Social Media’s Impact on Our Life


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Social Media’s Impact on Our Life - Politics, Advocacy, Influence, Fund Raising, Love and Job Search

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Social Media’s Impact on Our Life

  1. 1. Judy Parisella e: Social Media’s Impact on Our Life ETR Career Center Framingham July 11, 2014 Politics, Advocacy, Influence, Fund Raising, Love and Job Search
  2. 2. 27/13/2014 Social Media Profile Myth... “If you build it they will come.” Your level of participation determines your activity. No Activity – NO ACTIVITY Know Activity – KNOW ACTIVITY NOT TRUE!
  3. 3. 37/13/2014 Social Media has redefined a generation Perhaps More Than the Internet Itself
  4. 4. 47/13/2014 Social Media Has Redefined a Generation From a PUSH to PULL Message USC (User Generated Content) Buying Habits Community Engagement/Interaction Intimacy Activism Philanthropy Stake in the Political Process Relationship Building …. And the dark side
  5. 5. 57/13/2014 LinkedIn vs. Facebook vs. twitter LinkedIn Facebook twitter Target Audience for business EASY - User selects GROUPS to participate in CHALLENGING - User selects companies to LIKE, but not always permitted to post content CHALLENGING - User can select who to follow, but sharing content with participants is fleeting Strength Exclusively Professional information Citical Mass - Keeping up with family and friends Brevity and 3rd party content tracking Weakness Conections are blurred - too many L.I.O.N.S. Segmenting - lists are clunky Brevity and potential overload Analytics Robust and immediate Easy through insights Overall traffic metrics can be difficult to compile unless leveraging a 3rd tool Ease of Engagement Easy within network, groups and companies Easy to be expressive Extremely easy to comment on ALL content Privacy Fully integrated and completley self managed Privacy mechanisms constantly changing Limited settings Following Content Can follow specific posts and associated comments - but its not twitter No elegant way to acomplish Preferred platform to tack and participate in conversations Environment Advertising is respectful Advertising encroaches on personal feeds Paid tweets rank at top of feeds but not throughout
  6. 6. Research project conducted by the Pew Research Center People who have large overall social networks offline  Typically have more years of education  SNS platforms of choice: LinkedIn and Twitter Facebook users have more social support Emotional support: offering advice, information, and understanding; companionship; such as having people available to spend time with; and instrumental or tangible support Neighboring is up  2008 31% of respondents didn’t know their neighbor’s name  Today only 18% of respondents didn’t know their neighbor’s name People on SNS are much more politically engaged compared with Americans of a similar age and education. This is the first national survey of how SNS activity relates to people’s overall social networks. 67/13/2014 Social Networking Sites and Our Lives
  7. 7. Findings in a White Paper produced by SocialEars and “Our world has morphed from complicated to complex” Richard Edelman, chairman of the global agency Edelman PR. “In a complicated world you have many moving parts, but the patterns are predictable and manageable. By contrast, in a complex world, you have patterns and interactions that change constantly, producing different outcomes that are often unexpected and unforeseen. Our greatest challenge today is deciding where to begin telling a story.” 77/13/2014 Social Influence: Thriving in a New World of Media relations
  8. 8. 87 million The number of single people in the United States 40 million The number dating online 120,000 The number of marriages per year that result from Internet matches (1 in 8) (WTFreak?) 2007 The year midlife men and women made peace with online dating 87/13/2014 Online Dating by the numbers
  9. 9. With More Than 1 Billion Posts, Tweets And Likes, World Cup Scores In Social Media CNN speaks with Fareed Zakaria about the killing of three Israeli teens and a Palestinian youth, the role of social media in the Middle East, and the prospects for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. – Costs to organize has dramatically decreased, gaining radical support is so much easier. Politicians focus on social media to engage voters Twitter, Facebook Made a Splash in Indonesia’s Election How social media played game changer for election 2014 in the world's largest democracy - India The Impact of Social Media on Democracy New Britain Mayor Faces Criticism Over Social Media Posts 97/13/2014 Social media in Politics – Headlines 7/2014
