Social Media Impact On Our Lives [Created for the Professional Development Collaborative]


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Social Networking is an increasingly hot topic impacting world politics (witness the Arab Spring), the field of marketing, and in the world of employment. Over 60% of marketing professionals utilize its potential and more and more employers trawl LinkedIn and other sites for "passive" candidates. Despite these facts, most professionals still aren\'t sure how best to use the power of social networking to advance their job search or to mobilize people for a cause.

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Social Media Impact On Our Lives [Created for the Professional Development Collaborative]

  1. 1. SocialMedia High Le velThe Impact on our LIFEPolitics, Advocacy, Influence,Fundraising, Love, and Job Search Judy Parisella e:
  2. 2. Social Media HasDefined A Generation Social Media – Impact On Our Lives 04/26/12 2
  3. 3. Social Media Has Defined A Generation Perhaps more than the internet itself• From a PUSH to PULL Message• USC (User Generated Content)• Buying Habits• Choices (Level playing field)• Community Engagement/Interaction• Intimacy• Activism• Philanthropy• Stake in the Political Process• Relationship Building• Job Searching• Networking (Professional & Personal)• …. And the dark side Social Media – Impact On Our Lives 04/26/12 3
  4. 4. Social Media Touches all Aspects of Our Life Social networking sites and our lives Research project conducted by the Pew Research Center• Social Influence: Thriving in a New World of Media Relations Findings in a White Paper produced by SocialEars and Online Dating by the Numbers Report from Social Media in Politics – According to the National Constitution Center Growing Philanthropy From Washington D.C. Philanthropy Summit Social Recruiting Survey conducted by JobVite No OnLine Presence? Your Employability & relevance is diminished! Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 4
  5. 5. Social networking sites and our livesThis is the first national survey of how Source: Pew Research Center | PewSNS activity relates to people’s overallsocial networks. Internet & American Life Project People who have large overall social networks  Typically have more years of education  SNS of choice: LinkedIn and Twitter Facebook users have more social support • Emotional support: offering advice, information, and understanding; companionship; such as having people available to spend time with; and instrumental or tangible support Neighboring is up  2008 31% of respondents didn’t know their neighbor’s name  Today only 18% of respondents didn’t know their neighbor’s name • People on SNS are much more politically engaged compared with Americans of a similar age and education. Social Media – Impact On Our Lives 04/26/12 5
  6. 6. Social Influence: Thriving in a New World of Media RelationsSource: White Paper produced by SocialEars “Our world has morphed from complicated to complex” Richard Edelman, chairman of the global agency Edelman PR.“In a complicated world you have many moving parts, but thepatterns are predictable and manageable. By contrast, in acomplex world , you have patterns and interactions thatchange constantly, producing different outcomes thatare often unexpected and unforeseen .Our greatest challenge today is deciding where to begin telling astory.” Social Media – Impact On Our Lives 04/26/12 6
  7. 7. Online Dating by theSource: Numbers 87 million The number of single people in the United States 40 million The number dating online 120,000 The number of marriages per year that result from Internet matches (WTFreak?) 2007 The year midlife men and women made peace with online dating – Impact On Our Lives Social Media 04/26/12 7
  8. 8. Social Media in Politics Source: National Constitution Center A Presidency lends MUCH credit to its “constituency of the connected”• Arab Spring protesters used the Internet and social media to organize demonstrations and to share them in real time across the globe, toppling Middle East dictators and reordering human history.• In January, millions of people signed online petitions and contacted members of Congress protesting efforts to pass poorly crafted legislation on online piracy. Lawmakers were forced to withdraw the bills.• Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation was forced to reverse course on Planned Parenthood after a massive public outcry over its suspension of funding to the organization.• It is estimated that Congress alone will again haul in more than $2 billion in campaign contributions this year. … through SOCIAL MEDIA! Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. Social 04/26/12 8
