NH Municipal Management Association June 2012


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NH Municipal Management Association June 2012

  1. 1. Community information management: A government/citizen collaboration Jon Udell Municipal Management Association of NH June 15, 2012
  2. 2. Practical Internet Groupware
  3. 3. ChicagoCrime.org, circa 2005
  4. 4. DCStat: the seed that grew into “Gov 2.0”
  5. 5. The original vision for Gov 2.0Suzanne Peck (Washington DC’s CTO in 2006):As a citizen the things I am most focused on are: Am I getting the services Im paying for? Am I safe? Are my children well-educated?Dan Thomas (DCStat’s director in 2006):This information has always been accessible, but its typically beenaccessible to folks who have had the time and resources to go get it.
  6. 6. Tim O’Reilly defines “Gov 2.0”Government is, at bottom, a mechanism forcollective action. We band together, make laws, paytaxes, and build the institutions of government tomanage problems that are too large for usindividually and whose solution is in our commoninterest.Government 2.0, then, is the use of technology—especially the collaborative technologies at the heartof Web 2.0—to better solve collective problems at acity, state, national, and international level.
  7. 7. Vivek Kundra, America’s First CIO
  8. 8. More from Vivek Kundra’s Wikipedia pageMayor Adrian Fenty appointed him on March 27, 2007 to the cabinetpost of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the District of Columbia.Kundra worked on developing programs to spur open source andcrowdsourced applications using publicly accessible Web services fromthe District of Columbia. Kundra established the D.C. Data Catalog, givingthe public access to more than 300 data sets held by DCs agencies.[7] Helater used that data as the source material for an initiative called Apps forDemocracy. The contest yielded 47 web, iPhone and Facebookapplications from residents in 30 days. (Actually Suzanne Peck did, but Vivek got credit, and a job at the White House)
  9. 9. Gov 2.0 sites Sunlight develops and encourages new government policies to make it more open and transparent, facilitates searchable, sortable and machine readable databases, builds tools and websites to enable easy access to information, fosters distributed research projects as an community building tool, engages in advocacy for 21st century laws to require that government make data available in real time and trains thousands of journalists and citizens in using data and the web to watchdog Washington.
  10. 10. Code for America
  11. 11. Is Keene having a crime wave?
  12. 12. John Snow’s cholera map (London, 1854)
  13. 13. William Farr
  14. 14. Steven Johnson, The Ghost MapThe government could have said“OK, we’re going to compile allthese statistics about who’s dyingof what, where,” but Farr had thisgreat idea that we’re going to makeit available to everyone becausesomeone maybe was going to findsomething of interest.
  15. 15. NH Right to Know Law
  16. 16. State and national crime data
  17. 17. Apparent 1989-1994 spike in violent crime
  18. 18. Gaps in the Keene DOJ data
  19. 19. Gaps in other NH DOJ data
  20. 20. Crimes near Central Square, 2002-2007
  21. 21. Crimes near 400 Marlboro St., 2002-2007
  22. 22. The “police station effect”Chris Anderson: “My dad regards police stations as the area of townwith the most crime. “This where you end up when they let you out ofthe drunk tank.” (In fact, of the 341 incidents within .1 mile of the new station, 315 were at the exact address. )David French: “Crime hotspot maps in NZ flagged police stations ascrime centres because the station was the place of the crime report andthere was often no specific address associated with the crime itself. “
  23. 23. CrimeReports.com
  24. 24. Is Keene having a crime wave?
  25. 25. Ben Caulfield’s heroic effort
  26. 26. http://www.ci.keene.nh.us/sites/default/files/jun%206.pdf
  27. 27. Open Government Data Principles1. Complete All public data is made available. Public data is data that is not subject to valid privacy, security or privilege limitations.2. Primary Data is as collected at the source, with the highest possible level of granularity, not in aggregate or modified forms.3. Timely Data is made available as quickly as necessary to preserve the value of the data.4. Accessible Data is available to the widest range of users for the widest range of purposes.5. Machine processable Data is reasonably structured to allow automated processing.6. Non-discriminatory Data is available to anyone, with no requirement of registration.7. Non-proprietary Data is available in a format over which no entity has exclusive control.8. License-free Data is not subject to any copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret regulation. Reasonable privacy, security and privilege restrictions may be allowed.
  28. 28. http://www.w3.org/Proposal.htmlWorldWideWeb: Proposal for a HyperText ProjectTo: P.G. Innocenti/ECP, G. Kellner/ECP, D.O. Williams/CNFrom: T. Berners-Lee/CN, R. Cailliau/ECPDate: 12 November 1990Future pathsFuture developments which would further enhance the project could include:Daemon programs which run overnight and build indexes of available information.A server automatically providing a hypertext view of a (for example Oracle) database,from a description of the database and a description (for example in SQL) of the viewrequired.Work on efficient networking over wide areas, negotiation with other sites to providecompatible online information.A serious study of the use and abuse of the system, the sociology of its use at CERN.