  10. 10. Social Philanthropy The evolution of Philanthropy and social networking is quickly transforming how people are receiving donations. People have used various charity and crowdfunding platforms to raise money for business startup funding, causes, charities, communities, people, and more. 107/13/2014 Social Media Growing in Philanthropy Crowdfunding Growing at a Startling Rate, New Report Says • Nowadays, the Internet has been a valuable fundraising tool to raise funds for any business, charity, or cause. • More than $57,000 is pledged to a crowdfunding campaign somewhere in the world every hour of every day. • An average of 325 new crowdfunding campaigns launch every day.
  11. 11. 117/13/2014 Social Media Experiment –Potato Salad
  12. 12. 127/13/2014 Social Recruiting
  13. 13. 137/13/2014 Social Recruiting 2014 Survey conduced by JobVite
  14. 14.  Reviewing Online identities are becoming as routine as an employer drug test – and its the #1 ‘character validating’ method  93% of recruiters are likely to look at a candidate’s social profile.  JobVite reported 96% of employers use Social Media as background checks  42% of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on content viewed in a social profile, leading both positive and negative re- assessments. 147/13/2014 Social Recruiting
  15. 15. 15 Find out what’s being said about you? GOOGLE yourself | check YAHOO, BING, twitter, Facebook and pipl Review existing profiles Remove questionable content, un-tag photos, etc Prepare a Photo of yourself Make sure your resume is up to date; and ‘date’ accurate Have at hand your awards, commendations; certifications, etc Set up reputation management tools: 157/13/2014 Prep For What Social Recruiters Will Find
  16. 16. 167/13/2014 Gaze Tracking Study In 2012 Ladders commissioned ground-breaking research* on how recruiters scan resumes:  Where they look  What they look for  And how long they review Findings: they spend SIX Seconds reviewing a resume * Our work experience is worth a mere SIX SECONDS? #SuckIt By all indications the numbers are similar on LinkedIn whether a recruiter or vetting for business engagement
  17. 17. 177/13/2014 Future Hipsters
  18. 18. 187/13/2014 Judy Parisella e: WORK IT!
  19. 19. 197/13/2014 197/13/2014 300 Million Members Includes members from ALL Fortune 500 Companies Over 6 billion professionally-oriented searches in 2013 73 of the Fortune 100 hired through LinkedIn 22nd Most Visited Site in 2013 3 million company Business Pages 41% of all LinkedIn traffic is via a mobile device 2 NEW Users every second 200 conversations occur PER MINUTE in LinkedIn Groups 2.1 million GROUPS As of February 2013 LinkedIn Replaced Facebook as the TOP SOCIAL TOOL for ‘Fastest Growing Private Businesses’ LinkedIn by the Numbers 88 Amazing LinkedIn Stats – 5/2014
  20. 20. 7/13/2014 20 LinkedIn Profile Strength–MATTERS “Users with ‘All-Star’ profile strength are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.” -LinkedIn Users Robust ‘keyword rich’ headline A current position with description Two more positions Education At least 5 skills Include Media Profile photo At least 50 connections Keyword rich summary Beginner Intermediate Expert The Profile Strength meter is on the right side of your profile and gauges how robust your profile is.
  21. 21. 217/13/2014 Passive Approach Find out who has already found you If intrigued, reach out to them. Free account will only see latest 5 viewers Ask me about a 63% increase in profile views.
  22. 22. 227/13/2014 Passive Approach Worth an introduction?
  23. 23. 237/13/2014 23 ACTIVE Mining on LinkedIn– Advance Search – Vetting Prospects Create a prospect list: Go to People in the search box an click on ADVANCED
  24. 24. 247/13/2014 ACTIVE Mining on LinkedIn– Advance Search – Vetting Prospects Target  GEO  Keywords  Company Size  Industry  Etc……
  25. 25. 257/13/2014 ACTIVE Mining on LinkedIn– Advance Search – Vetting Prospects
  26. 26. 7/13/2014 26 Judy Parisella e: 978.491.7444