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Trabajo gastronomía ingles ies vadinia
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Trabajo gastronomía ingles ies vadinia


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Sara Gonzalez Judith Rodríguez Borja Rodríguez Silvia Diez
  • 2. Generality -Federal constitutional republic. -Composed of 50 states and a federal district. -Capital: Washington, D. C. -With 9.83 million square kilometers -With more than 308 million. -It is one of the nations of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural, the product of large-scale immigration. -It is the world's largest national economy, with a GDP estimated at14.3 billion
  • 3. History Until less than a hundred years ago there a dichotomy in America that made ​​her unique, a This settlement, structured and industrial and western Great Plains and wild it was that fed this bourgeois population. A huge ranches west of extensions in the flourishing business of breeding cattle, which grew thanks to its brand new rail's where born cowboy, as portrayed by the movies. But alongside these men than in group of ten or twelve drove herds of cattle across the plains of Texas always had minimal infrastructure in FIG Cook.
  • 4. Far west, and the cook. - Before dawn preparing breakfast. - Was ahead of the cattle. - He was heading toward the place provided for the noon break. - Preparing lunch and undertook the march to reach the place of nightly rest. - Prepared dinner for the group they belonged to.
  • 5. The variety of food was scarce, mainly because the systems were not optimal conservation and basically consisted of: - Cornmeal - Beans - Bacon - Corn - Ham and molasses - Occasionally ever, bison, deer, hare or a bird. - And to drink: Water, coffee and whiskey.
  • 6. Prohibition Prohibition, understood as a total ban on alcohol, and finally as a condemnation of all alcohol-related, especially industry that produced it and sold it was force in EEUU between 1920 and 1933. Although foreign immigrants did not share that view, and had taken their spirits.
  • 7. U.S. food culture Corresponds to a very mixed bag and some other national cuisines interpreted, this is so because it is a country created mainly of immigrants from different countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and other countries.
  • 8. The most representative American dishes come from recipes introduced by immigrants, it is for this reason that many traditional American dishes have native roots in the cuisines of other countries. Similarly, while some dishes considered typically American, but originate in other cultures, the only contribution is that the cooks and chefs in the country have added to the time variations and adaptations to regional tastes, to achieve them what is known as "American taste" or "American style."
  • 9. Hot dogs and hamburgers are sample dishes from German immigrants who imported German cuisine habits of Americans, being today however a clear example of "national dish". The popular burger is a clear example of dish identified with the United States and having an origin in European cooking.
  • 10. Someof the mostrepresentative dishes are: Appel pie Pizza Backed Beans Chicago style pizza
  • 11. Brownie Pot pie Cotton candy Donuts
  • 12. Morepopularrestaurants 1. McDonald´s: Is fast food restaurant bill more globally McDonald's is the undisputed leader and why deny it, we are still saving lives when we are starving. 2. Burger King: Eternal tracker clown Ronald, Burger King has always been the second largest fast food on the planet. The star of these local burger, the Whopper, is reputed to be bigger and fleshy its competitor double-decker Big Mac.
  • 13. 3:Domino´s Pizza: It is the second largest pizza chain in the United States. His regime Franchise allows you to have a presence in 60 countries through 9,000 local. 4: Wendy´s: The Wendy's International Management Group not only the franchise but also Hamburger Pasta Pomodoro Italian restaurants and cafes Espresso.
  • 14. U.S.chefs Became popular in the early days of television and tried to show how to cook following primary European origins, with emphasis on Italian and French cuisine.
  • 15. Only during the 1970s and 80s chefs-TV star, shifted the focus to the dishes and home styles, particularly those from different ethnic groups. In the catering industry are chefs like Thomas Keller, Charlie Trotter and Alfred Portale.
  • 16. Books - One of the first books on American cuisine is American cookery. - Written by Amelia Simmons. - The first book dedicated to cooking known U.S. - The importance of this book is great because it serves to investigate the historical origins of American cuisine. - Before "American Cookery" cooking the books Americans were English and did not reflect an emerging food culture in America.
  • 17. End