Webinar: Back Office: February 28, 2012


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Find out how optimizing your back office can help improve your firms consistency and metrics around compliance, customer experience, and operational efficiencies

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Webinar: Back Office: February 28, 2012

  1. 1. The High Performing Back OfficeFebruary 28, 2012
  2. 2. High Performance Back Office High Performance Back Office  One that is focused on the goals of reducing operational expenses, improving compliance adherence all with the common goal is maximizing customer service and satisfaction.  High Performance back office is comprised of skilled workers that are always aligned to the ideal task at the ideal time with their eye on the goal of reducing handling time and improving quality of their work
  3. 3. SMS SMSSMS CHAOS Metrics Touch points Natural Disasters Infrastructure
  4. 4. What is Back Office work? Contact Center Back Office Non-Phone Work Processing
  5. 5. SWPP Survey 2011 Non-phone customer service is growing Are you adequately able to measure and track these types of channels? More than half of respondents state that the same employee handles voice and non-voice work Do you have a good solution for blended agents?
  6. 6. Back Office Market NeedsBack office supervisors are EAGER for better management tools “We have squeezed all the costs out of our contact centers “Implementing WFM in the front that we can – now we need to office saved almost 30%. We do that in our back office need to extend that savings, or operations.” at least part of it, to the back office. It’s a no brainer.”  DEMANDING solutions that  Provide historical and real-time work visibility  Improve productivity and performance  Increase compliance  Boost quality 6
  7. 7. What is a High Performing Back Office? When compared to the average of their peers, they have:  Higher efficiency and productivity  Consistently meet or exceed their service goals  Intelligently share work with the contact center  Lower back office costs  Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty  Higher employee satisfaction and lower attrition  Lower contact center costs and volumes  Less rework and costly errors  Higher quality  Lower regulatory fines
  8. 8. It’s Time for the Back Office to Reach New Heights 8
  9. 9. NICE Back Office Suite Real-Time Real-Time NICE Back Office Suite Performance Workforce Quality Activity Process Management Management Management Monitoring Optimization Guide / Gain Improve automate Increasevisibility into Increase quality & processing operational task performance customer & drive efficiency processing satisfaction compliance
  11. 11. Real-Time Activity Monitoring - Opportunity Starts Here  Application metering  Process adherence  Process duration  Process paths Gain visibility into agent desktops11
  12. 12. Back Office Challenges – Accurate AHT Loans Fax  Multiple systems with no single source of data Email CRM  Employees can work on multiple items concurrently Imaging  No data for manual or paper-based processes Sales Billing Example of AHT Difficulties 11:00 What the system recorded: AHT = 2 hours 13:00 Employee started the work task Employee ended the work task What really happened: AHT = 75 minutes 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:15 12:30 12:45 13:00 Knowledge Facebook Lunch Database Email Employee started the work task Employee ended the work task
  13. 13. Accurately Track Processes and Sub Tasks Visibility into Individual Employees to find Best Practices and Compliance Issues Use Best Practices training to increase work items per day goals Accurate AverageProcessing 4% Improvement Times 13
  14. 14. Total Application Usage Report: Actionable Insight Find “Hidden” Capacity Find inefficient Processes Facebook Facebook eBay eBay Netflix Netflix 10 minuteFind and Eliminate Excessive Non-Work Time Improvement 14
  15. 15. Employee Work Journal Capture manual, paper-based work by task type Provides visibility into manual work progress Enables performance management for manual work WFM calculates work per interval and AHT Allows forecasting, scheduling and change management
  16. 16. Idle Time Home Loans 21 854 4.98 1.08 5 minute Find and Eliminate Excessive Idle Time Improvement
  18. 18. What is Real-Time Impact? Real-Time Impact Real-Time Guidance Real-Time Process Real-Time Automation Compliance Automation Keystrokes Best Practices Operational Efficiency Employee Retention Process Adherence Reduce Handling Time Error Reduction Impacting Every Process 18
  19. 19. Process Compliance Enforcement Define Desktop Workflows Ensure process compliance within and across applications
  20. 20. Process Automation Example – Data Propagation Contacts Automatically copy and paste 6 fields Original handle time = 30 seconds New handle time with automation feature = 2 seconds • 93% increase in efficiency • Very happy employees • No errors
  21. 21. Real-Time Guidance Employees cannot know everything Guides employees through complex back office processes Presents relevant information in a call out window Provides information relevant to each step in the process Guidance based upon the specific needs of the individual Push knowledgebase information instead of employees hunting for it 4% Improvement 21
  22. 22. User Interface Consolidation Save time by providing required information from multiple sources in one call out More cost effective than using 3 monitors 5 minute Improvement 22
  24. 24. Quality Management Screen Recording Configurable Custom & Playback Employee Coaching Evaluation Forms Packages Visibility into employee screen navigation to find and fix root causes of errors Tailor evaluation forms to focus on quality objectives specific to the business Deliver & schedule customized coaching packages for individuals & teams Error rate lowered from 4% to 2% 24
  26. 26. SWPP Survey 2011: WFM Latest Trend SWPP 2011 Survey Cites: Expansion of WFM Concepts to Non-Phone Channels as the #1 new trend in Workforce Management  53% manually forecast for other E-mail, Outbound Calling, channels, while 32% use an Regular Mail, Faxes, and Web automated WFM system. Chat are the most noted other channels used. Facebook and  49% use an automated WFM Twitter are also noted in a small system to schedule agents, while number of centers. 43% schedule manually. Are you adequately able to measure How are you measuring your off- and track these types of channels? phone contact work?
  27. 27. Tools to Automate Capacity Management Activities The Workforce Analyze Schedule People Management Performance & Events Cycle Manage Change 1 % Staffing improvement 27
