Hawley's Horse Kings of Southeastern Idaho


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The two men that founded Clyde, Idaho and Howe, Idaho were known as the Horse Kings of Southeastern Idaho. A presentation made for the South Custer Historical Society, Mackay, Idaho.

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Hawley's Horse Kings of Southeastern Idaho

  1. 1. Horse Kings of Southeastern Idaho Dewain B. Hawley Howe, Idaho Edwin R. Hawley Clyde, Idaho
  2. 2. Both Hawley Brothers ran 3,600 to 4,000 head of horses Sold to the horses to the U.S. Cavalry Hawley Brothers Clydesdale Horse from internet
  3. 3. 9H6 9H6 Edwin R. Hawley left thigh brand Clyde, Idaho Dewain B. Hawley Left shoulder brand Howe, Idaho Brands
  4. 4. Dewain B. Hawley 1826 – 1915 (born in NY, died age 92 in Howe) Buried at Howe Cemetery Founded Howe, Idaho in 1879 First wife died in 1869 (son Merton and daughter, Katie Hawley McClain) Married 2 nd time on July 1,1884 Miss Marion Kay of Medicine Lodge Ranch Children Roy, Mildred, Agnes, Howard all delivered by midwife, Catherine Larson Opened first Post Office in Howe 1883 Postmaster Merton Hawley, Dewain’s son from first marriage Edwin Robert Hawley 1836 – 1914 (born in NY, died age 78 at Clyde Ranch) Buried in Rose Hill in Idaho Falls Founded Clyde, Idaho Married the widow of Joseph Yearian, Christena Catherine Winters Yearian at Bannack, Montana, on Oct 24, 1878 Opened first Post Office in Clyde 1890 1 daughter, Edith Amanda Hawley Ferris and 3 step-daughters, Laura, Hattie, Lilly Yearian Manley Hawley They had 9 children total Circa 1876 came to Little Lost River Valley Amanda Berray Hawley
  5. 6. <ul><li>35 horses, value $875 </li></ul><ul><li>188 goats, value $177 </li></ul><ul><li>20 hogs, value $20 </li></ul><ul><li>two wagons, value $50 </li></ul><ul><li>two harnesses, value $50 </li></ul><ul><li>three cultivators, value $150 </li></ul><ul><li>one binder, value $175 </li></ul><ul><li>The county seat was Hailey. Now Arco is the county seat, while Butte replaced Alturas as the county name. For a time, Howe was also in Fremont County and then Jefferson County </li></ul>Howe, Idaho’s Dewain Hawley’s tax assessment when he first moved to Howe was listed at
  6. 8. Dewain B. Hawley at Howe, Idaho
  7. 9. Ole Johnson who built the two story Clyde, Idaho home of Dewain B. Hawley in 1892
  8. 11. Son of Dewain B. Hawley by his 1 st wife Died just 15 years after his father died in 1914 Merton Hawley
  9. 14. 1905 Howe School
  10. 15. Jennie Reno 1882 to 1959 (1 st dark glasses in Butte County) Maude Peck Hawley
  11. 18. Howe Cemetery
  12. 19. Dewain B. Hawley died 92 years, 4 months, 24 days Buried Howe Cemetery, Howe, Idaho
  13. 20. Marion Kay Hawley 1862 – 1941 – wife of Dewain B. Hawley buried at Howe Cemetery, Howe Idaho
  14. 21. Edwin Robert Hawley with wife Christena Yearian They founded Clyde, Idaho
  15. 23. Edwin Robert Hawley
  16. 24. Charles VanDorn was their foreman for 18 years, his word was as good as gold
  17. 26. Another view of the Edwin Robert Hawley Ranch House in Clyde, Idaho
  18. 27. Edwin Robert Hawley who founded Clyde, Idaho is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Idaho Falls
  19. 28. Christena Catherine Winters (Yearian) Hawley Wife of Edwin Robert Hawley Birth: Oct. 23, 1841 Lawrence, Marion County, Indiana Death: Feb. 7, 1942 Glendale, Los Angeles County California Buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Idaho Falls
  20. 29. Edwin Robert. Hawley Death Notice in the Idaho Republican March 12, 1915 Byrd Trego, Editor and Proprietor
  21. 30. Edwin Robert Hawley 1836 - 1914
  22. 33. You might wonder why Edwin and Christena aren’t buried in Clyde?
  23. 34. Clyde Cemetery
  24. 37. Hawley, Clarence G.: born 26 Feb 1920, Arco, Idaho died, 27 May 1968, Idaho Falls, Idaho Parents, Maude Peck and Roy Hawley. Spouse Vada Wortley, 20 Feb 1941, Salmon, Id. served, Idaho PUT 188 Pioneer infantry WWII Hawley, Dewain B.: born 6 Apr 1826 died 30 Aug 1915. film 873, 529 and headstone Hawley, Elsa I: born 16 May 1888, died 6 Mar 1889. film 873,529 and headstone Hawley, Ethel: born 23 Sep 1886, died 20 Mar 1887 Parents, D.B. & M Hawley film 873,529 Hawley, Frostina Ellen: born, 11 Aug 1965, Blackfoot, Idaho died, 24 Apr 1982, Blackfoot, Idaho. Parents, Gerry D. Coenin and Forrest Earl Hawley. Hawley, Joseph William: born, 27 Mar 1977, Arco, Idaho died, 7 Oct 1977, Salt Lake City, Utah. Parents Connie Boyack and David Hawley Hawley, Lawrence R. &quot;Slim&quot;: born, 29 Dec 1915, Idaho Falls, Idaho died, 17 Feb 1989, Idaho Falls, Idaho [obit] Parents, Maude May Peck and Roy Hawley. Spouse, Venice Ireland, [mar] May 1938, Idaho Falls, ID. Hawley, Mrs. Marion: born 1862, died 19 Jan 1941, Howe, Idaho film, 873,529 #1 pg 4 Hawley, Merton: 1861-1929 film, 873,529 Hawley, Terry Lloyd: 51 born, 29 Jun 1947, Idaho Falls, Idaho died, 11 Jun 1998, Blackfoot, Idaho [obit] Parents, Nevada Ellen Wortley and Clarence Glenn Hawley. Spouse, Sharon Hale div. 2. Sheila Smith div. Hawley, Tina: born 11 Aug 1965, Blackfoot, Idaho died, 24 Apr 1982, Blackfoot, Idaho. [obit] Parents Gerry D. Colvin and Forrest Hawley. Hawley, Venice Ireland: born 11 Jul 1918, Blackfoot, Idaho died, 30 Jul 1997, Howe, Idaho [obit] Parents, Ann Rodgers Ed Ireland. Spouse, Lawrence &quot;Slim&quot; Hawley, May 1938
  25. 38. Findagrave.com page
  26. 39. Carl Bennetts from California <ul><li>Memories of Market Lake Volume II, by William Stibal Pettite (out of print) </li></ul><ul><li>I don't know whether you are old enough to have seen Edwin Hawley's ranch house at Clyde.  My grandmother (Edwin's step-daughter) said it was the first 2 story building in the valley.  My family took her up there for a nostalgic visit in the summer of 1951, when the building was being prepared for demolition.  Grandmother had watched the workmen hand-lathe the newel post about 1888, so we asked to have it shipped to us in California.  My cousin still has it. </li></ul>