Investor relations, Public Relations; corporate reputation dan financial performance


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Public Relations; Corporate Reputation & Financial Performace - Education

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Investor relations, Public Relations; corporate reputation dan financial performance

  1. 1. Page 1 Investor Relations - 1 Public Relations & Corporate Reputation by Yudhie Setiawan, M.Si 2014
  2. 2. Book References —  Bragg, Steven M., 2010. Running an Effective Investor Relations Department:A Comprehensive Guide. New Jersey: JohnWiley & Sons, Inc. —  Guimard,Anne, 2008. Investor Relations:Principles and International Best Practices of Financial Communications. NewYork: Palgrave Macmillan. —  Kretarto,Agus, 2001. Investor Relations : Pemasaran dan Komunikasi Keuangan Perusahaan Berbasis Kepatuhan. Grafiti Pers. —  Theaker,Alison. 2006. The Public Relations handbook, 2nd edition. Great Britain: MPG Books Ltd. —  Bahan-bahan lain mengenai perusahaan publik dan produk-produk sekuritas di pasar modal.
  3. 3. Working Definitions —  Corporate identity: the simbols and nomenclature an organization uses to identify itself to people (suc as corporate name, logo, advertising, slogan, etc) —  Corporate image: the global evaluation (comprised of a set of beliefs and feelings) a person has about an organization —  Corporate reputation: the attributed values (such as authenticity, honesty, reponsibility, and integrity) evoked from the person’s corporate image —  Corporate super-brand: the trust, confidence, and support that flow from the person’s corporate reputation
  4. 4. Corporate Reputation —  Corporate reputation or the management and communication of the corporate brand, is playing an increasingly important role in terms of the ability of corporations to build and sustain market share, and influence the minds, and hearts of customers and stakehodlers. —  Corporate reputation also significantly impacts upon share values, and on the ability of the business to attract and retain excellent employees.
  5. 5. The best corporate reputations in the United States —  Johnson and Johnson —  Coca Cola —  Intel —  Xerox —  Disney —  Dell —  GE —  Microsoft —  IBM —  Sony —  FedEx
  6. 6. Acceptance of Corporate Reputation 3 related principles: 1.  Modern corporations must demonstrate accountability to all stakeholders 2.  Corporations should embrance the market’s growing perception of the CEO as the personification of a company’s ideals and goals 3.  Corporate should use the internet as a mass communications tool
  7. 7. The Value of a Good Corporate Reputation —  When people think highly of a company, it can pursue more opportunities and be more efficient and effective in its current operations —  A poor reputation can have the opposite effect – people don’t trust the company, its market offerings, or what it says about itself. —  Good reputations pay of in both operational and financial ways
  8. 8. Brand & Corporate Images David Ogilvy: People buy many products and services not only for what such products or services can do, but also for what they mean to the person and his or her reference group. In marketing terminology: products and services offer the user both functional and psychological benefits.
  9. 9. Page 9 Arsitektur Rekapitulasi Reputasi (6 Dimensi Reputasi Model Harris-Fombrun) 1. Emotional Appeal 2. Products and services 3. Vision and leadership 4. Workplace environment 5. Financial performance 6. Social responsibility
  10. 10. Corporate Reputation & Economic Elements Reputasi Perusahaan Corporate Brand Financial performance Product Brand
  11. 11. Corporate Identity Branding Audio- visual Written Materials Corporate Culture, Vision Uniform, Corporate ID Annual Report Corporate Names (Logo)
  12. 12. Product Brand Elemen dan Atribut Reputasi Korporat Stands Behind Product/ services Offers high Quality Products/ services Develops Innovative Products/ services Offers Products/ Services That are Good value
  13. 13. Corporate Reputation from Financial Performance Financial performance Brand Value & Brand equity Accounting bottom-line Element 1 Element 2 Economic Reputation
  14. 14. Corporate Reputation - Peningkatan Nilai Perusahaan Melalui Go Public GO PUBLIC Reputasi Perusahaan Value Creation Nilai Perusahaan Competitive Position
  15. 15. Peningkatan Nilai Perusahaan melalui Good Corporate Governance 1. Transparansi 2. Akuntabilitas 3. Responsibilitas 4. Independensi 5. Fairness
  16. 16. Page 16