  29. 29. Performance Suite One Version of Personalized forDisparate Data A Holistic Approach to the Truth… Every Person Sources Improving Performance and Role Example Sources KPI Dashboard Analytics Incentives Workflow Executive Dashboards Coaching Forms ETL Tool Built for Performance Management 2 % Productivity improvement
  30. 30. Inventory Aging by Associates or Work Type Aging items are broken down into appropriate work groups depending on SLAs for work typesWork Disposition illustrates the workable vs. non-workable status of work items assigned to individuals or teams
  31. 31. The High Performing Back Office  Employee performance is up 11%!  Compliance has improved by 26%!  Backlogs are under control.  Overtime costs are minimal.  Productivity is up by 21% from hidden capacity!  Process time is clear and accurate!  Planning and forecasting is an exact science now  Quality has improved by 17%!  Back Office team is handling calls too!  Payback time on the new NICE solutions was only 6 months!
  33. 33. Solution: Service Processing OptimizationOpen Claim Real-Time Start tracking actual handle Quality Activity time Management Monitoring Screen recording Real-TimeAlert data mismatch Process Reduce errors Optimization Reduce handling time Auto work processes ofAutomatically open and Real-Time mindless manual work reducepopulate provider claim Process errors and handling timesystem Optimization along with improving staff job satisfactionCompliance Adherence Real-Time Reduce regulatory fines Guidance Allows compensation toMeasure Employee Performance match quality of work.Performance Management Provides incentive for employees to always outperform Understanding workloadStaff effectively Workforce allows for effective scheduling
  35. 35. Solution: Enterprise Work Sharing Back Office Contact Center BranchWhat Value HowEconomies of scale Many firms are moving to Real-time processlowering operational centralized facilities for automation and workforceexpenses specific type of work management processOptimized scheduling Provides the ability to Workforce management understand your employee skill sets across the whole enterprise and forecast and staff accordingly
  36. 36. Intelligently Share Work with the Contact Center Back offices can provide some support for easy to handle call types to help with the peak hours of the day Contact centers can provide some support for related back office work during the lowest volume Back Office helps the hours of the day Contact Center Contact Center helpsContact Center Forecast the Back Office
  37. 37. Solution: Real-Time Remote AutomationWhat Value HowReduce handling time Automating parts of the Real-time process process expedites the optimization handling time by reducing manual workImprove customer retention Ensures high value Real-time process customers/prospects are optimization moved to the front of the queue
  38. 38. HEALTHCARE
  39. 39. Healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace. Beingcustomer-centric, this industry needs to deliver high quality customer support which is equally dependant on the front and back office. The back office involves many multi-step, multi-day processes related to health insurance, patients records, administrative tasks, claims processing and othersthat need to be managed diligently to meet the expectations of the new savvy customer
  40. 40. Healthcare Insurance Workforce Management Gain Visibility •Workforce •Actual handle time scheduling •Best practices Open Enrollment Account Regulations Management Performance Optimize Management Processes Healthcare •Automated •Employee KPI keystroke tracking •Automated work •Management KPI process tracking •Guidance PBM CRM Claims Processing Quality Regulation Management Adherence •Cost Containment: •Compliance MLR •Find and fix root •ICD-10 causes of errors •Screen Recording •Lower rework and Archive
  41. 41. FINANCE
  42. 42. Financial Services Workforce Management Gain Visibility •Workforce •Actual handle time scheduling •Best practices •Forecasting Demand Generation and CRM Billing and Account Collections Management Performance Optimize Management Processes Financial •Automated •Employee KPI Services keystroke tracking •Automated work •Management KPI process tracking Middle and •Guidance Back Office Regulations Trading Loans, Mortgage and Credit processing Quality Regulation Management Adherence •Compliance •Sarbanes Oxley •Find and fix root •Dodd Frank causes of errors •Screen Recording •Lower rework and Archive
  43. 43. Large Global Bank INDUSTRY Largest bank in the Improved Process Efficiencies Banking Eurozone Financial Services  Automated tool that runs processes by itself Over 170K employees without advisor interaction  Streamline processesBusiness Goals  Automate data entry across systems to reduce  Lowered the 2-week handle time and data entry errors turn around mortgage Support increased traffic due to campaigns and approval to 5 days Improved Customer Experience promotions  28% staff savings  Being able weed through qualified prospects  Improved mortgage Expedition acquisitions quickly providing more attention to high value prospects close ratio on campaigns  Acquired customers were integrated more quickly into parent company receiving the higher level of customer experience NICE SOLUTIONS Improved Employee Experience NICE BackOffice Suite  Ability to eliminate mindless tasks and provide enhanced employee satisfaction by allowing NICE Real-Time Process them to focus on higher strategic initiatives Optimization  Eases the strain of IT integrating disparate systems.
  45. 45. Making the Ultimate Customer ConnectionBack Office Contact  Business processes often span Center Customer contact center and back office  Back office issues drive costly interactions into contact center  Back office inefficiencies impact enterprise profitability  Both contact centers and back offices impact customer experience Ultimately- customers are impacted by the ENTIRE enterprise 45
  46. 46. Champions  Who in your company is championing this #1 WFM trend?  It may be difficult to navigate the Your photo here technology and culture change issues…  but the benefits are worth it  You can help lead your team!
  47. 47. What’s Next…  Many Options to Contact Nice  Contact your NICE Account Executive  Contact me  www.nice.com  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  Receive  Personalized demo  Individual Business Assessment  Find out how NICE Back Office can drive new efficiencies and revenue opportunities for your firm