to go and watch the fill movie. Cinema is almost identicalto TV advertisement so this may have the same effect as TV advertisement. Internet advertisement isvery similar to TV advertisement, the only advantage is that on the internet, other people will be givingreviews and comments on the film, so as a viewer you can get more information on the film; howeverinternet sources may not always be reliable so this is a disadvantage as well. Posters are also ways ofadvertising film’s except they are hard to recognise and find and they are notdisplayed as frequently as other types of advertisement.Audience – nearly all Bollywood movies target the Asian audience and people who understand theHindi language and also people who enjoy watching the genre Action Thriller.Effect – After watching the trailer I would want to watch the movie as it is the type of genre I like andenjoy; despite the trailer giving some parts of the film away I would watch as it is fast paced, has lots ofbloodshed and terror. All of these features are necessary and make up a good action film.