  29. 29. A standard way to access data on the web “OData is consistent with the way the Web works - it makes a deep commitment to URIs for resource identification and commits to an HTTP-based, uniform interface for interacting with those resources (just like the Web).”
  30. 30. http://odata.netflix.com/Catalog/GenresHTML (for people) XML (for machines) One of many Genres is “B-Horror Movies” It has its own URL: odata.netflix.com/Catalog/Genres(‘B-Horror Movies’)
  31. 31. http://odata.netflix.com/Catalog/Genres(B-Horror Movies)/TitlesHTML (for people) XML (for machines) One of many B-Horror Movies is Curse of the Voodoo It has its own URL: odata.netflix.com/Titles(‘5vSc’) And it has related URLs: odata.netflix.com/Catalog/Titles(‘5vSc’)/Cast odata.netflix.com/Catalog/Titles(‘5vSc’)/Directors
  32. 32. ARRA grants to Keenefunding_agency_name recipient_name award_number local_amount FASTROADS NT10BIX5570082 $5,354,430 SOTHWESTERN COMMUNITY SERVICES INC EE0000161 $3,564,992 KEENE, CITY OF 33000209 $1,129,608 KEENE, CITY OF 33000209 $929,099 Scs Development Corporation M09ES330100 $909,571 SOUTHWEST REGION PLANNING COMMISSION 33-50-M09048 $811,381 SOUTHWEST REGION PLANNING COMMISSION 33-50-M09048 $477,895Department of Justice KEENE, CITY OF 2009RKWX0608 $459,850 KEENE SCHOOL DISTRICT S389A090029 $404,757Administration for Children and Families SOTHWESTERN COMMUNITY SERVICES INC 90ST0105 $225,000 VNA AT HCS, INC. NH-86-X001-02 $168,887 SOTHWESTERN COMMUNITY SERVICES INC S09DY330001 $109,502Department of Justice CHESHIRE COUNTY 2009-SB-B9-2958 $79,684 KEENE, CITY OF 2009-SB-B9-2958 $61,400 CHESHIRE COUNTY 2009-SU-B9-0019 $51,486 CHESHIRE COUNTY 2009-EF-S6-0019 $50,000 CHESTERFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT S389A090029 $32,117 MARLBOROUGH TOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT S389A090029 $29,559 MONADNOCK FAMILY SERVICES INC 2009-EF-S6-0019 $26,100 Monadnock Developmental Services, Inc. GJ-20054-10-60-A-33 $20,000Source: Recovery.gov (http://recovery.download.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/Y12Q1/NH_Y12Q1.xlsx.zip
  33. 33. Searching for 2009RKWX0608
  34. 34. EE0000161Project Title ARRA Weatherization Assistance ProgramProject Status More than 50% CompletedFinal Project Report Submitted No Administration of General EconomicProject Activities Description Programs ARRA Weatherization had been occurring at top production levels, but is expected to slow down in the next quarters due to some agencies (three of six) depleting or nearly depleting their ARRA funds. SERC Grant activities: Agencies have continuedQuarterly Activities/Project Description production with SERC weatherization money, with over 288 units completed by March 31st. Installed measures include solar PV, high-efficiency washing machines, solar thermal space heating, and high- efficiency heating systems. All agencies are near completion of spending SERC funds.Jobs Created 58.50
  35. 35. Project funded by ARRA Tag: ARRA.E0000161
  36. 36. Ordinance O-2009-21
  37. 37. Sec 86-29 Residential real estate tax exemptions and credits
  38. 38. My qualifying wood gasification boiler
  39. 39. TED 5000
  40. 40. Citizen transparency and accountability?
