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Are You Web Literate
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Are You Web Literate


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Are you information fluent? Are you web literate? Do you know if the information you are reading on a webpage is authentic or fictitious or just plan biased? How can you tell? Who wrote the website? Who links to the website?
    • 2. The answers to these questions are very important and we ALL clearly have a responsibility to make sure that both we and our students know these answers
    • 3. Is the Information real – what are the dangers?
      • Go to this website and read through the content briefly
      • Or go to Google and type Martin Luther King to get to this (
      • What do you think?
        • What do you already know about Martin Luther King?
        • Do you think the information in this site is authentic?
        • Does it tell you anything about the Author?
        • Look at the URL – what do you think?
        • Confused? This is an easy one because you already know about Martin Luther King – but what if you didn’t?
    • 4. Who owns the site?
      • How can we check the validity – the URL looks very official.
      • Go to EasyWhois and type
      • This will show you that Stormfront own the site – a white nationalist supremacist group
      • How would the students know that this information is not valid?
    • 5. Is seeing believing?
    • 6.  
    • 7. Counterfeit Sites Parody and Spoof Sites – peanut butter turned into diamonds Hoaxes, Scams & Misinformation
    • 8.  
    • 9. DHMO or H 2 O
      • Much of this information is true, but it is presented in such a way as to cause concern. Since duhydrogen monoxide is nothing but water you realise that this chemical is not so dangerous after all.
    • 10. Fictitious Sites – Male Pregnancy Questionable Sites – is Lip Balm Addictive Hoaxes, Scams & Misinformation
    • 11. Malicious Sites – racist and scare-mongering Product Sites – selling something, so unreliable information Hoaxes, Scams & Misinformation
    • 12. Phishing Hoaxes, Scams & Misinformation – trying to get personal information from you
    • 13. This workshop is not about telling you how to deal with these problems but we are trying to make you aware of their existence. We need to make sure that students know about these sites and how to recognise them for what they are.