Introduction to Resources for Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Counselling 2011


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Introduction to Resources for Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Counselling 2011

  1. 1. Brief Introduction toLibrary ResourcesJudy McSorleySenior Liaison Librarian for PsychologySeptember 2011
  2. 2. The session objectives are: To introduce the various resources available through Middlesex Learning Resources Web pages including: Library Subject Guides and contacts use of the Library Catalogue a brief introduction to PsycINFO
  3. 3. Learning Resources Web Page new UniHub linksto Learning Resourcesunder the Your studytab. There are anumber of links fromhere including one tothe Library SubjectGuides
  4. 4. Learning Resources Web PageScroll down the screento Other Useful Linksfor Library SubjectGuides, WebHelpdesk and theResearch Repository
  5. 5. Subject Resources: Library GuidesLink to the Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and counselling guide
  6. 6. Psychotherapy etc. PagesTabs link to other related screens…
  7. 7. Psychotherapy etc. PagesEg Searching for Journal Articles
  8. 8. Help and Support
  9. 9. Library CatalogueAccess from here
  10. 10. My UniHub for alternative access to the catalogue etc.Logging in here enables access to electronic resources withoutfurther authentication.
  11. 11. My UniHub
  12. 12. Library Catalogue The Library Catalogue defaults to a General Keyword Search. Any terms may be used together e.g. author name, title word, subject word... Jung archetypes
  13. 13. Library Catalogue Full details give volume number(s) for “collected” works
  14. 14. A – Z Title SearchSearch for specific title; result is usually 3rd on alphabetic list
  15. 15. Full bibliographic details
  16. 16. A – Z Journal Search
  17. 17. Journal Results
  18. 18. Electronic Resources Pages
  19. 19. Database List for PsycINFO
  20. 20. PsycINFO : select from Ovid list Click to open PsycINFO. The database covers from 1806 to present date. Depending on search topic it may be advisable to restrict date range
  21. 21. Search Form : Basic or Advanced SearchBasic Search has reduced functionality - select Advanced Search BASIC SEARCH : ADVANCED SEARCH
  22. 22. Subject Headings : SelectionsAdvanced Search offers the option to “map term” which might speedup the search. Select preferred terms andAdvanced Search also provides the option to “Combine” searcheswhich is not available from the Basic Search
  23. 23. Results: Search History
  24. 24. Combining Searches: in Search History
  25. 25. Combined Results : and selecting
  26. 26. Abstract
  27. 27. Limiting to Full Text
  28. 28. Full Text Results
  29. 29. Full Text Article
  30. 30. Additional Limiters
  31. 31. SSCI and PsycINFO : saved searches
  32. 32. Other Useful ResourcesSUMMON – Middlesex University’s new search facility whichallows you to search our various library resources simultaneously.GOOGLE and GOOGLE SCHOLAR – Use the AdvancedSearch options which allow a more structured and specific searchZETOC - available through our databases list,and includes a help sheet.Zetoc provides access to the British LibrarysElectronic Table of Contents of around 20,000current journals.It includes an email alerting service, which enablesyou to keep up-to-date with relevant new articlesand papers.