  9. 9. Growing Philanthropy From Washington D.C. Philanthropy Summit NEED: Identifying New Audiences, Channels, and Forms of Giving with Strong Potential for Growth Improve the sector’s engagement with young people.• The focus here should be squarely on engagement, not donations, recognizing that while many young people are not in a position to give cash, this is in no way a reflection of their interest in our causes.• Nonprofits need to engage through social and other media, raising awareness and building engagement until the time is eventually right to ask for financial support. A range of other practical recommendations were offered including the adoption of a “first gift” scheme. Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 9
  10. 10. Social Recruiting Q:2011 Survey conduced by JobVite Have you successfully hired95% say YES through one of these networks? Q: Wh ich SN Sp lat f or m do yo u us ef or rec rui tin g ? Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 10
  11. 11. Social Recruiting ANSWER:A Stranger Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 11
  12. 12. Jobvite Survey Notables Social recruiting on the rise AGAINAnswers from Respondents:•95% now use or plan to start using social recruiting•64% use 2 or more social networks for recruiting; 40% use 3 ormore: 1. LinkedIn | 2. Facebook | 3. Twitter•94% have successfully hired acandidate from LinkedIn•Referrals, direct sourcing and social networksare still the top rated external sources for qualitycandidates. Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 12
  13. 13. FROM THE OFFICE OF: The Patrick-Murray AdministrationA new study recently released by UMASS Dartmouth’s Center forMarketing Research shows that top companies nationwideare relying on social networking sites likeLinkedIn and Twitter as a marketing tool. Thesecompanies are not only searching for their next employees on thesesites, but are expecting them to jump right into the social networkingworld once hired. Source 2011"It is becoming clear that understanding onlinenetworking tools is critical in order to get aheadand successfully find your next job” - Secretary ofLabor and Workforce Development, Joanne F. Goldstein. Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 13
  14. 14. Social Media Predictions for Career Development  Reviewing Online identities are becoming as routine as an employer drug test – and its ‘character the #1 validating’ method  Used as a Vetting tool eliminating an est. 35% of job candidates  CareerBuilder reported 89% of employers used Social Media as background checks 100% by Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 14 04/26/12
  15. 15. Social Media Platforms by the Numbers= 150 million members | Members from ALLFortune 500 Companies | 4.2 billionprofessionally-oriented searches in 2011| 82 ofFortune 100 profiled= 850 million active users | 50% sign ondaily for 55 min avg. | Estimated to hit 1 billion usersby August= 500 million registered | 1.6 billionsearch queries per day | 200 million active users= 4 billion videos viewed daily | 60hours worth of video uploaded every minute or 1hours worth every second= 104 million Monthly visits | 32 pinboard categories | Most popular among women |Ranked 3rd top SNS in 4/2012 (overtook LinkedIn) Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 15
  16. 16. Before you get started – Do some ‘digital dig’n and prep ’ tFind out what’s being an You c - ol-alt contr tesaid about you? dele net•GOOGLE yourself | check YAHOO, inter t n conteBING, twitter, Facebook and pipl• Review existing profiles• Remove questionable content, un-tag photos, etc.•Prepare a Photo of yourself•Make sure your resume is up to date;and ‘date’ accurate•Have at hand your awards,commendations; certifications, etc.•Set up reputation managementstrategy: http://socialmention.com Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 16
  17. 17. Completing Your LinkedIn Profile – MATTERS“Users with complete profiles are 40times more likely to receiveopportunities through LinkedIn.” -LinkedIn Users Industry and postal code A current position with description Two more positions Education LinkedIn’s Recruitment At least 5 skills Solutions forces you to Profile photo At least 50 connections produce a 100% A summary Completed Profile Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 17
  18. 18. A Complete LinkedIn Profile 100% Completion MATTERS Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 18
  19. 19. Connect Your Digital Assets– Start with LinkedIn WESITES include: Blog Facebook Biz Page Slide Share URL YouTube URL Create a PURL Personal URL  19 Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12
  20. 20. Connect your Digital Assets Your email is a digital calling card Include contact information Name eMail address LinkedIn link Website link Facebook link Twitter link Value Statement | tag line 20 Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12
  21. 21. Judy Parisella e: judy.parisella@yahoo.com Social Media-Impact On Our Lives ….. 04/26/12 21