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Mexico by Neil
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  • 1. Mexico By Neil PatelCapital : Mexico City Language : Spanish
  • 2. Why Mexico?I want to learn about Mount Popocateatl and the Gulf ofMexico.
  • 3. 5 Facts About MexicoOne of the facts are the Mexico has the largest populationof speaking Spanish in the world . The Aztecs offeredhuman sacrifices to the sun god once a day. MountPopocatepetl is near the capital and it is one of the highestvolcanoes of the country. The quetzal is one of the colorfulbirds of the country. Baja California used to be connect toCalifornia but the earthquack.
  • 4. Map QuickTime™ and a decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  • 5. Teotihuacan and ZocaloI want to go to theTeotihuacan and Zocaloare the most popularplaces.
  • 6. Hotel in CancunA hotel in Cancun is aplace to stay when you goto Mexico.
  • 7. Temple of InscriptionTemple of Inscription wasbuilt by the Mayans.
  • 8. VolcanoThere is a good volcano to see Mount Popocatepetl.
  • 9. Lake BacalarI want to go to is lake Bacalar at night time so can cool off.
  • 10. Two Olympic Facts about Mexico_____________The Mexico Olympic won 12 Rodolfe Gomez won thegold medals and 18 silver 5,000 meter race.medals
  • 11. Cost of trip
  • 12. Why go to México?There are a lot of cool places like Lake Bacalar, Mount Popocatepetl and more places.