Letter to Connect Chicago Partners re: Summer of Data


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Wherein Smart Chicago shares the results of the recent Connect Chicago advertising campaign and lets everyone know about the Connect Chicago Summer of Data.

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Letter to Connect Chicago Partners re: Summer of Data

  1. 1. June 20, 2013Dear Community Partner:I wanted to share the results of our recent advertising campaign and let you know about aninitiative that we’re running – the Connect Chicago Summer of Data.Over the last six months, we’ve conducted an aggressive ad campaign to promote your locationunder the Connect Chicago name. Here’s some stats:• 125 station platform posters• 300 exterior bus posters• 1,500 interior bus and rail signs• 225 bus shelters• All downtown newspaper standsWe’ve generated lots of interest in the program. We’ve had 13,514 unique visitors to the site sincethe beginning of the year averaging 4.39 pages per visit and spending more than three minutes pervisit.We’ve also been building a sense of ownership of the Connect Chicago program. Each location hasthe ability to manage the information that is presented on the page—hours, training, images—anything that you want to show your patrons when they’re searching for you. Nineteen admins havesigned up for this system. To sign up to manage your own page, go tohttp://locations.weconnectchicago.org/.
  2. 2. That’s a great start, and we’re excited about building more.During the summer we’re sending out street teams who will visit farmers’ markets, street fairs andother special events to make certain that everyone is are aware of Connect Chicago and theservices offered at all of your locations. Please let us know if there are any particular events you’dlike them to attend.These teams will also visit all Connect Chicago locations to gather more information about eachplace so that we can keep the Connect Chicago website up to date. They’ll use the same form thatyour own staff can use when they sign up to be Connect Chicago admins.Each team will be supplied with tablet or mobile device. They’ll be taking photos, gathering printedmatter, and collecting any training materials used at your location. These visits will occur duringyour regular hours, and they will check in your staff upon arrival. Please be as helpful as you can bewith the important info-gatherers. All street team members will be issued identification and willhave explanatory materials so that they’re easy to spot and their mission will be clear.In addition to updating the information on the site, we’d love to work with a member of the staff ateach location to gather some longer-form info about your location, your patrons, and your work withother Connect Chicago locations. We want to get a feel for how special you location is and get ideason how to promote it. The questions we ask are here:https://smartchicago2012.wufoo.com/forms/connect-chicago-summer-of-data-form/.We know this is a lot of info, and our teams will be as unobtrusive as possible. We’ll come back tothe location as many times as it takes so that it is convenient for staff. The form should take about15 minutes to complete, the visit should be around 45 minutes, but the information will beinvaluable in telling your story.All of this also helps us close out our federal Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP)grant obligations and give us a great basis for continuing our work under Connect Chicago. Thisprogram is being implemented by MK Communications. If you have any questions about the itemsabove, you can contact them at (312) 822-0505 or agency@mkcpr.com. Likewise, I may call on youto explain our program to staff at any of your locations who may have questions when ourcanvassers are on site. As always, please contact me if you have any questions, comments, orconcerns about Connect Chicago or any other Smart Chicago Collaborative initiative.Sincerely,Daniel X. O’NeilExecutive Director, Smart Chicago Collaborative(773) 960-6045doneil@cct.org