RFP Logo Rebranding Proposal Report
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RFP Logo Rebranding Proposal Report



RFP Logo Rebranding Proposal Report

RFP Logo Rebranding Proposal Report



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RFP Logo Rebranding Proposal Report RFP Logo Rebranding Proposal Report Presentation Transcript

  • HopeStreet Logo Rebranding Author: Judy Beddoni Date: 21st April 2008 “ JABIT Digital Designs & Ideas” Proposal
  • JABIT Digital Designs & Ideas
    • We are a well known professional graphic design company and have been operating for over 10 years.
    • All our projects are carried out at our own facilities at Waterloo .
    • We use of all the latest technologies available.
    • Innovative and creative team members.
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  • Proposal
    • The potential business benefits of rebranding HopeStreet’s logo .
    • Several examples of company who have successfully rebranded their logos.
    • The latest trends in logo designs .
    • The benefits of having your logo rebranded with Jabit Digital Designs & Ideas .
      • Our Logo Rebranding Strategies Plan.
      • Timeframe Schedule
      • Two initial HopeStreet logo design concepts for viewing.
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  • Purpose
    • The purpose of this report is to explain the benefits of rebranding your logo.
    • How I can assist you in the process of rebranding your company logo and achieve that smart professional and unforgettable look...
  • What is Rebranding?
    • Rebranding [1] (also called repositioning), is the process by which a product developed with one brand is marketed or distributed with a different identity.
    • Rebranding is not just about giving an existing product or service; a new name, a new logo, devising a snappy slogan or changing the corporate colours and expecting the sales to roll in.
    • It’s about challenging the very values of an organisation, whether you’re operating in a specialist niche market with a handful of employees or managing a ‘mega brand’ within a global corporation.
  • Risks
    • Changes can be expensive and potentially damaging if done badly and at best, are disruptive to business.
    • Whatever the level of change, careful consideration must be given before embarking on this course of action.
    • By rebranding your organisations logo, you may risk losing your supporters, clients that are already familiar with your products and services, your popularity or respect.
    • You can, however, clean-up your logo or update it with a lot less risk.
    • Rebranding your logo can effect the whole image of the company product and can have an impact on product sales.
    • Corporate rebranding is an important factor contributing to a business’s ability to maintain its popular image in the public, if not further increasing it.
    • It ensures that the company sustains a level of corporate modernisation and public presence .
    Benefits of Logo Rebranding
  • Successful Logo Rebrands
    • McDonalds
    • Apple Computers
    • Kentucky Fired Chicken
    • The main and most recognisable example of a successful rebranding strategy [2] was made by McDonalds.
    • McDonalds has gone through many types of brand tastes, while maintaining loyalty and satisfaction with its customers.
    • Not only has a rebrand of McDonalds given it even more consumer awareness it has most definitely boost sales dramatically.
    • This highlights that consumers were convinced that “A powerful brand can alter people’s perception of reality”. Maintaining loyalty and satisfaction with its customers.
  • McDonalds Old Logo’s
  • McDonalds New Logo
    • Apple has gone through many types of brand tastes, while maintaining loyalty and satisfaction with its customers as well.
    • For whatever reason Apple Inc. [3] had to revamp its logo, the new Apple logo got a hearty endorsement by the customers and critics around the world.
    • It can widely be seen on all Apple products and retail stores; and has become one of the world’s most renowned brand symbols.
    Apple Computers
  • Apple Old Logo’s
  • Apple New Logo
    • KFC [4] is a traditional old world brand faced the challenge of connecting with new food values.
    • They disconnect between brand and audience in this case they went even further - the ecological insensitivity already often associated with brands, especially fast food brands.
    • This was played out, quite literally, on a world stage which bought the rebranding of the KFC logo to the world in a big way.
    • Maintaining loyalty and satisfaction with its customers.
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • KFC Old Logo’s
  • KFC New Logo
    • “ KFC is boldly [5] going where no brand has gone before as Colonel Sanders takes one small step for humankind, but one giant leap for fried chicken.”
    • KFC bought peoples attention to the new logo with a giant, 87,000-square foot version of it that can be seen from space.
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Seen From Space KFC Logo
  • Articles on other Famous Rebrands
    • Microsoft Logo
    • NASA Logo
    • NBA Logo
    • Nike Logo
    • Nokia Logo
    • Pepsi Logo
    • Peugeot Logo
    • Puma Logo
    • Spiderman Logo
    • Superman Logo
    • Rolls Royce Logo
    • Starbucks Logo
    • Toyota Logo
    • UPS Logo
    • Walt Disney Logo
    • Wikipedia Logo
    • Yahoo Logo
    Adidas Logo Apple Logo American Express Logo BMW Logo Burger king Logo Coca Cola Logo Denver Broncos Logo FedEx Logo Ferrari Logo Google Logo Harley Davidson Logo Honda Logo IBM Logo Intel Logo McDonalds Logo Mercedes Benz Logo
  • HopeStreet Current Logo
  • About Your Current Logo
    • Your logo appears on company letterhead, advertising material and your website as an emblem by way of which your company can easily be recognized.
    • Was your logo designed for instant identification?
    • Does your logo succeed to identify your company?
  • HopeStreet Logo Should…
    • Attract attention and leave an impression.
    • Have a look that is unique.
    • Reflect the personality of your company.
    • It should be stylish, elegant and make it an impact.
  • And…
    • Your logo is essentially at the heart of your corporate identity.
    • It is the face of your company!
    • The right logo design is one of your strongest marketing tools.
    • It delivers the message to the public that your company is unique, credible and professional.
    • A rebranded logo design will establishes your identity .
    • Reinforce your brand, helping solidify consumer loyalty .
    • Create a long-term impression with your rebranded company logo design.
