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Spotlight on success_skincare_aa_rev

  1. 1. RODAN + FIELDS ® SKINCARE EDITION Summer 2011Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists is committed to offering real people real results with theirskincare. And while everyday skin conditions can be complex, the solutions don’t have to be.That’s why our Products are based on a philosophy of Multi-Med® Therapy—using the rightmedicines and active cosmetics, in the right formulations, in the right order.The results are in—check out these great stories from real users. Skin is a beautiful thing …wear it well.Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us for this edition of Spotlight on Success.To be featured in the next edition, and help other Customers find the right solutions to changetheir skin, please contact the RF Connection at If your storyis featured in the next edition you will receive a complimentary regimen of choice as a thank you.ANTI-AGE REVERSE SOOTHE UNBLEMISHRegimen for Winkles, Regimen for Brown Spots, Regimen for Sensitive, Irritated Regimen for Acne andPores and Loss of Firmness Dullness and Sun Damage Skin and Facial Redness Post-Acne Marks
  2. 2. ANTI-AGE Regimenfor Wrinkles, Poresand Loss of FirmnessANTI-AGE Success Story: Stacey McCarthy “I am 49, and have been careful about using broad spectrum sunscreens and taking good daily care of my skin up to this point, but what a huge, dramatic and visible difference I have seen after using Rodan + Fields Products! After 45 days of using the REVERSE Regimen in the morning and the ANTI-AGE Regimen in the evening, brown spots have significantly reduced, the depth of my under-eye and nasolabial folds have reduced and my under-eye lines have diminished.”ANTI-AGE Success Story: Peggy LeNoue “ I began to use the ANTI-AGE Regimen on my face and neck in February of 2011 and added the ANTI-AGE Night Renewing Serum shortly thereafter. I found that my neck needed more time to adjust to the active ingredients, so I started a little slower on that skin and used as tolerated. After four weeks, I started seeing results. After six weeks, I had a ‘WOW’ moment, I couldn’t believe the changes in my skin. I immediately took pictures to share my results. I am so excited!! Thank you, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields for everything!”
  3. 3. REVERSE Regimenfor Brown Spots, Dullnessand Sun DamageREVERSE Success Story: Sandy Morris “ I am the most skeptical person you know. I have been successful in owning and manag- ing a hairdressing business and am passion- ate about wonderful products that produce amazing results. My daughter, Loree Hart, a Rodan + Fields Consultant, sent me the REVERSE Regimen, SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment and ANTI-AGE Eye Cream. Within a week, everyone was asking me ‘what in the world did you do to your face?’ I am reduced to tears every time I think about how excited I am about my skin. And it just gets better every day.”REVERSE Success Story: Sasha Ryan “ After my pregnancies, I noticed dark patches of Melasma on my skin. A dermatologist gave me prescription strength hydroquinone and told me to wear heavy sunscreen. It worked at first, but after a while the marks became more stubborn. I became self-conscious and depressed. Makeup would not cover these marks and I was way too active and busy with four children to have a full makeup face every day anyway. “My husband recently saw advertisements for the REVERSE Regimen and pushed me into buying it. I am SO happy I did. The results have been amazing!!! I truly hope that any potential Customers suffering with Melasma give REVERSE a try!”
  4. 4. SOOTHE Regimenfor Sensitive, IrritatedSkin and Facial RednessSOOTHE Success Story: William Correa “ This is my 5-year-old son, William, who has struggled with allergies and eczema since his birth. His skin conditions would get so bad that he couldn’t bend his arms and legs and even had trouble writing in school. “Nothing had worked for him ... We had seen numerous dermatologists and allergists, and then we found the SOOTHE Regimen. Within 24 hours, his redness disappeared and irritation decreased. “My brothers are doctors and could not believe the difference SOOTHE has made. William says he feels like a rock star. Thank you, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields, for making a difference in our lives. You are a dermatological dream team.”SOOTHE Success Story: Courtney Aguilera “ All of my life I had problems with redness and irritation with my skin. I had to cover it up with heavy foundation, which caused breakouts on my face. The first time I used SOOTHE I saw a big difference in just a few minutes. As I continued to use the products, every day the irritation on my face got better and better. The products really ‘soothed’ my skin. After only three weeks I didn’t have any irritation at all. “My skin has never looked so clear and healthy! I am so excited to now be able to leave my house and face people without heavy makeup! Thank you, Rodan + Fields.”
  5. 5. UNBLEMISH Regimenfor Acne andPost-Acne MarksUNBLEMISH Success Story: Courtney Akel “ UNBLEMISH has changed me. My confidence, my esteem, my ability to move forward and upward in my life without thinking, ‘What are they looking at?! I know they see the breakouts and I’m 30 years old!!!’ … have all changed since I started using the UNBLEMISH Regimen. “I loveeeeeeeeeeee this product. Within four months of using UNBLEMISH, I no longer have active breakouts, just some residual discoloration and scarring from old breakouts. And even those have slowly started to fade. For the first time in a long time my skin is even and smooth. It’s all I ever wanted! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”UNBLEMISH Success Story: Monika Dominguez “ As a teenager I had horrible acne. It got to be so bad that there was one particular time I even remember my drill team director telling me how I needed to go about getting rid of them. As I got older my acne wasn’t as bad, but I would still break out and have huge pimples that I would try to cover up with makeup. I started using the UNBLEMISH Regimen and within two weeks my boyfriend saw immediate improvement. After just three months of using the regimen I was able to go foundation free. I live in Texas and we often have 100 degree weather, so this was huge for me! My makeup is not melting off my face anymore and I am absolutely in love with this product!!!”