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Teamworks Customer Relationship Marketing

  1. 1. Customer Relationship Marketing
  2. 2. TeanworksGlobal markets companies, builds relationships and communicates your message to the world. TeamworksGlobal is a business development firm that automates marketing and communication processes, and provides resources and solutions for business growth strategies. With more than 25 years experience in corporate, agency and consulting environments, we provide strategic planning and tactical implementation of integrated campaigns that improve your marketing effectiveness, maximize your ROI and drive your profitability.
  3. 3. Communications is one of the last functional business processes to become automated. Accounting, supply chain management, human resource management, sales and professional services have all evolved as automated processes with logical workflows. Automated marcom solutions now manage data, analyze results, translate creativity into interactive e-communications, permit file sharing and automate operational execution. The result? Communicating has become efficient, effective and automated.
  4. 4. What Happened to CRM? Most CRM systems are best utilized for sales force automation while others are well developed in the customer service arena. None of them, however, are made for marketing communications. They are designed to manage one-to-one communications, such as between a salesperson and a prospect. They are not designed to manage, create, and automate marcom processes from your company to different prospect and customer segments.
  5. 5. As a matter of fact, most executives don’t use their CRM systems for marketing or communications purposes. They still manage those processes manually! Agencies are no different. They may track response to specific advertising campaigns, based on actual sales dollars. Or they may track response through web hits or telephone surveys. But they do not leverage e- technology to automate communication processes or to cultivate the customer through the entire relationship life cycle.
  6. 6. Building Strong Customer Relationships Customer Relationship Marketing relies on interactive technology to consistently maintain two-way communications with prospective, current and inactive customers. By repeatedly engaging customers in an ongoing dialogue, marketers gain a deeper understanding of customer needs while delivering personal and compelling communications. This cultivates the decision- making process while addressing unique buying behaviors.
  7. 7. Most marketing plans focus heavily on acquiring new customers, but Customer Relationship Marketing captures leads and engages prospects in an ongoing nurture dialogue while maintaining an ongoing conversation with existing customers. Revenue is increased simply by reallocating some of the existing resources into cyclical communication strategies.
  8. 8. Nurture, Grow, Retain … Customer Relationship Marketing is developed around three critical phases in the customer lifecycle: prospect, customer and inactive customer. Each of the three stages is defined by their current relationship with your company and encompasses their own set of strategic goals, marketing tactics and metrics for benchmarking.
  9. 9. Nurture -the process of identifying potential customers, initiating the exchange of information and moving consumers through the buying cycle toward a purchase Grow -the process of building more profitable, long-term relationships by encouraging active customers to make repeat purchases Retain -the process of identifying and winning back inactive customers by re-engaging them with your company’s products and services
  10. 10. A comprehensive marketing plan is then developed with strategic tactics assigned to each customer lifecycle stage. Each stage includes surveys, promotions and value-add tactics that identify what the customer wants, needs and is willing to buy. Each stage also incorporates a combination of communications that are sent periodically, post-transaction or event based, or triggered based on movement within the lifecycle
  11. 11. Customers as Advocates A core requirement of Customer Relationship Marketing is a central marketing database. Each communication to or from your prospects and customers is automatically captured and their individual responses are tracked.This builds historical data that is used to customize future communications. Messages, offers, price points and discounts are then based on factual data gleaned from actual customer response to your communications. The relevance of each ongoing message is customized to the buying style and preference of each contact, resulting in long-term relationships. Customers become advocates and happily refer you to others like themselves.
  12. 12. Communicating Effectively: Three Keys to Success 1. Periodic Communications are sent at regular intervals and include newsletters or nurture promotions. 2.Transactional Communications are triggered by events or transactions that are initiated by the customer, such as post-purchase up-sell campaigns, or by automated communications based on website activity. 3. Lifecycle Communications are triggered based on movement from one lifecycle stage to another, including win/loss surveys, customer welcome campaigns and inactive customer surveys.
  13. 13. 10 Steps to Profitable Customer Relationships 1. Call TeamworksGlobal 2. Build your database 3. Segment your list 4. Design your communication 5. Build a microsite 6. Include a survey 7. Schedule and send the campaign 8. Follow up on leads 9. Nurture prospects 10. Analyze campaign results
  14. 14. Analysis: The Key to Knowledge-Based Marketing Automated marcom solutions take the guesswork out of Customer Relationship Marketing. With the click of a button, you can track multiple campaigns, measure ROI and get real-time feedback on what’s working.
  15. 15. Reports are automatically generated in multiple graphical formats …
  16. 16. Allowing you to measure response by the minute, day or over a period of time
  17. 17. Build surveys to gather data with standard or customized fields …
  18. 18. Ask questions to learn more about your customers …
  19. 19. Gather standard demographic information …
  20. 20. Or create custom fields to collect market-specific data … Which sport are you involved with?
  21. 21. Discover characteristics of loyal customers and then pattern your communications to go after similar prospects.
  22. 22. And then gather actual response data and contact information to drill your campaign down deeper and nurture respondents
  23. 23. Track what’s working in your media mix …
  24. 24. And assess overall campaign response …
  25. 25. TeamworksGlobal has developed a library of blueprints for common Customer Relationship Marketing initiatives. From lead generation to event marketing, these blueprints provide a visual step-by-step template to help you nurture, grow and retain your customers. Reservation / CRM Solution iMarketing Solution
  26. 26. We’ll be happy to review any of these Customer Relationship Marketing strategies with you in a private meeting or a free webinar. • Lead/Demand Generation • Drip Campaigns • Nurture Promotions • Welcome Campaigns • Electronic Newsletters • Customer Satisfaction Surveys • Win-Loss Surveys • Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Promotions • Inactive Customer Survey • Win-Back Campaigns • Member Communications • Donor Development • Event Marketing • Constituent Relations
  27. 27. Our Team Is Here To Help Your Team Win TeamworksGlobal is a talented group of business strategists with a creative flair. We specialize in customer relationship marketing strategies using traditional and new media communications. We collect and manage data, analyze results, and orchestrate marketing initiatives to increase positive impressions, generate leads, retain customers and improve ROI (return on investment). We are here to contribute to your success by providing our expertise to your in-house staff, teaming with your client initiatives, or functioning as an outsourced solution to help your business grow. May we help you?
  28. 28. Judy Lane | Director of Success 815.729.1390 | 815.919.7704