    Why Rebranding Should Be Considered with us
  • What are the benefits of Rebranding with us?
    • Qualified Senior Graphic Designer
    • Real results
    • Quality and convenience
    • Outstanding customer service
    • No Outsourcing or Subcontracting
    • Own Facility and Equipment
    • We guarantee our services
    • Payment Options
    • Timeframe Schedule
  • Senior Designer Judy Beddoni
    • “ I understand the power  of first impressions” with this in mind, logo rebranding is a crucial factor that every business should consider carefully.
    • The message that your logo  sends out - through its shape, colour, size etc - should reflect your company's image effectively and immediately. 
    • I will help you in every process of rebranding your company logo; the final result will leave a memorable visual impact on your potential customers, whilst ensuring that you really stand out from the crowd with an unforgettable logo which will instantly identify HopeStreet .
  • Acceptance of Proposal
    • As the Senior Designer I will be responsible for:
    • Attending the initial interview to commence your logo rebranding.
    • Communicate and collaborate with HopeStreet throughout the design process.
    • Creating your new look logo and supplying you with a final file pack which includes all the relevant file types needed for office printing and web use.
      • This means that you or your staff will be able to insert logos into your day-to-day documents, invoices, letterhead, etc., while maintaining a single standard for doing so.
  • Logo Rebranding Design Objectives
    • Attractiveness : You want your logo to make people feel satisfied and pleased.
    • Recognizability : A logo must not only be attractive, but able to associate those good feelings with your business's identity.
    • Flexibility : To use your attractive and recognizable logo, it must be able to withstand many different presentations and still maintain its integrity. For example, your logo must be able to be printed on a poster, displayed on a website, and printed on a fax.
  • These objectives have some fuzzy corollaries that are not always true, but are worthy to note:
    • Simple : Every additional element is a potential distraction and every extra detail is one more thing to forget.
    • Few Colors : More color is extra detail and too many different colors may make your logo garish, difficult to modify and reproduce, and even less recognizable.
    • Words : Words are easy to remember, can be spoken, and can have very dense meanings without complex graphics.
  • HopeStreet Logo Rebranding Timeline Schedule This is a guide only depends on amount of revisions you may make! Interview Initial Concept Your Response 1st Revision Your Response 2 nd Revision Your Response Delivery of logo APRIL MAY On time! 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 HopeStreet Jabit
  • Logo Rebranding Design Strategies
    • My design strategies are structure in the following way this design process enables me to communicate effectively with you and you with the me.
    • That way I keep you aware, informed and up to date with all aspects of your logo rebranding design process.
  • The Design Process
    • The first thing that happens when I receive your rebranding logo design order we will meet to discuss the logo rebranding requirements.
    • You will need to supply an image of your current logo.
  • Initial Concept
    • By day three I will be sending out the initial concepts of your company logo rebranding design.
  • Clients Response
    • HopeStreet can takes as long as they need to review the designs and think of any revisions they feel are necessary.
  • 1st Set of Revisions
    • These are the designs which I have prepared for you to view and from here you will decide which design/s you would like to move forward with.
  • Clients Response
    • The length of the design process depends entirely upon the number of revision rounds requested by HopeStreet.
    • Then after receiving the green light from you I will begins to prepare the final logo file pack.
  • Final File Logo Pack
    • The final files are sent as a .zip file; it includes all the relevant file types needed for office printing and web use.
    1 x vector based .eps file (fully editable master file) for professional printing and  design work 1 x  transparent PSD for professional web design use 3 x JPG in RGB in 3 sizes (Normal, medium and small) for home/office printing or web use 1 x JPG in gray scale for trademark registration purposes 1 x High resolution Tif for professional printing
  • Payment Options
    • We require $250.00 deposit on all orders.
    • You have the choice to pay for your logo rebranding:
      • As a total fee of $1350.00 or $45.00 per hour
  • We guarantee our services
    • Our Guarantee is simple: If you don't love your rebranding, you don't pay a cent.
    • If at any point within the first 30 days you're unsatisfied with your rebranding, we'll happily refund your money less agreed fees and the return of all design materials.
    • We're in business to help your business look great.
    • If your rebranding doesn't shine, neither do we.
    • No gimmicks, no hassles, no hoops to jump through.
  • HopeStreet Logo Rebranding Concepts
    • The following images are two examples of the type of work you can expect to receive for the initial concept.
  • Initial Concept 1
  • Initial Concept 2
  • Conclusion
    • After assessing your current logo against the potential business benefits, passed successful logo rebrandings and today’s design trends there is only one conclusion that I can make.
    • That conclusion is that HopeStreet would really reap the benefit from having their company logo rebranded.
  • Recommendations
    • I recommend that “HopeStreet” implement the rebranding of your company logo.
    • “ Jabit Digital Designs & Ideas” senior designer to commence the rebranding of your company logo.
    • If our recommendations are acceptable we can arrange for our first interview on the 25th April 2008.
  • Contact Details
    • Company:
    • Senior Designer:
    • Telephone:
    • Mobile:
    • Email:
    • Proposed Project:
    • Project No:
    “ JABIT Digital Designs & Ideas” Judy Beddoni 02 9999 999 0430 228 379 [email_address] HOPESTREET Logo Rebranding 0005583
  • References
    • 1. Website:
    • Wikipaedis What is a Rebranding(2008): Accessed 15th March 2008 Web site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog
    • 2. Journal Article:
    • McDonalds Logo Design & History (March 2007): Accessed 17th April 2008 Web site:
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  • Thank You for taking the time to view my proposal