Using Omeka for setting up a dIgital library in the archives at Hunter College, presented by Judith Schwartz


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This was presented to the archivists at Hunter College Archives and Special Collections, March 2013.

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  • Preserving cultural heritage
  • Content management systems that are being used.
  • Files are Installed on a web server
  • (Omeka has a limited choice of themes)
  • Using Omeka for setting up a dIgital library in the archives at Hunter College, presented by Judith Schwartz

    1. 1. Introduction to Omeka Omeka Judith Schwartz March 2013
    2. 2. Introduction to Omeka What is Omeka? - An open source web publishing platform - A tool for creating digital projects - Used by libraries, archives, museums, scholars, historical organizations through a set of commonly recognizable standards
    3. 3. Introduction to Omeka What is Omeka? - Build many different types of sites • Display collections • Build exhibits • Create teaching sites
    4. 4. Introduction to Omeka What is Omeka? - A system for storing digital objects and their metadata • photos • pdfs • videos
    5. 5. Introduction to Omeka CONTENTdm® Quick way to get content online Quick way to get photos online Digital Asset Management system with costs involved
    6. 6. Introduction to Omeka Advantages to using Omeka – FREE! You don’t have to purchase or install software on your computer – There’s a community of Omeka users that share information – You can search the Omeka website for the information you need and usually find the answers. – There’s documentation and tutorials on how to add items, manage themes, upgrade announcements at
    7. 7. Introduction to Omeka Disadvantages to using Omeka – There’s no user manual – Difficult installation and no tech support – You need to search for the answers.
    8. 8. Introduction to Omeka Omeka’s interface is similar to WordPress – From the Admin panel you can change the look of your site by using theme templates. – Extend functionality with plugins – Uses a mySQL database, PHP, and CSS – Allows users to modify themes by going into the CSS files. – Has a limited choice of themes
    9. 9. Introduction to Omeka Why use Omeka? • Searchable content • Customizable • Plugins- • Built in Dublin Core metadata capabilities – Dublin Core Fields conform to internationally implemented metadata standards
    10. 10. Introduction to Omeka Basic content types • Items = files and metadata • Collections = a group of items • Item Types = text, still image, moving image etc. • Tags • Exhibits
    11. 11. Introduction to Omeka Create Collections • Group of items • Provides a description of the collection followed by a list of thumbnails and links to all items in the collection
    12. 12. Introduction to Omeka Build exhibits with a drag and drop exhibit builder plug-in • A grouping of items with the option to add narrative text and captions • You can choose different page layouts and add captions • Each exhibit can have its own theme, which can be different from the overall site theme • Exhibits allow HTML input and text formatting
    13. 13. Introduction to Omeka Add Simple Pages • You can customize your site by creating pages and code with HTML, CSS or PHP. • Simple pages can link to items, collections, exhibits, or any other content on your site. • You can add pages to your site and bring in YouTube &Vimeo videos
    14. 14. Introduction to Omeka
    15. 15. Introduction to Omeka
    16. 16. Introduction to Omeka Choose Item Types
    17. 17. Introduction to Omeka Choosemetadata fields
    18. 18. Introduction to Omeka Core functions extended through plugins – ability to batch import metadata and files etc.
    19. 19. Introduction to Omeka After items are added to the collection, you can create exhibits using the exhibit builder plugin
    20. 20. Introduction to Omeka • Enables you to tag items with keywords to help users navigate your site.
    21. 21. Introduction to Omeka Best Option is to Self Host!
    22. 22. Introduction to Omeka CUNY special collections are using Omeka – Queens College – Grad Center Remember me to Herald Square: Thirty-fourth street from River to River Theme template modified: Here is an example of the theme template modified: Teaching with Omeka – NYU Digital History Class uses Omeka for exploring Greenwich Village History
    23. 23. Introduction to Omeka Examples of how Omeka is being used Project Planning Case Studies JudithSchwartz March 2013