  41. 41. elmcity homepage
  42. 42. Rethinking the community calendar http://elmcity.cloudapp.net/MonadnockNH/html
  43. 43. Some of Keene’s calendar feedsCALENDAR FEED EVENTS CALENDAR PROGRAMAhavas Achim 35 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENApple Hill Center for Chamber Music 17 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENaveo 2 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENCatholic Campus Ministry, Newman Center, Keene State College 6 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENcheshire democrats 19 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENCity of Keene - Events 3 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENCity of Keene - Meetings 84 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENElm City Derby Damez (facebook) 1 -//ddaysoftware.com//NONSGML DDay.iCal 1.0//ENFitzwilliam Town Common (eventful) 1 -//EVDB//www.eventful.com//ENFritz Belgian Fries (eventful) 10 -//EVDB//www.eventful.com//ENHannah Grimes: Business Offerings 3 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENHannah Grimes: Farm Focus (for farmers and food processors) 3 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENHannah Grimes: Local Food and Farm Events 3 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENHannah Grimes: Monadnock Community Events 6 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENHarlows Pub (eventful) 7 -//EVDB//www.eventful.com//ENHigh School Sports (Keene High) 65 -//Schedule Star LLC//HighSchoolSports.netJons Monadnock Picks (Music) 56 -//Microsoft Corporation//Windows Live Calendar//ENKeene Astronomy 9 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//ENKeene912 (meetup) 3 -//Meetup//RemoteApi//ENLibraryInsight: Keene Public Library 37 -//LibraryInsight.com//Event Calendar//McCues (eventful) 1 -//EVDB//www.eventful.com//ENMeetup: Cheshire Over-35 ActiveSingles (meetup) 6 -//Meetup//RemoteApi//ENMoco Arts 18 -//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//EN
  44. 44. NH town calendar hubs by region Calendars Events Calendars EventsManchesterConcordNH 168 1777 SeacoastNH 151 2625 ConcordNH 39 563 DoverNH 24 251 ManchesterNH 129 1214 DurhamNH 32 166 ExeterNH 14 91MonadnockNH 191 2723 HamptonNH 0 37 BenningtonNH 1 27 KitteryME 4 990 BrattleboroVT 38 1046 NewmarketNH 5 66 DublinNH 6 8 PortsmouthNH 69 730 FitzwilliamNH 5 12 RyeNH 3 221 GilsumNH 3 118 YorkME 0 73 HancockNH 3 161 HarrisvilleNH 3 11 elmcity (Keene) 91 999 MarlboroughNH 3 11 NelsonNH 1 1 PboroNhEvents (Peterborough) 18 136 RindgeNH 3 29 SullivanNH 4 127 SwanzeyNH 7 17 TroyNH 4 4 WalpoleNH 1 16 WinchesterNH 0 0 URL pattern: http://elmcity.cloudapp.net/[TownName]/html
  45. 45. Rindge calendars available for syndication feed events Chamber of Commerce 14 Jaffrey-Rindge Cooperative School District 1 JP Stephens (facebook) 0 Mass Audubon: Wildwood Camp 12 Town of Rindge (facebook) 0 Rindge calendars stuck in siloesTown of Rindge Community http://www.town.rindge.nh.us/CommunityCalendar.cfm Recreation http://www.town.rindge.nh.us/Recreaction_Calendar.cfm Library http://www.town.rindge.nh.us/Library_Events.cfmFranklin Pierce Community http://franklinpierce.hosted.webevent.com/cgi-bin/webevent.cgi?cmd=opencal&cal=cal5 Athletics http://franklinpierce.hosted.webevent.com/cgi-bin/webevent.cgi?cmd=opencal&cal=cal2Cathedral of the Pines http://www.cathedralofthepines.org/events/First Congregational Churgh http://www.rindgeucc.org/calendar/june2012.htmlHeritage Christian School http://hcsnh2.sharepoint.com/Pages/calendar.aspxSummerhill Assisted Living http://www.summerhillal.com/event-calendar.htmlWoodmore Campground http://www.woodmorecampground.com/schedule.htmlWoodbound Inn http://www.woodbound.com/special-events
  46. 46. A workshop on community calendars Invited attendees: Leaders from key local organizations including: the public schools, the colleges, the city government, the newspaper, the public library, the hospital, the chamber of commerce, the downtown merchants association, the arts/culture nonprofits, the sports leagues, social services, local agriculture. Note: The seminar involves technical subject matter but the invited attendees are explicitly /not/ IT staffers from these organizations. The ideas and methods we will explain and demonstrate are simple enough for anyone to understand and apply, and we especially want organizational leaders to know that.
  47. 47. Seminar and workshop overviewPresentation (1 hour)We ask and answer these questions:• How can we, as a community, most effectively inform one another about goings-on in the region?• How can our collective information management skills improve quality of life in the region?• How can they also help us attract tourism and talent from outside the region?• How do these same skills apply in other domains of public life such as political discourse and education?Workshop (1 hour)In the second hour of demonstration we show how organizations not yet sharing calendars online caneasily do so. Among the skills you will learn and perspectives youll acquire:• Why and how to use "cloud-based" services like Google Calendar and Hotmail Calendar• Why some kinds of online information remain stuck in "siloes" while other kinds can flow through networks• How to publish information online in ways that maximize its utility and reach• How this approach puts you in control of the information you publish and why that matters.
  48. 48. Public calendar scorecard
  49. 49. More infohttp://jonudell.net, jonu@microsoft.comBlog: http://blog.jonudell.netCalendar syndication project: http://elmcity.cloudapp.netColumn at wired.com: http://www.wired.com/cloudline/tag/the-personal-cloud/Presentations (including this one): http://www.slideshare.net/judell