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  • John Adams commented on Brazil Fans in Shock After 7-1 Loss Brazil Fans in Shock After 7-1 Loss 4 days ago
    John  Adams
    • John  Adams John Adams Germany was my favorite and I wanted them to win, but NOT LIKE THIS. I was expecting an exciting game, but it was all over in 30 minutes. 4 goals for Germany in 6 minutes !!! Football really makes you FEEL . . . sometimes you face disappointment and sometimes joy. I feel sorry for Brazilian fans, I know how you feel, I have been there after watching football. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, such is football or any other sport, but it's only ENTERTAINMENT, nothing more. Today Argentina - Netherlands, let's hope it's a great game. So, GREAT EMOTIONS for today also ! Thanks Eddie !  4 days ago
  • John  Adams
    • John  Adams John Adams AMAZING, almost like photos ! Wish I could draw like that. Yes, Meg "Sleepless in Seattle" Ryan was so sweet and beautiful ! Thanks Andrew !  3 weeks ago
  • John  Adams
    • John  Adams John Adams Great games, lots of goals ! Not many 0 - 0 games, but even a 0 - 0 game can be entertaining like Brazil - Mexico. That was an amazing goal by van Persie (image 3) and also Cahill's (Australia) goal against the Netherlands. Big surprises already, Spain is out and 2 wins for Costa Rica. Brazil, Germany, The Netherlands and France seem to be very strong. Great emotions in the field and in the colorful audience ! Thanks for these images Bernd !  3 weeks ago
  • John Adams commented on Boy Meets Girl Boy Meets Girl 1 month ago
    John  Adams
    • John  Adams John Adams Sad story told in a FUNNY way, EXCELLENT PICTURE CHOICES !!! Thanks Andrew !  1 month ago
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